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Most of Parkersburg, Iowa, was wiped out Sunday by a tornado that killed seven. tore a path through Parkersburg and nearby towns. The weather service ranked it an EF5 — at the top of its. Prior to the Parkersburg tornado, the last F5/EF5 tornado in Iowa occurred in Jordan (Story County) on June 13, 1976. Since 1871, Iowa has had eleven F5/EF5 tornadoes (the most intense damage category on the Fujita and Enhanced Fujita damage scales - less than 1% of tornado occurrences - wind speeds greater than 200 mph)

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PARKERSBURG EF5 ANNIVERSARY Tornado engulfing Parkersburg, Iowa May 25, 2008 Tuesday was the 13 year anniversary of the Parkersburg EF5 tornado. It's a day I always remember for the twisters brutal display of power, devastation, and death. The storm carved a 40 mile path that neared a mile in width at its peak. Accompanied by winds of 210 mph From Parkersburg to New Hartford, it exhumed. PARKERSBURG -- Iowa Homeland Security administrator Dave Miller said there are seven fatalities from the tornadoes that struck Parkersburg and The tornado then continued its path east and. On Sunday, May 25, 2008, at 4:59 P.M., Parkersburg, IA, a city of 1,889, was struck head on by an EF5 tornado. An EF5 tornado is the worst kind. A tornado of this magnitude generates winds greater. IN PICTURES: Rebuilding a town: Parkersburg Iowa. But today, the path of the giant EF-5 tornado is visible only in the area's lack of mature trees. In the footprint of the tornado have risen new gray and tan homes, some sporting an extra garage and a re-inforced basement

Like many of the roughly 1,000 people displaced by the tornado's approximately 2-minute path through Parkersburg, the Reifenraths climbed out of the debris strewn by the tornado that destroyed. In Parkersburg, the tornado shredded the southern third of the town. More than 280 homes and 22 businesses were lost. The Aplington-Parkersburg high school was demolished, as well as the town's. Parkersburg tornado after it struck the city (NWS Des Moines) Main article: Tornado outbreak sequence of May 22-31, 2008 § Parkersburg-New Hartford, Iowa Seven people died in Parkersburg and two in rural New Hartford [8] [9] from injuries sustained when a confirmed EF5 tornado [10] struck the region on May 25, 2008 NWS personnel have rated the Parkersburg-New Hartford-Dunkerton tornado as EF 5 (correlated to wind speeds up to 205 MPH) on the Enhanced Fujita Scale at the.. To contact the pool during pool season, please call 319-346-2547. Follow the Parkersburg City Pool's Facebook page for pool updates. The Parkersburg Pool is home to the Barracudas Swim Team. Participants need to be age 5 to 18 and able to swim 25 yards in order to compete in meets. The cost is $60 with the possibility of a reduced cost if you.

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15 minutes after the Parkersburg-New Hartford tornado had lifted between Dunkerton and Fairbank, Tornado #2 formed from the same thunderstorm. Rated an EF3 Tornado. This one would be on the ground for over an hour (6:05pm-7:10pm) with a damage path of over 32 miles. This storm would injure 3 people These video excerpts, taken from video surveillance cameras, were provided by officials with First State Bank in Parkersburg, Iowa. They show various views o.. UPDATE: PARKERSBURG, Iowa — At least seven people were killed and dozens more injured Sunday afternoon as a tornado ripped through a rural area northwest of Waterloo. The storm hit just after 5. PARKERSBURG — The tornado that leveled half of Parkersburg and killed seven people was the strongest to hit Iowa in 32 years, the National Weather Service said Tuesday Monster Tornado Caught Parkersburg by Surprise. Residents recall record-breaking twister that left their community in ruins. Aug. 14, 2009— -- For the town of Parkersburg, Iowa, May 25, 2008.

