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  1. Author and street rod builder Tara Baukus Mello gives us a rundown of how she got started, followed by the first thing you should know: the type of rod you want to build. It's been a long time since my father and I completed my '32 Ford pickup , but I remember it clearly
  2. Learn how to build a street rod the easy, fast, safe way with the StreetRod 101 DVD library. We'll tell you more about Bob and his street rod builds in future blog posts here. Categories Uncategorized Post navigation. 1927 T Roadster Project Shows Bob Hamilton's Street Rod Building Skills
  3. The popularity of street rod and custom building shows has created a new generation of builders hungry to customize their own ride! This new all-color and expanded guide is the most complete guide to building more car for less money. This practical reference offers advice on everything from the basics of choosing a car, to the best plan for.
  4. The next step is to obtain the Street Rod Build Application. This is done by phone or SMS; give your request to the TAC Coordinator. The Build Application, a form for the Build Application Fee, and an information flyer will be then mailed back

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet is legend in NASCAR racing, in animated film, and now on PowerBlock, when Tim Strange rescues a stalled project from a Michigan vi.. However, for a decade now I have been planning a hot rod build, collecting parts here and there, and doing my best not to get distracted by my latest automotive obsessions, a task that is rather tough when my job requires that I photograph and write about a wide variety of cars--I tend to form a new automotive obsession with pretty much every other car I write about

Building a Hot Rod from Scratch. It's amazing what a condensed snout and brawny haunches can do for inspiration. Poised like a charging bull, this stylized cartoon rendering gave Dewey the gusto to get his project to the point where it could lay black stripes on the blacktop. A consummate metalworker, Dewey also wanted to build a machine. How to Do Hot Rod Brakes Will your hot rod brakes stop you? We'll show you how to rebuild and modify them. Hot Rod Wiring and How to Do It Don't let your car burn down! We'll show you how to do hot rod wiring the right way. Hot Rod Engines, A Guide to Modify or Repower Your Ride. Make your hot rod engines run right

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The vision for this project was to build a traditional hot rod using a strong chassis that gives the car a nice stance, all while utilizing some old and original parts to give the build the soul of a car built back in the late 1940's-early 1950's By the numbers: Bore: 4.250 Stroke: 4.000 Main bearing journal: 2.750 Rod bearing journal: 2.200 Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Compression ratio: 7.98:1 Flat-top pistons 0.014 inch below the deck.

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  1. In this video we finish up the chassis for the model T. Lots and lots of welding have gone into this modified model A frame. Let me know what you think,Don..
  2. Your street rod dreams come true quicker, easier and cheaper with the StreetRod 101 DVD Library. StreetRod 101 Complete 5-Volume How-To Library $ 99.95. Add to cart. Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD $ 24.99. Add to cart. Fiberglass Body Modifications 2-DVD Set: Now Back in Stock! $ 24.99
  3. Performance Engine. Great hot rods have impressive engines with names, numbers, and letters all gearheads know: Hemi, SOHC, Super Duty, HO, and LS7. Starting a build with any of these original power-plants could break the bank. For a pocket-change power-train start your build with a mid-'80s-or-newer motor that came with a roller cam
  4. BUILDING OF STREET RODS. Prior to building you need to become a member of the ASRF. Once you have become a member you should then contact the Secretary of the QSRTAC to obtain a Proposal to Build Application Form and Guidelines Book. The Proposal to Build Application must be filled in and include a diagram of the proposed chassis, showing the.

For starters, is your starting point your buddy's running project car or one that you saw in an ad somewhere, or how about a car you purchased and the owner told you, It only needs a few things. Hi Ernest, As noted in the story, Bob Hamilton built his own Model A style frame. We would not recommend anyone try to use an original Model T frame for a street rod with a V8 engine. 100 year old steel channel built to hold a 20 hp engine with a top speed of 45 mph is to be avoided, even if boxed which takes almost as much or more effort than building a new frame

