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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen thinner and more firm. The surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen in order to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. This type of surgery is usually sought by patients with loose or sagging tissues after pregnancy or major weight loss Due to a wide alar base and low ability to shrink for thick skin alar plasty is performed to remove the excessive skin and fat tissues on the wings of the nose Skin reconstruction techniques: Z-plasty as an aid to tension-free wound closure. September 30, 2004. A Z-shaped incision can be created in an area of high skin tension to allow skin relaxation and lengthening. A Z-plasty involves transposing the two interdigitating flaps of skin formed by the incision. A Z-shaped incision can be created in an. Z-plasty and W-plasty are two reliable and commonly used scar revision techniques. Non-surgical techniques are often used in conjunction with surgery. Skin grafting and tissue expansion may be additional options. There are several scar revision techniques available

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  1. ed from subcutaneous tissue and muscle around the entire circular defect
  2. g force. Additional procedures, such as osseous techniques, may also be performed at the same time
  3. Z-plasty is designed to elongate a less contracted linear scar or to break a scar tension line. Skin grafting is an option when the primary closure is impossible and there is a lack of adjacent tissue for coverage. Flap should be applied when there is an exposure of the bone, nerve, blood vessel, and other tissues, which are unsuitable for skin.

Figure 5. A plantar skin plasty is performed to augment dorsal skin lengthening by removing redundant plantar skin A derotational skin plasty is often included for the varus-rotated toe, and a flexor tenotomy or extensor lengthening can be included for a straight hammertoe deformity. Soft corns. Surgical correction for soft corns involves resection of the appropriate bony prominence. This usually involves a combination of condyles from the fourth and fifth.

Z-plasty is a common plastic surgical technique that at its core trades a shorter, simpler scar for a longer, more complex one. When the skin is undermined, 2 triangular flaps are created. Transposition of these triangles redistributes tension on the wound and changes central limb direction. The new scar elongates based not only on the. -plasty: word element [Gr.], formation or plastic repair of Messages. 960. Location. NEW ORLEANS. Best answers. 0. Apr 5, 2011. #1. Patient had a derotational skin plasty with an arthroplasty of right fifth toe. cpt code -.I am coding cpt code 28285 but not sure about skin plasty code The V-Y plasty technique is an island pedicle flap procedure. While most local flaps rotate into a wound from nearby tissues, bringing the blood supply with the intact portion of the flap, island.. One of the most commonly used rotational flaps to alter scar direction or relieve tension on the existing scar or skin, the Z-plasty can also be the most difficult to perform and carries a high risk of flap loss if inaccurately planned or poorly placed. Several variations of the standard procedure and examples of common usage are presented

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a technique in which a flap is incised in the shape of a V but advanced and inset so that the resulting suture line has the shape of a Y; used to gain additional length of tissue. Synonym (s): V-Y plasty Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 201 The skin is closed with interrupted nylon sutures incorporating a Z-plasty. A wool and crepe bandage dressing is applied and the wire removed at 4 weeks. REVIEW Review was at a mean of 73 months after surgery (25 to 131)

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Belt Plasty. Belt Plasty is a procedure utilized to lift and tighten the lower abdomen and lower back by removing excess fat and skin. Learn more. Thigh Plasty. Thigh Plasty (also called a Thigh Lift) is a procedure utilized to reduce excess skin and fat, to smooth the thigh and create a better lower-body proportion Definitions of skin plasty, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of skin plasty, analogical dictionary of skin plasty (English

