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Chinchillas in the wild will eat a variety of plants, shrubs, and grasses. They will consume stalks, stems, leaves, shoots, fruits, seeds and roots, depending on what time of year it is Chinchillas can eat a wide variety of natural food like hay, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, berries, dried plants, and herbs. Hay that is recommended for your chinchilla Alfalfa hay (low dust/hypoallergenic

Chinchillas require a diet that mainly consists of timothy hay with the addition of supplementary chinchilla pellets. Chinchillas also require small amounts of fresh greens and can be fed occasional treats such as dried fruit from time to time. Read On to Lear Safe Foods/Treats For A Chinchilla Mountain Ash Berries - Full of antioxidants and good for chinchillas, 2-3 can be offered daily. Fruit Tree Twigs - A new twig can be provided each day from any fruit tree where the fruit bears seeds (apple, pear etc). Do not offer woods from fruit trees that bear a pip (cherry, plum etc)

Instead, offer your adult chinchilla timothy hay or other low-calcium grass hays, such as orchard or meadow grass Yes. Though only in small amounts due to the sugar content. Honestly, there are better treats for your chinchillas than fruit such as rosehips, dandelion leaves, apple sticks, rose petals, sunflower seeds, goji berries (only once a month), basil and peppermint leaves Although Chinchillas can live on just hay, pellets, and water, for a balanced diet then it is good to offer them some fresh foods to give some added nutrients to them

Yes, a chinchilla can eat some vegetables. Chinchillas are herbivores, which means they primarily consume plants as the majority and bulk of their diet. Chinchillas can have some vegetables in small amounts and moderation. Not all vegetables are safe for chinchillas and need to be avoided Chinchillas can eat apples in small amounts and not too often. Carrots are quite nutritious for chinchillas body and are great for their teeth. Moderation is the key when feeding your chinchilla apples. Make sure they are cut into small pieces and easy for your chinchilla to chew

Chinchillas do not do well with recooked foods, especially if these foods are all they are given. Their complex dietary requirements dictate that they eat a combination of fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, barks, and grasses In the wild, chinchillas are naturally adapted to eating a diet of vegetation that is high in roughage. They are not designed for rich or fatty diets and such diets can easily cause serious digestive upsets. Instead, feed your chinchilla quality chinchilla pellets supplemented with plenty of fresh grass hay

Chinchillas are herbivores by nature and can't digest meat. If your chinchilla does consume meat, gastrointestinal blockages can occur leading to injury or death. For this reason, treat meat like it's poisonous and avoid altogether Below is a list of many foods you can feed a chinchilla. Food Commercial foods, made especially for chinchillas and produced in pellet form, are available in pet stores. Pellets are designed so your pet can easily eat them and include the correct amounts of protein, fat, and roughage. Food should be available at all times. Ha Chinchilla's are Herbivores - which means they only eat plants. The best kind of diet for your chinchillas is one that's as natural as possible, packed with plenty of fresh veg and hay. Top Tip: Avoid muesli-type food mixes. Chinchillas will leave the bits containing fibre and only eat the sugary bits

Chinchillas can be offered a variety of hay. The most common hay is Timothy hay.Timothy hay comes in 3 cuts. It should be bright green. First cut, which is very coarse stemmed and has a lot of heads.; Second cut, Which is a mix of softer and firm, leafy hay ( most popular ) ; Third cut, is very soft and leafy and best for picky eaters.; There is also Alfalfa Hay which is sweeter and rich in. Either fresh or dried herbs such as thyme, basil, rosemary, hisbiscus, parsley and oregano can be fed to chinchillas three to four times a week in small amounts Also, chinchillas do eat cheerio that should be sugar free as well. Moreover, chinchillas eat dried rose hips, oats and wood chews. The last one really helps to make the chin teeth of the chinchillas strong and keep them healthy. In addition to good quality pellet, a high quality grass and hay are also equally liked by chinchillas What do you feed a pet chinchilla? Chinchillas are herbivores - they eat a lot of plants and grasses. Their diet should be high in fibre and protein and low in fat and moisture. It should consist of approximately 35% carbohydrates, 15% protein, 30% fibre, 4% sugar and no more than 3.5% fat Chinchillas can eat strawberries, pears, and apples among a few others that made the list. However, this must be very seldom and only offered as dried fruits. Fresh fruits are 100% off-limits