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  2. Rod building allows an angler to customize a rod to meet their own personal preferences. You will need a rod blank, butt handle and end cap (not needed for a fly rod), reel seat, fore grip handle, guides and tip top. The most important step when you get the rod is to find the spine. Hold the butt end of the rod, push the ti
  3. Build Costs For entry-level drag racing with a stock or near-stock vehicle the costs will be very low. As you progress to higher and higher performance, the costs will be incremental, which spreads the overall cost of your investment over a larger period of time
  4. 1934 ford 3 window coupe. suicide doors, fender'd or not. 1933 was the first year that Henry did all body's in-house. I have been told that there are nearly 75 differences from the 33 and 34 models. I do not know them all and through the hot-rod process many of those changes are lost
  5. The National Street Rod Association will give 11 identical packages of Super Prizes away in 2021. At the 52nd Annual Street Rod Nationals, we'll be giving away a 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster Pickup. Build by One Off Rod & Custom, Inc. StreetKhana Autocross NSRA Style is back in 2021. Leading the group will be Gateway Mustang

Money-Saving Street Rod Packages. Chassisworks' family of brands introduces new money-saving product packages for the Pro-Touring, Drag Race, Street Rod, and Sport Truck markets. System packages, designed to work together as a complete solution, are available for bolt-in suspensions and clips, complete custom-fit frames, weld-in front and rear. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join one of the best rodding communities in America! Featuring: classics for sale, free-topic forums, experts' advice, builders corner, carshows, blogs, videos, complete service directory, auto parts swap-and-sell, and much more!Whether you are a dealer looking to sell your rides, or just someone looking to share your hobby, this is the place for you Setting up the doors on a street rod or custom project can be a little confusing until you've built a few cars and made a lot of mistakes! Are you installing hidden hinges, removing the vent windows, chopping the top, building a carson top, sectioning the body, or replacing rusted parts

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Constructed/Street Rod branded title. You must have some source of doc. umentation on where all the parts used, came from) Bill of sale (if purchasing, already built, etc.) Copy of all receipts ( from building it or for any modifications made since it was purchased) Explanation Build Sheet. on 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper (Explaining in. Avoid choosing parts that are too big. Using heads, a camshaft and intake system designed for optimum power in the 3,500 to 7,500 RPM range will not be very easy to drive on the street, but a well thought out 350 CI combination designed to produce power from 2,000 to 6,000 RPM can make 400 reliable horsepower

Street Rod Packages - ScottRods. 1934-35 Chevy Victoria (2) 1932 Ford Roadster. 1932 Custom Ford Roadster. 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe. 1932 Ford Victoria. 1933 Hankster. 1933 Willys Coupe. 1933 Willys Pickup National Guidelines for the Construction and Modification of Street Rods in Australia, Second Edition PDF: 6656 KB DOCX: 8342 KB. Sections of the document can also be downloaded individually: Preface, Acknowledgement and Table of Contents PDF: 112 KB DOCX: 31 KB. Section 1—Introduction and Scope PDF: 126 KB DOCX: 33 KB Modern engines/trans are available from the local (junk)yard for abut $1200 that have 100K on them. No need to rebuild, you won't live long enough to wear them out in a street rod. You get over 300 HP, over 22 MPG, smooth and drip free!. If you use an S10 frame you will only end up cutting and welding it to fit anyway

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  1. Hot Rods, Street Rods, Lowriders and Customizing: How To Build, Wire, Paint, Upholster and more... Get the ultimate in customization, power, speed and style when it comes to your hot rod. The Motor Bookstore carries a wide selection of DIY hot rod building DVDs, how-to guides and handbooks for hot rods, street rods and lowriders
  2. ded do-it-yourself hot rod builders and enthusiasts. We provide how-to and technical articles, vehicle and build features and examples, plus calculators and lookups that will help you get your ride from dream to driver
  3. The initial build of the custom 32 frame at Street Rod's by Michael, in his shop back in Shelbyville, Tennessee. (Sept / Oct 2004) Page Design by Dave Hurd J & D Aero Inc. Small Kitty productions 2018 J & D Powder Coating - contact: sales @ j dpccs.com
  4. Budget Hot Rod and Street Rod 5 eBook Big Budget Bundle. 5.00 out of 5 $ 39.99 $ 29.99 Add to cart; Sale! Budget Hot Rod and Street Rod 4 eBook Big Budget Bundle. 4.33 out of 5 $ 29.99 $ 20.99 Add to cart; Build a Hot Rod T-Bucket on a Budget: Everything You Need to Know eBook. 4.80 out of
  5. If you modify your approach and choose wisely, you can build a pump gas, all motor WMD that will shred the tires off of just about anything. In 1999 Hardcore Horsepower's Mike Petralia built a 556ci pump gas big block Chevy street Rat for Hot Rod magazine. First time on the dyno it peaked with 790hp @ 6,700 RPM and 656tq @ 5,700 RPM
  6. g a junkyard Ford flathead into a classic hot rod V8 with prepping the block to handle a stroked rotating assembly. Season 1, Episode 8. Old Skool Flatty: 3 Deuce V8. Engine guru Keith Dorton helps build our Ford flathead with 3/4 race cam, high compression heads and 3 deuces. Season 1, Episode 14

