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Okrika wears also known as Bend Down Select or second-hand wears are fairly used clothing materials and accessories like dresses, shoes, sandals and bags usually imported into Nigeria and sold according to their qualities from First grade to Second grade, while a Bale is the unit of measurement for selling of heaps of used clothes in the textile markets For enquiries and order, please call Bukky on 09096854430. 1 Like. Re: Where to Get quality Grade A Okrika Bale by Nobody: 7:46am On Nov 21, 2014. for your 1st grade children cotton shirt,T-shirt,mixed bale Wilcox and Euro bales CCR.contact me via my BB pin 7E14A379 or 07033450654. directly from Cotonuo

Question: How much is a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika Answer: The price cannot be specified as there are factors that affect the pricing. However, there is a price range of 50,000 -to- 130,000 Naira depending on the quality of the bale and also the type of clothes in the bale WHY YOU NEED TO BUY BULK MADE IN NIGERIA FOOTWEARS FROM US 1. We sell quality Made-in-Nigeria footwears comparable to Europe and America standard 2. Our footwears designs are classic and durable 3. You enjoy fantastic bulk price discount 4. When you buy our Made-Nigeria-Footwear, you would help in growing the Nigeria economy 5 Profit In Okrika Bale (Imported Used Clothes) in Nigeria. 3. Many people really don't know how lucrative this okrika business is because they have really paid very low attention to it. When they hear okrika what they know is bend down select. This business is moving because people must were clothes, shoes and carry bags

You can get Okrika in many places in Lagos. Go to the Nigerian Army Shopping Arena in Oshodi and ask for W block. All of those block are Okrika bale dealers. From my idea this are the best place to buy in bulk okrika. Since you are going going into okrika business for the very first time, you should be careful to know which cloths you want and. EMMANUEL ADENIYI visited the Republique du Benin recently and Missebo market, one of the markets in the country, where Nigerian businessmen and women frequent to buy bales of used clothes which are first smuggled into Nigeria before being sold in many Nigerian towns and villages. He also writes on the lives of Nigerians resident in the country

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Visit some markets on their market days; you will be alarmed at the crowd you will see surrounding fairly used clothes especially if new bales have just arrived. You can start okrika business with small capital. With #20,000 you can buy from wholesalers and retail them. But to be a wholesaler you need #100,000 and above Know what is contained in a bale of okrika and the type of potential market for the clothes. The bale of okrika from the United Kingdom is most popular and expensive, followed by bales of okrika from USA and ends up with bales from China, which is the cheapest. There are also cheap okrika bale in cotonou. The content of a bale include the.

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Question: How Much Is A 100Kg Bale of First-class Okrika In Nigeria Answer: Just like I pointed out earlier, there are no specifics. The price range from 50,000 -to- 130,000 Naira depending on the quality of the bale and also the type of clothes in the bale You can buy a bale of okirika online through Amazon or Aliexpress. You can also get them from importers of the product. There are businessmen and women who import the product into the country then sell them to wholesalers at a particular price. A bale should cost between N70,000 to N120,000 and there are grades AA and AB

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  1. The most reputable Nigerian free advertisement website Jiji suggest buying the most diverse clothing in Nigeria at the best prices! Look for the wonderful designer models for you within the impressive array of stylish blouses and t-shirts, suits and coats,jeans, trousers, sweaters, pullovers, jumpsuits and tuxedos, as well as leggings.
  2. Brand Name : Price:4800 1 Size: regular Bale: Okrika To shop click link on Bio or send us a DM/WHATSAPP ONLY : 08132737344 For Logistics Complaints call/message: 0815 686 8059 (10AM-5PM Mon-Sat)-----‐----- No Stockpiling Items stockpiled for more than 24hrs will be put back up for sale items paid for without delivery fee /pickup date will be put backup for sale.
  3. Where to buy cheap clothes: See the Top 20 places to buy cheap cloths in Nigeria. Boutique owners buy cheap cloths from these markets to stock in their stores. You too can take advantage of this if you visit these locations yourself. The basic human needs have been classified into three: food, shelter and clothing

7 Most Popular Markets Where You Can Buy Good Cheap Clothes In Lagos State. KATANGUA MARKET: Popularly known as bend down market, Katangua market is where you can get an authentic second hand (used) wears and household items for jaw-dropping prices.The place is a hub of activities and your head will be in a swirl when you see collections of good-looking things to buy Lugaya is an online store focused on providing luxury bags for high-class ,stylish women.Designer bags can be expensive hence our focus on pre-loved designer bags.Some call it okrika ags, akube and even failry used designer bags but we prefer the word pre-loved.We focus on bags that are neat and as good as new-hence the word pre-loved Leading specialist manufacturers of handheld fiber testers. 34 years of quality & value. Hassle-free testers made in Australia, with a specialist distributor near yo