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Although wild and domestic chinchillas are basically the same species, they're as different as wolves are from dogs, and that applies to their diet as well. Wild chinchillas are omnivorous: They eat insects alongside mollusks, tree bark, and leaves. As for fruits and vegetables, wild chinchillas don't prefer them that much In the wild, chinchillas eat grass, leaves, roots, and twigs because they need a lot of fiber in their diet. The chinchilla's teeth also grow continuously, so chewing on fibrous foods helps keep the teeth filed down Chinchillas are herbivores, meaning they eat only plant material. Herbivores must have food moving constantly through their digestive system to avoid health problems. They require a high fiber, low carbohydrate, and low fat diet. This is accomplished by feeding your chinchilla a diet that consists of high-fiber grass hay, a fortified pellet diet, and fresh produce

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  1. Chinchillas naturally eat grasses, leaves and twigs. - Chinchillas' teeth grow continuously throughout their life needing wearing down and keeping at the correct length/shape by eating grass/ hay/grass-based chinchilla pellets. Not eating the right diet can result in serious dental disease
  2. Chinchillas can't eat foods that are water-based and contain high amounts of fats, sugars or acidity. Now I will list down the different foods that chinchillas eat in the wild. Fresh Water. It is pretty obvious that chinchillas require fresh water at all times. Even in the wild, they tend to drink fresh water to stay hydrated
  3. Can a chinchilla eat oats? Chinchilla owners often worry about feeding their pet chinchillas, and they become reluctant to feeding anything to them without learning more about it in depth. Oatmeal is one of the most common food staples around the world, and many animals can munch on oatmeal or white oats for satiating their appetite needs

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There is a long list of food that chinchillas can't eat. As you might imagine, you shouldn't give your chinchilla anything that doesn't fall into the fruit or vegetable category. Dairy, meats, and similar foods should be avoided. These aren't a part of their natural diet, and they do not have the enzymes to break them down properly What human food can chinchillas eat? Some suitable veggie options for chinchillas are carrots, kale, parsley, dandelion greens, lettuce, collard greens and turnip greens. Fruit choices include strawberries, pears, bananas and apples. Always chop vegetables and fruits up into very small bites Besides these you can also give chinchillas some shredded wheat but make sure that it is non-sugared. Also, chinchillas do eat cheerio that should be sugar free as well. Moreover, chinchillas eat dried rose hips, oats and wood chews. The last one really helps to make the chin teeth of the chinchillas strong and keep them healthy Their digestive systems can't handle high acidity. Like many other animals, chinchillas can't eat chocolate. Not only does it have too much sugar and fat, it also harms their nervous and digestive systems. Watery fruits like watermelon can give a chinchilla diarrhea, while some vegetables like corn can give them bloat An alfalfa based pellet should always be available. A single chinchilla will only eat about 1 to 2 tablespoons in a day, but more should always be given. Chinchillas do not overeat pellets so you should serve them more than the minimum amount they need so they always have access to food. The pellets can be served in a food dish or crock

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Chinchillas do not do well with recooked foods, especially if these foods are all they are given. Their complex dietary requirements dictate that they eat a combination of fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, barks, and grasses. Simple pellet foods, even those designed specifically for chinchillas, should be given in moderation and never as the only food Your chinchilla can accidentally ingest some of what it gnaws on, so it's best not to give it anything to chew that you wouldn't want it to eat. Cardboard can also cause impaction. Impaction is where a blockage forms in the chinchilla's digestive tract Chinchillas can eat apples and they are healthy for them. Apples can give your chinchilla a needed boost in vitamins and should [] Chinchilla Care Guide (A Must Read For Chin Owners!) Getting your first chinchilla can be an exciting ordeal. There is a ton that goes into properly raising these little creatures though

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It's important to know what goes in your pet's food and what the best type of food you can feed them is, so I thought I'd take some time to break down what a Chinchilla should eat. Water Odd thing to put on a list for food, but we easily forget how important water is to living organisms Attached to this list are some other information that may be helpful to you. Top 15 Best Chinchilla Treats Review 2021. #1 Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix. #2 Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes. #3 Vitakraft Chinchilla Cocktail Mixed Fruit Treat. #4 Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat Apple What do chinchillas eat in the wild? Wild chinchillas are omnivores and feed on grasses, seeds, fruits, small plants, plant leaves, small insects and bird eggs when they get a chance. In the wild, chinchillas live in cold mountains, crevices of rocks, moving from rock to rock to escape from predators and to find food