Build gallery. We've spent the last fifteen years bringing automotive visions to reality for our customers. Browse the award-winning hot rods, muscle cars & street rods that we've been honored to build over the years. Completed 23. In Progress 9. Goodguys Grand Prize Giveaway 1986 C-10 Truck JeNNY 505ci Mopar Stroker Top End Kit. 505-CID Mopar 440 Stroker. 1700 HP Procharged LSX Engine. A Pro Mod Hemi for the Street. Jesel Landspeed Team's 241 MPH Blown Fuel Modified Pickup. Speed Demon Blasts 481 MPH with BBC Duttweiler Power. Normally Aspirated C7 Z06 Build. 495-cid Pontiac Powerhouse

This series of videos will walk you through building custom interior door panels. The videos feature pro builder Pete Hagan, of Hagan Street Rods, designing and assembling custom door panels using a variety of universal upholstery parts available from Speedway Motors, including: Door Panel Upholstery. Arm Rests. Interior Door Handles In This Article. The seismic waves are still rippling the earth's crust, more than a year after a hand-built street rod based on a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 coupe was hammered at a shocking $432,000-which is believed to be the biggest money ever paid for a street rod-at Barrett-Jackson's 2004 Scottsdale auction Besides, if done right, a 540 will make more than enough power for any street-driven hot rod. With big-blocks, there are a ton of size options, and the choice of a Dart block only makes those.

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When it comes to building for power, the 318 is also a great choice. I'm not an engineer, so I can't explain the details, but there are many aspects of an engine besides outright displacement that contribute to its power potential: bore to stroke ratio, connecting rod length, port volume, etc. Suffice to say that the stars were aligned for the 318, and all the design specifications come. Today, undoubtedly the least expensive, simplest, safest and most reliable way to go hot rodding is by mating a classic pickup truck body to a modern chassis and V8 engine. That's exactly why the master of budget hot rod building, Chester Greenhalgh, shows exactly how you can do it yourself in step-by-detailed-step in this fun, informative. It has been my experience that building a hot rod to make a profit is highly unlikely. For example, this summer I decided to sell one of my cars, it was a 1938 Chevy coupe that took me about 5 years to build I drove it 14,500 trouble free highway and local miles all over the US for 7 years One of Dr Chopper's more common builds. A Vector Typhoon frame, with the parts listed below. Street hot-rod ebike builders often seem to be fine with having a heavy and powerful hubmotor in the rear wheel. Here is our article from 2015, listing the how and why of available hot-rod hubmotors It is a wicked cam for a street engine and requires some more compression, a rear gear, and a higher-stall torque converter to make the most of its potential. But boy, it sounds awesome when it's.

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How to Hot Rod 6-Cylinder Chevrolet Engines by Bobby R. Goldsmith . The muscle-car era inspires images of powerful, iconic V-8s powering sleek cars down the road with a throaty grumble. However, many classic cars came with inline-six-cylinder engines as well. While the Chevy inline-six models featured much less torque and horsepower off of the. The rod sits in a narrow channel and is held in place with super glue. This channel is created when cutting the original wood insert panels — an extra 7mm (4mm for the rod, 1.5mm for the leather on either side) was trimmed off the panel that runs across the bottom of the console. 15. Time to drag out the cardboard again 1935 Ford 3 Window Steel Hot Rod/ Steel Street Rod Hey to avid Hot Rod lovers & aficionados, along w/ the 1932, 1940, Fords, the 1935 Ford Coupe will always be close to the top of the list as one of the most desirable body styles ever created in an American automobile factory