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A bale of okrika contains betwen 400-500 pieces of clothes. Let say you bought first grade of okrika bale for 120,000 naira and find 400 cloths inside it. After sorting them, you find 250 quality cloths that worth 1,000 each, and the other 150 [second grade} that worth at least 500 naira each Working Lives - The Okrika Sellers of Katangua. Katangua is a market in the suburbs of Lagos. It is regarded as the biggest market for secondhand clothes, aka okrika, in Nigeria.This WLS series offers a glimpse into the trade- capital required, profit margins, etc BuyOkrika.com is Nigeria's number one Online Secondhand shop. With BuyOkrika.com, online shopping has never been more easy. Simply , find that elusive, designer shoe or bag you have been looking for, add to your cart and buy. Remember! these items are one of a kind so chances that you will find them again are very slim. Want more Igwe said: A bale of children's clothing, depending on the quality, goes for N70,000 in the past, but now we buy it for N125,000, sometimes N130,000. A bale of joggers, which we buy for N90,000 before, is now N120,000. Even cost of transporting these goods has increased

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Okrika are Used Cloths Imported to Nigeria, the name Okrika was adopted from a place in Rivers Called OKRIKA. Okrika is a port town in Rivers State, Nigeria, capital of the Local Government Area of the same name. The town is situated on a small island just south of Port Harcourt, making it a suburb of the much larger city Nigeria: Flourishing Second Hand Goods in Karimo Market. 20 July 2011. Daily Trust (Abuja) By Olayemi R. Ibrahim. In the past years, second-hand clothes were synonymous with poverty; the rich and.

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In modern times, nobody calls it Okrika wake up again. When you hear Bend down boutique, it actually refers to the second hand clothes. The third rate grade of the contents of a bale are heaped on the ground at the market and those who wish to buy invariably bend down to make their selections See also: 5 Tips to Start Eggs Distribution Business in Nigeria Okrika Next Level 13. Cultivate creativity. Business that fail to innovate or respond to market changes run the risk of becoming obsolete. To avoid this from happening to your business, support creativity in your venture. Reach out to others for inspiration Okrika is actually the name of a coastal town in Rivers State, Nigeria, situated on a small island south of Port Harcourt. They speak the Kirike language and Igbo also a common language there. Being a port town, it is the location where slaves were bought and sold in the 17th Century, before the abolition of slave trade

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  1. An average income earner in Nigeria hardly enters the boutique in the name to buy first-grade clothing. So, Okrika bale business is a good business to start anywhere in Nigeria but most especially in sub-urban and rural localities. Lagos, Aba, Kano, and Onitsha have good markets to buy bales of clothes for sale
  2. Okrika is a term that needs no introduction in Nigeria. Okrika business neither needs no introduction to the average Nigerian. However for the benefit of our international readers, Okrika business (also referred to as tokunbo clothe business) is a Nigerian term used to describe the buying and selling of second hard wears ranging from clothes such as shirts, trousers, and skirt as well as bags.
  3. The Okrika bale business is thriving in Nigeria because: The Okrika clothes are reported to be of high-quality; The Okrika clothes cost less than new clothes. The Okrika comes packaged in bales, with each bale consisting of the same kind of clothes. An Okrika denim bale consists only of denim clothes. The Okrika Bale Business is a profitable.
  4. OList offer for sale in ,UK London first grade bale of clothes grade AA very neat in all see and buy

10. Okrika Bale Business. The Okrika Bale Business is an evergreen business that you can do from any part of Nigeria. You will buy Okrika Bale and resell in pieces. Many Nigerians prefer buying Okrika clothes because of the cheap cost and quality of the Okrika clothes. As someone that's just starting out, you can share a bale with other traders The sale and use of second-hand clothes, Akube or Okrika, as it is also called, is not new by any interpretation of the word. In the early years of Nigeria's infancy, locally made clothes held a. Katangua market is also known as Super Market. Some people call it Katangua, some call it Katangora others call it Katangowa. They are all the same. Katangua market is one of the top markets to get quality yet cheap things- especially clothes.Well I don't like to call things you buy from katangua cheap - maybe [ Buy Original Human Hair in Nigeria from Humanhairnigeria. 100% Virgin Hair Extensions and Wigs from Human Hair Nigeria Lagos and get it within 24 hours . Contact us . WhatsApp us on 07059735747. Call us on 08147650072. Read more. Address . 41, Shogbamu Street, Bale Bus Stop, New Garage, Gbagada, Lagos. The amount of stores that care about your kids' leisure and style keeps growing, so to find a shop offering children's clothing for sale in Nigeria won't be a problem at all. What is more, there are places, where clothing from world famous brands and designers is affordable for everyone