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  1. The chinchillas you saw at the pet store were likely quiet (especially if it was during the day, a time when they are naturally drowsy). But when awake and running around their home environment, chinchillas aren't so hush-hush. In fact, they can emit a wide range of sounds, including barking, chirping and squeaking
  2. imum amounts. Chinchillas can be treated: dried apricots; raisins; prunes, dates, dried apples
  3. Chinchillas are also vulnerable to biting lice and blood-sucking mites. Chinchillas Unlimited has an article on the subject of ectoparasites, some select quotes: Chinchillas are only transient hosts for fleas - but they can get mites and ticks (around the facial/ear area more commonly) Mites are generally host (and food) specific
  4. The list above is all safe for Chinchillas to eat daily and provide them with the right type of nutrition their delicate bodies need. Fresh grass is also an option however this can be a real pain for you as an owner to collect enough grass clipping to feed your Chinchilla daily
  5. Chinchillas should eat their size in feeding hay every single day. Excel Feeding Hay with Dandelion & Marigold: Timothy Hay - 100% natural hay that is grown in the UK. High in fibre - Helps digestion and stool consistency. Dandelion - May aid urinary tract health. Marigold - Helps support a healthy immune system
  6. Wild Chinchillas Are Cute But Tough! As you can see, wild chinchillas are incredible animals and much tougher than most people realize. Although they are prey animals, wild chinchillas have developed tried and true methods to survive in an unforgiving environment. Wild chinchillas are smart, capable, and resilient

Chinchillas can also get deep tooth root infections. Teeth overgrowth also happens commonly in chinchillas that do not eat hay as the main component in their diet. Hay is essential to chinchillas not only to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, but also to help grind down continuously growing teeth Chinchillas usually eat about 2 Tablespoons of pellets per day but there is no need to limit their pellets as they will not overeat on healthy food. 5 pounds of pellets will last one chinchilla about 3 months; you should not purchase more than what you will use within 3 months at a time. Hay The reason behind this is if you provide him or her with the mixed nutritional supplements, he or she will choose his or her favourite pellets and leave the rest behind. Your chinchilla will end up not getting full nutrition. You want to aim for a chinchilla diet or chinchilla nutrition of: Fat: 2% - 5%. Protein: 16% - 20% Chinchillas Eating Peppermint. Chinchillas can eat peppermint or spearmint, and a dried leaf of peppermint (or spearmint) every now and then makes for a perfect treat. However, as with all treats for chinchillas, they should only be given in moderation, as chinchillas have very delicate digestive systems Like most humans, chinchillas appreciate some variety in their diet. Chinchillas are primarily herbivores, which leads many people to wonder which types of fresh fruits and vegetables they can consume safely. Since I am often asked if chinchillas can eat apples, I decided to cover the subject in this article. Can chinchillas eat apples? Although [

Chinchillas need plenty of tough, fibrous plant material to chew. This keeps their teeth trim and aligned. Hay provides most of the tooth wear but even captive chinchillas provided unlimited amounts still have longer teeth on average than the typical wild chinchilla. Luckily chinchillas love to chew on wood! Wood is tougher than hay stalks and can provide a little boost to tooth wear for. There are lots of health issues that chinchillas experience which can be passed on. These include: Infections. Eye infections like conjunctivitis are notoriously easy to spread. Fur parasites. While uncommon, chinchillas can get lice and fleas. Gastrointestinal parasites, or in other words, worms. Bugs that cause diarrhea

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  1. 1. Can my Chinchilla eat Rabbit or Gerbil food? Answer: Although Rabbits, Gerbil, and Chinchillas are similar types of herbivores, their dietary plan can vary. For example, the digestive system of a Chinchilla is more complex than a Rabbit's digestive system
  2. As with all treats, please feed the following organic herbs to your pets with discretion. Our chinchillas are offered a small pinch of this variety as their evening treat. Please do not overfeed herbs and/or treats to your chinchillas. They are meant to primarily eat a diet of hay and pellets. As we tend to enjoy feeding them other goodies, it is our intention to offer a healthier.
  3. Chinchillas are herbivores, so they subsist primarily on plant foods - especially hay. A commercial pellet is the best staple diet for your chinchilla, but you should also provide fresh hay. Fresh hay helps keep your chinchilla's teeth worn down and also supports its digestive system being high in fiber
  4. Chinchillas need a high fiber diet and the alfalfa hay meets this requirement for them since it's a high fiber legume hay that's rich in protein, calcium, and energy when compared to grass hay. Some chinchilla species can be quite particular and picky about what they eat, however, they'll also feed on orchard grass and timothy hay
  5. Otherwise, they will try to chew on stuff they can find in the house or inside the cage — stuff that isn't safe for them to eat at all! 6. The Initial Costs Can Get High. Don't worry — chinchillas are still easy to maintain, so their upkeep won't actually make a huge dent in your budget