Welcome to RodPlans.com. This is the source for tech tips, blue prints, drawings and plans for the do it yourself automotive hobbyist. Regardless of the type of vehicle you are building we have the products and free information that will save you time and money. For the more challenging projects we offer blueprints and detailed instructions to. Make a 5/8 to a 3/4 gap for this or just make the the dash taper into the middle of the hot rod. It's best to make the dash taper away from the door. Custom Roll Bar: If you have planed a Roll bar for you project make sure to have enough space between the bar and the top of the car for the headliner Step 17: Race Street Rod . Race at the NPWDRL! Check it out HERE! Create a Free Website.

Redneck Street Rod kits offer premium replica street rods. Whether building a 32 Ford kit car, 33 Ford, 34 Ford or customized version of Ford street rod kits, our team helps build your dream street rod. Call for one-of-a-kind Redneck Ford kits or street rods for sale: 605-353-1555, Kuston Klassics of Huron, SD is a custom restoration company 33 Ford Coupe. As most of you know, I have liked cars almost all my life. After selling my 71 Camaro about three years ago, I've had something missing in my garage so I decided to build another hot rod. This one would be a little different than the last one because the new one is going to be a 1933 Ford three window Coupe The Award-Winning Factory Five '33 Hot Rod. A beautiful machine whose handling and performance match its good looks, our '33 Hot Rod has garnered a slew of awards and industry recognition, redefining what a modern hot rod build can be Simply, with pressure behind the radiator, it won't accept cool air from the front..degrading the efficiency of the radiator. The modification of the front a car can contribute to the build-up of pressure behind the radiator and cause cooling problems at speed. The engine compartments of street rods can fall prey to this as well

This is perfect for our build - we can throw as much power through power adders as we want or tame it down for good street manners on a cruise. The billet Holley fuel system components being used on Project Blank Slate are very versatile and can support vehicles that are carbureted or fuel injected, said Blane Burnett, Marketing & P.R. If you're building a strong street engine, you need a broad torque curve-an engine that pulls like stink from around 2,500 rpm and keeps hauling to 5,500 rpm when it hands off to peak horsepower. Bodies. We recommend and use street rod bodies from Oze Rod Shop. We feel these companies provide the highest quality custom street rod bodies with plenty of customizable options. Our manufacturers create innovative designs that can be offered to the public as a kit with uncompromised product quality. TKM has built relationships that allows us. The building of a Hot Rod 1932 and 1934 ford coupes, roadsters, sedans and vickys Welcome to ravonstreetrods.com Ravon Streetrods is a small shop in Montana that hand builds 1932 and 1934 Ford cars The make of the vehicle on the title/registration will be the same as the manufacturer of the body (e.g., Ford if the custom vehicle or street rod is built from a Ford body, or Superformance if the custom vehicle or street rod is built from a kit with a body from that manufacturer)

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  1. We offer a number of Ford street rod kits built by our sister company, Kustom Klassics. Our custom street rods include 32 Fords, 33 Fords, 34 Fords and any rat rod you want with the same fiberglass body in our street rod kits. Build your own, but if you don't have time for a hot rod kit or classic cars kit let us build for you
  2. Hot Rod/Street Rod/Custom Hot rods are more than a '32 Ford with a modern engine, or a big Chevrolet Bel Air with an LS motor. Hot rods are heavily modified cars, often with an engine and power plant swap, designed to be faster, meaner and cooler than the original version of the vehicle
  3. At fat cat rods we specialize not only in chassis', rollers, and turn-key hot rods but also in turning our customer's hot rod dreams into a reality. At Fat Cat Rods we work closely with our customers and distributors to ensure a top quality, custom hot rod made just for our valued customers and fellow classic hot rod enthusiast
  4. A street rod build-up using one of our kits (superbly engineered and manufactured to exact tolerances using the highest-quality materials) avoids the big headaches and big expense of what you'd otherwise expect with a custom rod build-up. It's cool that Rodster Street Rod kits have been recognized on numerous TV shows and in many national.
  5. Building a 1930 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Take a look at the Blog to see a bit of a write up on how I am going about building my concept of a early 60s hot rod, but built with the quality, craftsmanship and knowledge of today, not the blue tip wrench technology that I would have used in the 60,
  6. May 7, 2019 - Explore Jamie Wright's board rat rod front suspension on Pinterest. See more ideas about rat rod, chassis fabrication, rat rods truck
  7. There is a guy who devoted an entire web site to the construction of his 34 Ford Coupe. He documented just what you are asking. Vist the site at www.project33.com you will never be the same. It's a great site for street rod builder