'Okrika' is, actually, a town in Rivers State, which is believed to be a route where second-hand products were first smuggled into the country. These days, fairly used clothes and items are everywhere in Nigeria. While Nigeria is not alone in its purchase of these used products, other countries have their own forms There are different types of bales; bales of clothes, bales of shoes, bales of bags. Now let's focus on bales of bags. BALES OF OKRIKA. You need to understand that nobody sends a bale of designer bags to Africa. It is rare to see a bale of Gucci bags or Prada bag. In fact, it is impossible How much is a bale of used clothes in Nigeria 2018? A bale should cost between N70,000 to N120,000 and there are grades AA and AB. The grade AA are the high-quality bale clothes. Choose category of Okrika Bale to deal on. Decide on where to buy Bale from. Determine how much to sell each wears 2 Starting a business of selling baby productsSource for Capital. 2.1 Rent a shop. 2.2 Locate where to buy products. 2.3 Choose a niche. 3 Profitability. 4 Wholesale baby products in Nigeria. 5 Countries to Buy Baby Things. 6 Where to Buy Baby Products in Nigeria. 7 How to set up a Baby Shop in Nigeria

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Sorghum price per Kg, Ton in Nigeria 2021; Cost of Maize per ton in Nigeria 2021; Cost of Snails per kg in Lagos, Nigeria (2021) Akube clothes: Top 8 markets to buy Okrika bale in Lagos; Dubai perfume oil: Fragrance wholesale distributors; Ferris Rafauli: Net worth of homes Interior designer; Oil and Gas: Top 10 richest Filling stations in Nigeria For example, if you buy a bale of chiffon tops at N90,000, there is possibility you will get 300 extra quality out of 500 or more, say you sell at N500 each that's a sum of N150,000, excluding transportation, delivery and rent costs, yyou can make a tidy profit of N30,000 on each bale, which is enough gain , imagine you get to sell 5 bales in. The price per bale is determined by three factors: weight or number of items, garment type and country of origin (where the clothing was collected). Our surveys show that bales can cost over 2,000 Ghana Cedi or roughly 400USD, with the average cost per bale being 750 Ghana Cedi or roughly $150 USD

STONE WORK ₦500 Lagos, Nigeria Where are my stone lovers in the house???? Are you a Fashion designer,Make up artist,Idle, Busy,Student, Housewife and need something to give you that extra cash without.. Where to buy Okrika clothes in Lagos. Okrika is a port town in Rivers state. The name has been synonymous with cheap, used clothes sold in Nigerian markets. Sometimes though one can find unused items in okrika bales. The prices of okrika clothes are graded according to quality and some can be as cheap as a bottle of coke

Children Mix Bale. ₦ 280,000. Our CCR children mix clothing is boutique standard. available in bales and sharing too. bale - 280k half -140k quarter - 70k we also have very neat and beautiful cmr children mix, available in bales and sharing bale - half - quarter -. Gender: Unisex This is for those of you asking all the Okrika bale vendors on social media endless questions, comparing and contrasting. You're only delaying your start date. I hope 2021 sits differently #justdoit #teameverythingok . This is for those of you asking all the Okrika bale vendors on social media endless questions, comparing and contrasting

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Many desire Okrika product for certain reasons which includes: Affordability: Okrika product is mostly affordable compared to new ones and that has been the major reason why people choose to buy Okrika clothes, shoes and bags. If you are living in a big city like Lagos then you can buy clothes for your kids starting from N100 Buy men and women clothing online at the Best Price on OList | Find cheap online clothing store in Igbogbo/Bayeku,types of clothes and clothing brands. Buy & Sell Online. Okrika Grade A1 Bale Clothes ₦95,000. ship handpicked used children's clothing from the UK to nigeria. We have various age ranges. Brands from M. Igbogbo/Bayeku · Dec. Call it Okrika, Bend-down select, Boutique or whatever you like; Katangowa market is the most popular second-hand clothes market in the outskirts of Lagos. There you can find different grades and shapes of used items. JOY EKEKE takes you to the world of Okrika in Katangowa. Katangowa Road in Agbado/ Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area of Lagos [ Okrika comes in various ways such as clothes, shoes, bags, belts and undies. Markets where second hand clothes could be easily sourced and usually gotten at cheaper rates are mostly at the.