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  1. t tea can help to alleviate life-threatening gas and GI slowdowns/stasis. 14. Lemon Balm. This herb doesn't just smell amazing: it's beneficial for many herbivore animal bellies. For example, it can.
  2. Chinchillas can eat the food which has fiber values and can have the fats in the form of the sugar. They can consume a small amount of sugar in the form of fruits on an occasional basis. Effects of spinach on chinchilla's health. The chinchilla may eat the spinach, but after eating the spinach, they may get ill or even worse..
  3. They are small, cute rodents with very lovely soft fur that was (is?) very valuable for making expensive coats. I imagine it would take a lot of chinchillas to make a fur coat. When I was a kid there would be these get rich quick schemes marketed.
  4. Yucca. The following items are not woods, but chew alternatives. These elements can be used for toy-making. Again, all of these items should be organic, pesticide-free, and untreated. Banana Leaf. Cardboard. If ingested, cardboard can cause blockage. Some chins only bite at cardboard, but others will try to eat it

Chinchillas can be expensive to maintain and no chinchilla breeder will tell you there's money to be made out of chinchillas for sale! Potential breeders forget about the vet bills, equipment and time needed in cleaning out cages, exercising chinchillas individually and the inconvenience/room needed in looking after the chinchillas for sale. Rabbits can eat asparagus.It doesn't have a lot of calories, and it is high in fiber. In addition, it is a great source of antioxidants. It is very low in sugar, and it contains essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin E, and vitamin K A. Since the stems of celery are soft, so your Chinchillas can eat it. However, as a conscious owner of Chinchillas, you should let the Chinchillas eat only Celery. We know Chinchillas are small animals. As a result, the stems of celery can get stuck in the neck of chinchillas. Which can lead to the death of your Chinchillas

Foods Cats Can't Eat. We've covered human foods cats can eat, and now here's a list of foods cats can't eat. These foods are unsafe for cats or they just aren't a good idea for maintaining their general health. Make sure to read this list closely as some of these foods can genuinely harm your cat Sugar glider diets require the use of fruits and vegetables to help balance nutrition. Some diet plans have a strict list of fruits and vegetables; be sure to follow your chosen diet plan. All listings below are considered safe to feed your sugar gliders, but some are less popular than others Yes, chinchillas can eat cucumbers, and it is essential to add them to your pet chinchillaâ s diet. Some sources recommend nuts and seeds as treats but you must bear in mind the high fat content in those. 0.65 g However, rabbits can only eat organic cucumber — grown in your garden or purchased from a store or market. Cucumber, with peel, raw

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Cats are obligate carnivores and eat meat exclusively. Dogs are omnivores and can eat grains and vegetables in addition to meat. Cats also require high protein and high fat diets, and taurine in particular. It's not a good idea to exchange these foods as well because they can cause GI upset The following list is a circulating list that already exists via InfoLific, but as we explore the best foods and treats for Chinchillas we want to add to this list as well. For a better understanding of specific trees that are good for chinchillas checkout our Chinchilla - Safe Wood blog A Chinchilla's diet is SIMPLE. A Chinchilla's diet should be simple. A quality pellet, ample amounts of fresh hay, and unlimited access to water. If you can get these 3 things together, you'll have a healthy well-nourished chinchilla. A quality pellet can be made specifically for Chinchillas or you can choose to feed a High Quality Rabbit Pellet Chinchillas eat these caecotrophs, allowing the food to be reingested. Chinchillas sleep in the daytime. Chinchillas are most active in the evening and at night. Relevant Documents Chinchilla factfile reference list (PDF 194KB) Chinchilla factfile (PDF 40KB) Print Chinchillas