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  1. A better solution in men, then, is the Direct Neck Excision with Z-Plasty. In this procedure, sagging skin, muscle, and fat are removed along the front of the neck, and the incision is closed into a large Z shape to improve healing. This procedure, properly performed, provides the best and most durable rejuvenation possible for the male neck.
  2. Patients with supraplatysmal fat only (no excess skin) are candidates for liposuction alone. 9 Patients with subplatysmal fat, platysmal banding, or redundant skin can be further divided based on excess skin (direct excision with Z-plasty as described by Zins or a full neck lift) 10, 11 or misplaced skin (SIMI neck lift)
  3. Thus my gold standard treatment for tightening of the skin at the lower buttock and upper back of the thigh regions is a lower buttock tuck (aka banana-roll plasty). A lower buttock tuck is kind of like a tummy tuck for the buttock in that it removes loose sagging skin from not only the lower buttock but also the back of the thigh to.
  4. Webbing which persists for more than 6 - 12 months can be treated with a multiple z-plasty scar revision. I would tend to wait on the longer side in your situation to ensure no tumor recurrence. Continue followup care with your plastic surgeon and avoid ultraviolet exposure to the area (a good idea anyway in view of your previous skin cancer)
  5. The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM L98.7 became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of L98.7 - other international versions of ICD-10 L98.7 may differ. Applicable To. Loose or sagging skin following bariatric surgery weight loss. Loose or sagging skin following dietary weight loss. Loose or sagging skin, NOS
  6. - Also known as ZAlso known as Z-plasty Wplasty, W-plasty Rotation Flapplasty, Rotation Flap - Measured in square cm • 14300 was deleted in 2010 - 14301 - any area defect 30.1 sq cm to 60.0 sq cm - +14302 - each additional 30.0 sq cm or part thereof • Grafts (15040-15431) Split Thickness or Full Thickness 2

The following methods of skin plasty were employed: free skin graft plasty, local tissue plasty, the combined skin plasty. The best immediate results were obtained in using the pedicled graft plasty (4.4% of complications) and in free skin graft plasty (8.8% of complications). Without any signs of the recurrence and metastases 73% of patients. The procedure to remove a corn is called a skin plasty, which removes the corn completely, and the bursa underneath. In most cases we will recommend either a small joint fusion or an arthroplasty. These procedures are what prevent the corn returning by either preventing the toe from buckling in shoes (joint fusion) or removing a small piece of.

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Vulvoplasty, also known as episioplasty, is a surgical procedure that your veterinarian may recommend to correct a conformational issue known as a recessed vulva. Your veterinarian will remove a crescent-shaped piece of tissue from above the vulva, allowing the skin to be pulled upwards into a more normal conformation. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia Z-plasty is a surgical technique that makes a scar less visible by changing its direction so that it more closely conforms to the natural lines and creases of the skin. During this procedure, the old scar is removed and new incisions are made on each side, creating small triangular flaps of skin The indication for performing the Z-plasty was the presence of scar contracture in the skin that prevented satisfactory correction of the toe. Soft tissue release of the metatarsophalangeal joint was followed by a simple dorsal skin Z-plasty transposition. Patients were evaluated 1 1/2 to 6 years after revision surgery Skin Quality; Ranges. Collagenist Re-Plump; Collagenist V-Lift; Hydra Collagenist; Life Pearl; Prodigy Cellglow; Prodigy Reversis; Powercell; Pure Ritual; Re-Plasty Age recovery; Re-Plasty High Definition Peel; Re-Plasty Laserist; Re-Plasty Pro Filler; Force

The J-Plasty neck lift is a surgery that truly tightens redundant skin on the neck from the inside out to produce a superior rejuvenation result. What can I expect from the procedure? Dr. Lowenstein performs the J-Plasty neck lift at his surgical suite at Montecito Plastic Surgery Because of its safety ratings and effectiveness, the Renuvion J-Plasty can be performed on nearly any area of the face, neck, and body that experiences skin laxity. These areas typically include the lower third of the face, neck, abdomen, upper arms, butt, and legs (thighs and knees) Z-plasty [ze´plas-te] repair of a skin defect by the transposition of two triangular flaps of adjacent skin, for relaxation of scar contractures. Called also zigzagplasty. Z-plasty, showing the direction of relaxed skin tension lines (arrow), desired position of final scar (dotted line), and the two flaps to be juxtaposed (a, b). From Dorland's, 2000.

§ W-plasty § V-Y plasty § Z-plasty § Rotation flap § Random island flap § Advancement flap . Adjacent Tissue Transfers or Rearrangements involve the creation of two defects. The primary defect is created when the lesion or skin anomaly is excised Renuvion Skin Tightening Near Me: The Newest Technology Available. LA Plastic Surgery in Sarasota and Bradenton offers Skin Tightening /J-Plasty is the latest technology for eliminating unwanted fat and sagging in the skin. Renuvion passes 'helium plasma' energy under the skin, the treatment areas can be tightened and elevated effectively. Z-plasty or w-plasty incisions and primary suturing. Zig-zag incision and suture strategies, including z-plasty and w-plasty, are good for releasing linear scar contractures and tension [5, 6].A major benefit of z-plasties is that segmented scars mature faster than long linear scars (Fig. 1).This is because vertical scars that run along the long axis of the body part are placed under greater.