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Okrika Bale Business. This business is so lucrative in the sense that you could make a profit worth double the actual price of the bale. You can post the pictures online with the prices attached or you can sell them individually to people. Okrika will always be bought due to this state of the economy My first grade okrika school bag is available in 100kg bales of okrika , when you make demand we deliver nationwide. you can also come to our wearhouse to make youe choice Gender: Unisex Lagos State, Isolo, 6 hrs ago - Children's Clothing - Children's School Uniform

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Okrika, bend down or bale are popular names given to recycled clothes exported to African countries from European Nations. These clothes are used items donated by people who have no use for them. These items are sent to charity markets and are shipped from there to Ghana and distributed to other third world countries including Nigeria Okrika bale business; Okrika bale business thrives very well in Nigeria as a result of poor economy. An average income earner in Nigeria hardly enters the boutique in the name to buy first-grade clothing. So, Okrika bale business is a good business to start anywhere in Nigeria but most especially in sub-urban and rural localities

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20. Okrika Bale Business This business is thriving very well in Nigeria as a result of the poor economy of the country. An average income earner in Nigeria hardly enters the boutique in the name to buy first-grade clothing. So, Okrika bale business is a good business to start anywhere in Nigeria but most especially in sub-urban and rural. OKRIKA BUSINESS. This is one of the business ideas in Nigeria for ladies that is just too profitable. No matter how you do the business, large scale or small scale, your profit is 100% sure. The first-grade bale of Ladies tops goes for 70k to 90k. In the bale, we have about 350 tops in it Yes, with 20000 Naira you can only start selling Okrika in Nigeria. It is guaranteed to be one of the most lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria. With just 20,000 Naira, you can buy 1 Bale Okrika from a reputable supplier The secondhand clothes are purchased by wholesalers in bales, which ranges from $200 to $400 and sorted into grades in Nigeria. There are different grades of bale: Grade AA and Grade AB

You can get very authentic Okrika (first grade used) clothes for as low as 1000 at yaba, you will be amazed at the authenticity of the clothes. Unilag students can greatly attest to this. Location: As long as you can find your way to Yaba bus stop then you are there, you would be approached by sellers trying to persuade you to buy from them Okrika Bale Business. The okrika bale business has to do with selling second hand products such as clothes and shoes. This business is thriving very well in Nigeria because of the poor economy of the country. Uberpreneur - Driving for Uber. Another business you can start is registering with a transport company such as Uber and driving for them Sorghum price per Kg, Ton in Nigeria 2021; Cost of Maize per ton in Nigeria 2021; Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria (2021) Akube clothes: Top 8 markets to buy Okrika bale in Lagos; Dubai perfume oil: Fragrance wholesale distributors; Ferris Rafauli: Net worth of homes Interior designer; Oil and Gas: Top 10 richest Filling stations in Nigeria

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Katangowa Market is no longer a market for the poor. Even the rich, especially women come round to pick wait for it; used bras, panties girdles and waist bands, which they claim last longer than. 8. Okrika bale business. This is another lucrative business you can start to make money in Nigeria, you can start making money twice your initial capital in no time. All you have to do is get the best products and then market them through the different mediums, you can use Bales containing designer jeans, blankets, bed sheets and other high quality stuff usually sell for much higher. Wholesalers often sell to retailers (who usually buy one bale at a time). Retailers usually own stalls in open air markets where they display the contents of the bale for people to buy Over the years, new clothes have become expensive. As a result, many workers and other individuals now go to second-hand clothing markets where they source their wears at cheaper prices, thus leading to a boost in the sale of such clothings. The sale of second-hand clothes is now a very lucrative business, as many has deserted boutiques which sell new clothes because of the costs. Second-hand. Okrika cloth sellers are very mobile as they can sell their wares on roadsides or along major roads. With a sum of N10,000, anyone can buy at least 200 pieces of cloth inside a bale. The most preferable time to engage more sales in Okrika clothe business is in the evening, around 4-9 pm as workers would be coming back from their offices then. 3