Pro Street-Street Rod • This Picture Book Outlines the Steps in Engineering and Building a Functional Pro Street-Street Rod • Built a Hot Rod when in high school, my first car a 1941 Ford Opera Coupe. Been an avid Hot Rodder ever since but no time to build another. • Modified many of the cars I owned as daily drivers an Welcome to the Nerd Cave. The Nerd Cave, secret lair of the Nerd Rodders (admit it, you were just humming the old Batman theme in your head). Here at Nerd Rods we use technology to design, manufacture and build hot rod and muscle cars, parts and kits. Late Model Corvette suspension conversion frames, motor mount kits, fuel systems, coil over. Chassis products for a race car, a street rod, or another high-performance vehicle are hard to find. Auto Weld Chassis is one of the leading chassis and custom suspension manufacturers in the industry. We have more than 35 years of experience when it comes to producing the best possible race car, pro street, and street rod chassis products, and.

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After 27 years as a Vocational Shop Instructor, teaching auto-mechanics, auto-body, paint, and machine shop Bob retired to a second life of building hot rods. To help others make their street rod dreams come true Bob shares his decades of experience in the informative and highly regarded StreetRod 101 Instructional DVD Series On the left is a stock height Windsor piston (1.774″ comp. distance) made for stock stroke (3.500″) and rod length (5.956″). The other piston is made for a stroker with the pin relocated higher. Tip 5: Get Strong Enough Rotating Parts. If you are planning on building a massive Windsor, chances are that you don't just want stock power One of the difficulties with rat rods is that they are built to be driven. They don't get to car shows on a trailer, and no one is ever overly concerned about someone scratching a rat rod's paint job.But a vehicle driven on public roads has to meet safety and emissions laws. So, how do rat rodders make sure their machines are on the right side of the law 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Street Rod. Plymouth, MI 48170, USA. Plymouth, MI. $54,900.00. 1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Street Rod VIN: A3183371 Check out this beautiful Steel Body '30 Ford Model A Street Rod! The build was completed in 2007, less than 2,500 miles ago. Needless to say, this build is fresh The car show display stand fits easily behind the seat of a street rod, hot rod, or classic car. Two heavy duty industrial strength tape/strips hold your sign to the sign plate of the car show display stand. The tape strips are loop and hook fastening (Velcro) technology. Two 4-inch strips,1 inch wide are included

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The one fancy thing I did was place the car in an indoor car show. The Manitoba Street Rod Association's annual Rodarama show. My old club with lots of friends there and I still like to support them all I can. Managed to get a First Place, even though the car isn't finished. More details to follow in the next installment To build a rat rod, first you'll need to get an old car and remove all the interior elements from it, including the seats, fixtures, and accessories. Then, build your rat rod from the ground up by installing new axles, shocks, and a suspension system and building a new engine Cut the threaded rod 1 less than the distance measured in step 1. This will give you the ability to adjust the linkage about 3/4 shorter than the distance you need, and up to 1 1/2 longer (the rod threads 1 deep into each Heim joint.) Dress the cut end of the threaded rod with a grinding wheel or file to prevent cross threading of the Heim. Tie Rod: This connects the pitman arm and the spindles. The tie rod dictates the amount of toe-in for your vehicle to turn corners well. Pitman Arm: This is found at the bottom of the steering shaft. When you turn the steering wheel, the steering shaft also turns, and the pitman arm attaches to tie rods to push them towards the desired direction

1948 Ford Anglia Build Project. This Anglia was purchased bone stock in 1969. With the help of two good friends, John Smith and Dave Wright, I was able to box the frame, install a narrowed 1960 Pontiac rear end with a 1972 350 Chevrolet and four-speed transmission. The car was finally street worthy by 1972 TKM Custom Rods is a family owned and operated custom street rod shop in upstate South Carolina. Our goal is to build your car, totally customized to your wants from only the highest quality parts. We offer a wide variety of different street rod models, from the '32 Ford to the '40 Ford, from the roadster to the pickup The initial idea was to build a new one-piece body, out of fiberglass. But after taking inspiration from pro flat track and supercross, the guys started wondering if they could simply adapt a set of motocross panels to fit the Street Rod. Our friends at SMCO happened to have a Husqvarna FC450, which is my favorite motocross bike says Gonz.