Z-plasty of skin: status: active: date introduced: 2002-01-31: fully specified name(s) Z-plasty of skin (procedure) synonyms: Z-plasty of skin: attributes - group1: Method: Z-plasty - action 129348007: Procedure site - Direct: Skin structure 39937001: parents: Integumentary system transposition 119829000; Grafting to skin 304040003. See before and after photos of patients at Behr who received Z-plasty treatments at our laser & skin care center in Fresno. Skip to main content Skip to content (559) 435-7546 (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab

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This item: Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Re-Plasty Age Recovery Skin Regeneration Accelerating Night Care 50ml/1.75oz $391.72 ($223.84/Ounce) Only 1 left in stock - order soon Labia majora-plasty or remodeling is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the labia majora or outer vaginal lips. Youthful labia majora is typically smooth and plump in appearance. The tissue of the labia majora can become loose or deflated over time due to aging or childbirth

Skin incisions are made along the Z-plasty through skin and superficial dartos fascia, and skin closed with a 4-0 or 5-0 moncryl. He does caution that closing the Z-Plasty can cause. Tip Plasty is a procedure that corrects the nose tip. A round or a long nose tip may make the face appear flat or long, even dull. It can also make the nose look wider, resulting in an unbalanced look. Tip Plasty, while giving the nose tip a sharper point, also reduces the width of the nose Z-plasty is a technique for scar revision. While this procedure is a commonly used plastic surgical technique, it may not be a good option for people with certain medical conditions or behaviors that affect blood flow to the skin. These include poorly controlled diabetes, prior skin irradiation, peripheral vascular disease, and smoking

Dr. Gerald Bock is a board-certified general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatologist serving patients in the following California, United States communities: Lodi, CA; Stockton, CA; and Elk Grove, CA.He is a fellow with the American Academy of Dermatology and is a pioneer of cosmetic surgery in the Central Valley. Dr. Bock's goal is to provide services that enhance an individual's beauty. It is advisable to draw out the margins around the tumor first and then overlay the planned M-plasty. The skin is incised and extirpated in the standard fashion. Undermining is performed in the appropriate plane depending on the body location. The final configuration of an M-plasty is a Y, with the base representing the linear closure and. After skin grafting, these basic local flaps should be considered before more complicated or staged procedures. The basic local flaps include the single/bilateral pedicle advancement (U-plasty/H-plasty), island subcutaneous V-Y advancement, O-T/A-T plasty, rotation, banner, bilobe, and rhombic

It is important for veterinarians to be able to practice surgical techniques before performing surgical procedures. Many synthetic models have been described.. Z plasty Creation of 2 triangular transposition flaps Length of both limbs must be same Angle may vary Uses :1. Lengthning of scar2. Changing direction of scar into more favorable one3. Interrupt scar linearity 22. Rhombic flaps Specially designed transposition flaps for rhombicshaped defects Defect must have 60 and 120 angle

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  1. A Z-plasty is preferred over the W-plasty when there is either too much or too little skin tension (1,9-46,64-67). In comparison with the W-plasty, the Z-plasty uses all the available skin without increasing the overall tension in the area . The limbs are larger on the Z-plasty, however, and could lead to more visible scarring
  2. Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Re-Plasty Age Recovery Skin Regeneration Accelerating Night Care 50ml/1.75oz. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 8. $490.88. $490. . 88 ($280.50/Ounce) FREE Shipping. Only 5 left in stock - order soon
  3. ated over the entire length by several transverse Y-shaped incisions situated in.