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Chinchilla Diets! Today I'm sharing info on Chinchilla diets, including which foods are safe to give as treats. There is sadly still a lot of misinformation around regarding what chinchillas should eat, with some people still thinking fresh greens are a staple food The Chinchilla chinchilla has a shorter tail, shorter ears, and a thick neck and shoulders. The Chinchilla lanigera is the opposite, possessing a thinner body frame, paired with a longer tail and ears. All chinchillas sport a velvety, thick fur coat that can be seen in various colorations, including brown, black, and white It is possible that younger chinchillas can be mis-sexed, but for an adult chinchilla, it would be harder to make the mistake. Pet stores generally get full grown or nearly grown chinchillas, as they are easier for the wholesaler to check for accurate gender Chinchillas are by nature timid creatures. Plenty of gentle handling yours will make wonderful, lively and inquisitive pets. Chinchillas are active during the evening and into the night - perfect for when owners get back from work or school Chinchillas are herbivores. Therefore, their natural diet in the wild includes mostly roots, grass, and plants, but not fats and sugars. If you have a pet chinchilla, the most important things you can provide are good quality grass hay (Timothy hay), pellets explicitly formulated for chinchillas, and fresh water every day

Chinchillas are very curious and active pets, and will greatly appreciate anything that keeps them entertained. If you've ever wanted to build your own custom chinchilla toys, then this list of 10 DIY chinchilla toys you can build today is right up your alley Indeed, chinchillas are among a long list of animals that many veterinarians advise against keeping as household pets because they pose a health risk to the people who own them. Certain infectious illnesses, called zoonotic diseases, can be transmitted from animals to humans

Chinchillas are primarily nocturnal, and thus eat mostly during the evening to early morning. Provide the feed mostly at night, especially if it is a treat which can sour (fruits and vegetables). A chinchilla eating its own fecal pellets (coprophagy) is normal. Most animals eat 1.5-2.5% of their weight a day in food Short Forelimbs - Chinchillas all have short forelimbs to help feed themselves and long hind legs to help jump great distances with agility. For such small creatures, chinchillas have been known to jump 6ft in to the air! They have 3 toes, 4 flexible digits for fingers and a thumb, which is severely underdeveloped but can hold and grasp food or even your finger Now, we'll move on to the colors. I'll list the most popular, but there are up to thirty-one color mutations for chinchillas. Colors Chinchillas Come In. Originally, domesticated chinchillas were bred from Chinchilla lanigera or the long-tailed chinchilla as they are also known What chinchillas can eat? With chinchillas being herbivores, ensuring that they have plenty of grass and plants in their diet is very important. Your pet pet chinchillas diet should consist of 3 percent fat, 4 percent sugar, 30 percent fiber, 15 percent protein, and 35 percent carbs

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Chinchillas eat books, furniture, remote control buttons, keyboards, computers and anything else that can be chewed. Chinchillas are natural escape artists, so look around the room for holes and possible hiding places like sofa beds. Cover up the holes and block passages into hard to reach places like furniture Chinchillas. Chinchillas are slender-bodied, medium-size rodents with short forelimbs and long muscular hindlimbs. The head, eyes, and ears are relatively large, and the bullae are greatly expanded. Chinchillas have long gestation periods and deliver fully furred young with open eyes Chinchillas are not difficult to care for in terms of skill, however they are a big commitment in time and effort and can be expensive to care for. Time wise, chinchillas require the at least 1 hour per day from you, which is in addition to their at least weekly cage out. The biggest commitment in terms of time, is supervising their daily out of cage playtime Here, find six fun facts about chinchillas and how they can help you be a better pet parent to your furry friend. Fact #1: They have a longer life than many other small and furries. Chinchillas can live into their teens — with some even living to 20 years old — and tend to be a hearty pet

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Generally, they eat a high fiber diet that is very bland. For pet chinchillas, they eat a very specific diet similar to that of their wild cousins. The base is hay (like timothy hay) and a chinchilla formulated pellet. They also require fresh water and can be given occasional treats. Learn more about chinchilla food and diet recommendations and. Unfortunately it is only the roots in the lower jaw that can be operated on in this way - and not the upper roots. Once the tooth roots have been killed they stay in place (and not fall out) and the chinchilla can go back to a pain-free life and can eat a normal diet again. In time, the chinchilla will grow new bone around the tooth roots