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A note from Geoff C. Just before we get underway, here's a photo of Geoff B's completed '41 Willys Street Rod - love that finish! Upon opening the box, it did seem it was full of plastic, but in reality there really isn't that many parts to this kit, it's probably more to do with the fact that the majority of models I build are. 1 We begin a 390 FE build with good bones—a solid, mainstream, vintage 390 FE block with 4.050-inch bores enlarged to 4.080 inches with coated Speed Pro forged pistons and Eagle H-beam. Street Rod Garage is a different kind of Chassis Shop. So many others build the same products over and over again, making your Car no different from the next. Here at SRG we understand that you want to stand out from the crowd. A fully custom Chassis from Street Rod Garage is the perfect way to do that With thousands of street rod parts and hot rod parts for your car or truck in inventory, we have one of the largest selections of street rod parts available in one location. And we are adding new parts every day! We strive to provide the best in service, quality, and variety of parts needed for your vehicle. Whether your building a restomod or.

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For small bores or worn bores, sleeving is a reasonable approach. For example, if you want to build a 310-ci A-engine with the readily available 3.31-inch stroker based on the 360/5.9L block (original 4.00-inch bores), you need a 3.86-inch bore. Sleeving is the only way to accomplish this bore size This street rod is a perfect option for experienced builders and newcomers alike. It is a great project car to make into what you want whether that be a factory original or making it into a rat rod. We take the stress of lining up panels with 90 degree angels that you can easily and seamlessly bolt together. The wheel base for the car is 112. Hot Rod Forum Since 2001 A forum community dedicated to hot rod owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about restoration, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 2.1M posts. 153.5K members. Join Community Top Contributors this Mont How To Build A Fiberglass Dune Buggy or Sandrail. Carolina Dune Buggies is a full-service dune buggy, sandrail, kit car and VW business. We can provide everything needed to build a complete car. In addition we can perform custom turnkey project builds to your specifications Trick Flow decided to build a great street/strip 351C stroker (383 ci) with 3.750 inches of stroke and 4.030-inch bores. Engine builder Ron Greczanick was enlisted by Trick Flow to build this Cleveland with more than 500 hp. Truly remarkable is the power this engine makes on pump gas and 9.65:1 compression:524 hp at 6,000 rpm and 480 ft-lbs of.

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This 1937 Street Rod is a very high-quality build. It is a multiple show winner including Good Guys best of show in the United States and in Canada. It sits on a fully show detailed custom frame with coil overs and disc brakes on all 4 corners. It has matching Coddington wheels and steering wheel. Full digital dash Street Trucks is auto based magazine, it shares the all information about classic, sports, diesel & custom trucks and their parts & accessories online If you have ever dreamed of owning an antique auto or collectible automobile, Antique & Collectible Autos Inc. can make your dream come true through our fiberglass body and street rod body replicas. Our fiberglass bodies include: • 32 Ford Roadster. • 34 Ford Coupe. • 32 Ford Coupe. • 41 Willys Pickup

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Build a high-performance Ford Restomod! How to Build Ford Restomod Street Machines shows you how to modify your vintage Ford to accelerate, stop, corner, and ride as good as if not better than Detroit's best new high-performance cars. Don't subject your classic Ford to a life of garage time, trailer rides, outdated factory- original performance. The team will campaign Street Rod drag bikes for the remainder of the 2017 series. Krawiec, a three-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, currently leads the series with 306 points and scored a. Gateway Classic Cars of Las Vegas is proud to present this 1931 Chevrolet Street Rod. Dripping in j $39,000. Dealership. CC-1450263. 1930 Chevrolet Street Rod. All steel 1930 Chevy street rod, 327 chevy v8, turbo 350 trans, mustang II front suspension with tu $23,995. Dealership