Z-plasty, previously referred to as converging triangular flaps, is a common surgical technique in reconstructive surgery used in scar revision and contracture release. The technique changes the direction of a scar so that it is better aligned with natural skin folds or relaxed skin tension lines. Z-plasty involves the transposition of two. Abdominal plasty (Tummy Tuck) ⭐ Saggy skin, excess skin is removed from patient to have more youthful look. As the result of Tummy Tuck most of the stretch marks are also gone ☺️. 90 544 248 45 26 İstanbul-Kuşadası-Antalya-Bodrum 46 70 716 21 16 +7 985 979 98 00 For those with excess skin under the chin, sometimes called a turkey neck, a cosmetic surgery procedure called a T-Z-plasty can remove just the skin beneath the chin. A T-Z-plasty is a simple outpatient procedure that can leave you looking and feeling years younger. Neck lipo or lifts can be combined with other procedures, including facelifts. Retroauricular skin flap and primary Z-plasty for donor site closure in partial ear reconstruction Published online by Cambridge University Press: 08 March 2006 Raymund E. Horch

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Simple suture, Y-V skin flap plasty and skin flap advancement were performed according to the size and the location of UCF. 根据 瘘 口 的 大小 及 位置 分别 采用 简单 缝合 术 、 Y-V 皮 瓣 成形 术 、 皮 瓣 推进 术 进行 修补 Direct Neck Excision and Z-Plasty; The Nayak Plastic Surgery and Skin Enhancement Center is a St. Louis cosmetic surgery center that provides surgical procedures, injectable procedures, lunchtime treatments, and skin care services. Doctor Laxmeesh Mike Nayak provides reconstructive and facial plastic surgery in St. Louis MO. Popular. Z Plasty Skin lengthening for a hammer 5th toe Hammer Toe Correction using a V to Y Skin Plasty

  1. ora - the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. It should not be done on girls younger than 18 because the labia continues to develop beyond puberty into early adulthood. Some women want a labiaplasty because they do not like the look of their labia
  2. Skin grafting comes with a host of more unusual complications, some of which are unique to the procedure. Graft Rejection - If you receive a graft from another person, you will be given immunosuppressants to prevent your body's immune system from attacking the new tissue. However, sometimes the immune system wins out
  3. Skin loss, puckering, or discoloration; It's possible you won't be happy with the results. Continued Recovery From a Neck Lift. Recovering from a neck lift takes time. Most people can return.

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Most commonly, skin cancer defects can be closed with a local flap, as was the case with Jon's surgery. This kind of flap has a texture identical to what was there before the lesion. If there is a larger defect, however, a physician may have to create a flap from tissue more distant from the surgical site (from the wrist, for example) to get. The excessive skin and subcutaneous tissue is most prevalent in the lower abdomen. In addition to cosmetic concerns, a large and heavy abdominal panniculus can interfere with normal activities of daily living, such as walking, climbing stairs, bathing or showering, and getting dressed. Rashes an That skin graft is placed on a vaginal mold and then placed into the space that has been opened to become the vagina. In peritoneal and intestinal vaginoplasty, no such mold is used. The mold is used consistently for the first several months after surgery (removing it for regular cleaning) in order to promote healing of the vagina into an open.

Goals: This patient had nose reconstruction to repair a nasal defect involving the nostril margin and the cheek. The nostril (nasal ala) was repaired with a 2 staged interpolated cheek flap (nasolabial flap) procedure. In the first stage of this facial reconstruction, skin and soft tissue from the cheek was trasferred to the nose in order to replace the missing tissue Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, P.C. is a combined medical practice of ophthalmology, dermatology and plastic surgery employing board certified physicians and surgeons, physician assistants and optometrists. We provide general eye and skin care as well as comprehensive subspecialty services including LASIK (laser vision correction), cataract. The most common problems that may lead to insurance approval for a panniculectomy are skin irritation or skin erosion under the pannus and interference with typical daily activities. A tummy tuck, which is also known as an abdominoplasty , is a cosmetic procedure designed primarily to improve the appearance of the torso A graft involves completely detaching a section of skin tissue from one area and attaching it to another, using specialized techniques to encourage new blood vessels and soft tissue to form. Z-plasty is a method to move a scar from one area to another, usually into a natural fold or crease in the skin to minimize its visibility

S-plasty Clinical applications for skin surgery Elliptical excision is a simple, cosmetically satisfying and popular technique for surgically removing skin lesions. However, in certain situations, elliptical excision can produce resulting permanent skin deformity that is cosmetically unsightly. This article provide It is a short, simple operation, easily performed with the patient under local anesthesia, that entails an elliptic excision of excess skin and fat, closure of the platysma with a Z-plasty or other form of transverse tightening, Z-plasty to the skin prevent contracture and to further accentuate the angle of the neck, and an occasional. Get a lift for your facial skin by our skilled plastic surgeon in Pakistan to get rid of all the lines and wrinkles on your face & neck that can be caused by genetics, aging, lifestyle, and stress, leading to visible signs of aging. We perform facelift methodology by making loose skin more taut and tight on the face and neck to create smooth. Nasal Tip Plasty Recovery . If you only have your nasal tip altered during surgery, the recovery should be much easier and faster than a full rhinoplasty recovery.Intense physical activity should be limited for at least three weeks, and while noticeable swelling is usually gnoe after a few weeks, it can take between six months and a year before all of the swelling is gone completely