Can Chinchillas Eat Apple cores. It helps keep their teeth and digestive system healthy. Chinchilla VS Ferret Dietary Needs Chinchillas are vegetarians and in the wild they eat roots grass plants fruits etc. 5242020 It can prove fatal as well. 2102021 Ferrets are far more friendly and cuddly than cats or dogs Since chinchillas eat with their hands, chinchilla pellets are usually longer than guinea pig or rabbit pellets so that the chinchilla has something to hang on to. An adult chinchilla will eat about two heaping tablespoons of pellets per day. Some people recommend that chinchillas be fed twice a day, once in the morning and once again in the. Used as an appetite stimulant, for premature aging, gastrointestinal (GI) problems, and contains Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D and E. These are unsafe for pregnant or nursing chinchillas. 1 oz - $1.40. 3 oz - $3.75

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Chinchillas have a very sensitive digestive tract. They don't tolerate change well, but the flip side of that is that they can get all the nutrition they need from two sources The cute chinchillas have a length of only 10-14 inches and their height varies from 4 to 5 inches. They can bread twice in 12 months and has a lifespan of 10-15 years. 20). Chinchillas are quite cute and simple animals and according to the chinchilla facts they eat seeds, grass, fruit, small insects, tree barks and even frogs Wild chinchillas eat seeds, grasses, and fruit. Although they are considered to be herbivores, they may consume small insects. Domestic chinchillas are usually fed grass and kibble specially formulated for their dietary needs. Chinchillas eat much like squirrels. They hold food in their fore paws, while sitting upright on their hind limbs

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Chinchillas cannot eat tortilla chips. Although chinchillas are relatively easy to care for they do have many dietary restrictions. Feeding them human food is generally not a good idea however there are some fruits and vegetables they enjoy. I giv.. Your rabbit can eat celery. In fact, rabbits can eat the entire plant. It contains fiber that is good for rabbits, as well as folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, and phosphorus. You can cut one-inch sections and feed it to your rabbit a few times a week as a treat. Eggplant: In moderation Chinchillas can sit up on their hind legs, using their hands to eat. The most striking aspect about them, however, is their fur. Soft like mink and luxurious, their fur begs to be touched. The largest of all the rodents on this list, chinchillas can grow up to a foot-long—small enough for a purse but too large for a pocket The body of an average chinchilla grows to about 10 inches long, but they can range from 8 inches to 12 inches and their tail will typically be about 5 inches in length. A chinchilla that is fully grown typically weighs between 1 and 3 pounds. A healthy chinchilla with a large build should not weigh more than 3.3 pounds Chinchillas belong to herbivores, and they can eat plant matter. Their digestive tract is specialized to digest fiber, which is necessary for them to remain healthy. Chinchillas have a habit of chewing, so for this reason, you will need a wire cage with a smooth bottom

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What do Chinchillas Eat in the Wild? The natural diet of a wild chinchilla consists of nuts, seeds, insects (and larvae), leaves, and even twigs. These animal are foragers, spending a large portion of their time looking for and storing food each day. These animals are highly adaptable, and can therefore usually find food no matter where they. This means we will list chinchillas from other states, as well as CT who need homes, but are still currently living with their guardians. At the beginning of the listing, I tell you what state the chinchilla is currenly living in, so please keep this in mind as you will be the one to travel to where the chinchilla is located to adopt him/her

The above list of bad and poisonous greens is not exhaustive, so always be careful what you feed to your chinchilla. Chinchillas can be fussy eaters, so take care when changing foods, and always ensure you change foods over gradually over a few days. Common Health Problems. Dental Problems Vegetables sugar gliders eat in zoos include sweet potatoes, lettuce and corn. They can also eat tomatoes, carrots, squash, sprouts and broccoli. Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly, and chop them into small pieces before offering them to sugar gliders. About a half-teaspoon of fruit and vegetables per day is sufficient for one sugar glider As long as it doesn't have BBQ starter or chemicals in it they are safe. It will have a list of the chemicals on the bag somewhere if it does. 2. level 2. 5chinnychinchins. Original Poster. 5 years ago. It has no chemicals or ingredients. It simply states all natural lava rock Therefore carefully read through this list of 43 foods your bearded dragon can and cannot eat to get a better idea of the types of foods you should be feeding them. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and if you want more details you should speak to a local pet shop or your veterinarian to get more details

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