The author provides a comprehensive review of clubbing deformity and its clinical manifestations after total nail procedures of the hallux. Conservative and surgical treatment is presented with a distal skin plasty procedure described in detail - w/ a single pronged skin hook pull the edge of the flap across the central limb; - it is important that this limb can be pulled easily across the midline; - if there is tension, a smaller Z plasty needs to be performed, which means that part of the limb needs to be resutured Modified S-plasty Procedure. We have used the procedure to excise small- and medium-sized benign skin lesions. First, the edge of the lesion is clearly marked and the radius is carefully measured. Line AD, the long axis of the incision, is properly designed to align with the relaxed skin tension lines

Page | 5 of 11 ∞ Abdominoplasty: Also known as a tummy tuck, this surgery removes loose folds of skin on the middle and lower abdomen and tightens underlying stomach muscles. It may include a diastasis recti repair Belt Lipectomy: A surgery that removes excess skin and/or fat from the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen Elliptical excision is a simple, cosmetically satisfying and popular technique for surgically removing skin lesions. However, in certain situations, elliptical excision can produce resulting permanent skin deformity that is cosmetically unsightly. This article provides a series of cases that demonstrate clinical applications using S-plasty to produce a more cosmetically satisfying outcome tissue [2]. and should advance the fore skin plasty techniques using For full recovery of cancer patient is necessary o all the resetrves of the surrounding skin, except potentially remove operation resulting defects of the skin and soft affected area, to be unconditional removal

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A Z-Plasty neck lift removes the excess skin and fat from the front of the neck closing the scar in a Z pattern. It can be performed on men and women but is the preferred choice for men trying to avoid the necessity of combining a facelift with neck lift surgery. Direct Neck Lift Before & Afters. Before. After Z-Plasty is a technique used to re-orient scars. The scar is oriented by cutting the skin around the scar in small triangular flaps. These flaps usually follow a Z-shape (hence the name), but the technique your doctor chooses will depend on the shape of the scar. The flaps are repositioned to follow natural lines and creases of the skin Skin. The skin of the eyelid is the thinnest in the body due to an attenuated dermis and very few adnexal structures or sebaceous glands. Thus, limiting options for skin graft donor sites. A Z-plasty at the end of a Tenzel flap will recruit more tissue from the vertical temporal area and provide horizontal tissue to the eyelid. This. A customized surgical plan of serial Z-plasty should be designed at the very beginning so that surgeons could base on the triangle area of each flap after the serial Z-plasty to calculate the area of skin defect, and then to choose the right size of tissue expanders. After the tissue expanders implantation, postoperative follow-up is required.

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  1. T86.821 Skin graft (allograft) (autograft) failure Case Study - Scar Revision / Z Plasty The patient is a 40 year old male, who injured. In November of 2012, the patient had surgical procedures for facial fractures. The wounds healed well, but h
  2. Non-Surgical Face Resurfacing and Neck Lift REIMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES Anazao MD and Jeanne C. Fitzsimmons, MD are proud to offer Renuvion ® J-Plasma Skin Resurfacing & J-Plasty Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening. The Renuvion ® medical platform uses helium cold plasma energy to promote skin tightening and rejuvenation with dramatic results..
  3. Post-Auricular Full Thickness Skin Graft by M-Plasty Technique: An Alternative to Classical Elliptical Technique Fatema Abdulkarim, MD, MRCSI* Nayef Louri, MD, FRCSI, ADPS** Pradeoth Mukandan, MBBS, MS, MCH*** Benign lesions over the auricular region are not uncommon. Most lesions require an excisional biopsy for its histopathological confirmation
  4. Z-plasty Before & After Photos. Evening Of Beauty 2020. Evening Of Beauty 2018. Evening Of Beauty 2017. Evening Of Beauty 2016. Evening Of Beauty 2015. CA location and experience the Behr difference only at Behr Laser & Skin Care Center. Get started by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (559) 435-7546 today! Name
  5. Prodigy Re-Plasty Age Recovery Skin Regeneration Accelerating Night Care A groundbreaking skin regeneration night cream Highly concentrated with Cica Proxylane-Solution comprising two intensely active soothing repairers Remarkably fights against signs of age including deep wrinkles, skin damage & imperfection
  6. The basic Z-plasty is composed of a central limb incision and two lateral limb incisions that form a Z. The lengths of the three limbs and the angles formed between the central and lateral limbs are equal. The incisional pattern creates two triangular tissue flaps that are transposed, changing both the length and orientation of a wound or scar
  7. Blepharoplasty (blef-a-roe-plasty) is surgery of the eyelids where fat and excess skin, bags, pouches, wrinkles in the eye area are removed to make the eyes look less tired. Recovery time is approximately one week. More. Facial Implant

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Re-plasty Age Recovery Skin Soothing Repairing Cream. Helena Rubinstein. Re-plasty Age Recovery Skin Soothing Repairing Cream $ 389.00 $ 359.99. Fast Free Shipping over $49 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 50ml/1.76oz. Add to Wishlist. View Wishlist. In stock Renuvion (J-Plasma) in the head and neck region is used as external resurfacing. It has the power to erase years of sun damage and/or treatment below the skin surface along the lower face, jawline, and neck to restore the contours of younger days. The facial hand-piece can tighten the upper and lower eyelids, jowls, nasolabial folds, and lip lines

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Hand Surgery Flap CPT Codes. Debridement / Recipient site preparation. Z / W Plasty Etc. Cross / Fillet Finger. Form / Delay / Section Pedicle. Axial. Free These options include rotating skin grafts, H-plasty, and Z plasty most frequently performed by ophthalmologists or surgeons. When there is concurrent ocular surface disease or suspected swelling from noncancerous focal blepharitis: Patients with allergies or concurrent dry eye deserve extra attention to perioperative corneal health as eyelid. title = M plasty techniques, abstract = Conventional closure of surgical defects in skin may cause unsightly protrusions (dog ears). Fusiform excisions with angles of 30° or less reduce protrusion but may require excisions of larger volumes and lengths of healthy skin and subcutaneous tissue than may be desirable RE-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY DAY CREAM: Formulated in parternship with the world-renowned centre for aesthetic medicine, LaClinic-Montreux, Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day is the first bandage textured cream. The cream fights against age damages, soothes, protects and repairs skin all day long

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A Z-plasty treatment is one method for hiding an unsightly scar. It works by lengthening the scar and rearranging the tissue in a zigzag direction which may make play an optical illusion and make the scar less noticeable to a casual observer. A Z-plasty is simply a form of flap reconstruction in which the two flaps of the Z are rotated 90. Services. Alar Plasty. Skin TUMORS removal. Removal of benign and malignant skin tumors. Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgery. Surgery of Cleft Lip and Palate including revisions

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Skin closure was obtained in a simple linear fashion in one patient, with multiple Z-plasty in 2 children and with W-plasty for the rest (18 patients, Figure 3). No drain was placed for any patient, as the lesion was superficial. Twelve patients were treated as a day care surgery and 9 patients were discharged on postoperative day one W-plasty is a plastic surgery technique for closure of wounds that are not aligned with skin tension lines. It involves removing skin to create a zig-zag wound (a row of interlocking Ws), and then closing the wound by suturing the points to the indentations

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In our experience, W-plasty was a good alternative to the most commonly used Z-plasty, in skin closure, with respect to both aesthetic and functional results. 1. Introduction. Congenital midline cervical cleft (CMCC) is a very uncommon congenital anomaly of the anterior neck that has very characteristic features: (1) a nipple-like protuberance. Z plasty refers to a vertical, z shaped incision that Dr. Buonassisi makes along the neck in order to remove the large fold of skin. The z plasty is highly effective for removing a large turkey waddle, but leaves a visible scar in the neck

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Class 2 Device Recall Sesamoid Plasty. The Sesamoid Plasty workstation is used to run the tracking software as part of the software based navigation systems. The affected Sesamoid Plasty components are the central structural column and its base that hold up the computer and the tracking camera on the Sesamoid Plasty workstation

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