Iowa After the 2008 Parkersburg Tornado. The May 25th 2008 storm was the strongest tornado the state had seen in more than 30 years. With wind speeds of more than 200 mph, the storm left 43 miles of destruction behind it. Seven Iowans were killed in the storm, and the damage to this Iowa community is significant The tornado outbreak sequence of May 22-31, 2008 was a series of tornado outbreaks affecting the central plains of the United States from May 22 to May 31 of 2008. It was also one of the largest continuous tornado outbreaks on record. A total 239 tornadoes were confirmed, with the most intense activity occurring across the Great Plains.One person was killed when a large wedge tornado struck.

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  1. NWS AWIPS system. Figure 6. Track of the Parkersburg, IA tornado. Note the irregular shape to the path east of New Hartford. Figure 7. Damage to grain silos filled with corn just Figure 9. Aerial view showing a loop in the tornado east of Parkersburg
  2. the violent tornadoes. However, according to storm chaser reports, and the radar image in Figure 11, the tornado which struck Parkersburg, IA, was rain-wrapped, indicating formation from a heavy precipitating supercell. It is hypothesized that the supercell which spawned the tornado that struck Parkersburg was initially initiated by synopti
  3. On May 25, 2008, an EF-5 struck Parkersburg, Iowa. Before then, a level-five classification occurred on August 28, 1990 in Plainfield, Illinois. Of the strongest tornadoes, only six EF-4's have.

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Today marks the 6 year anniversary of the Parkersburg, Iowa EF5 tornado. The violent wedge twister hit just before 5:00pm and cut a 3/4 mile path of devastation through the southern half of the city. The storm killed 9 and is the last EF5 to occur in Iowa. Chief Deputy Tim Wolthoff of neighboring Grundy County was on duty that day, patrolling the area for storms with his 20-year-old son The Path of Destruction (GC1HF1K) was created by heiple and GeoHunter20 on 11/23/2008. It's a Small size geocache, with difficulty of 3, terrain of 2.5. It's located in Iowa, United States.Note: The cache is not located at the above coordinates. Tornado near Parkersburg On May 25, 2008 an EF5 tornado cut a deadly path across northeast Iowa

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PARKERSBURG, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) — May 25 will mark the 10th anniversary of the day an EF-5 tornado tore through Parkersburg. The tornado carved a 43-mile-long path of destruction that took the. On Sunday, May 25, 2008, at 4:59 P.M., Parkersburg, IA, a city of 1,889, was struck head on by an EF5 tornado. An EF5 tornado is the worst kind. A tornado of this magnitude generates winds greater. The state of Iowa has seen its fair share of tornado devestation and destruction over the last few years. From the 2008 Parkersburg, Iowa destruction that went viral all across the internet and social media to the recent destruction in 2013 from small pop up storms and tornadoes

Parkersburg, IA is a Very High Risk area for tornados. According to records, the largest tornado in the Parkersburg area was an F5 in 2008 that caused 70 injuries and 9 deaths. *Tornado risk is calculated from the destruction path that has occured within 30 miles of the location The afternoon of May 25, 2008 many Iowa residents noticed the sky had turned an eerie shade of green. That was the first sign that something bad was potentially imminent. By the time the day was over, a 43-mile path of destruction would be all that was left after a F5 tornado destroyed many communities in central and eastern Iowa Many cars and homes stand glassless in Parkersburg, Iowa. Those are the lucky ones. More than 200 homes and business were destroyed by a severe tornado that struck the area on May 25. Six people died as a result of the Iowa tornado Parkersburg, IA tornado of May 25, 2008 (Marshall et al., 2008b) maps. While many tornadoes are capable of persistent intensity, non-supercell tornadoes are also likely to be brief and less intense (Wakimoto and Wilson, 1989). Tornado wind speed risk is related to the wind speed swaths (footprints) produced over the ground by The state of Iowa has seen considerable tornado devastation and destruction over the last few years. From the 2008 Parkersburg, Iowa destruction that went viral all across the internet and social media to the recent destruction in 2013 from small pop up storms and tornadoes

This was the first EF-5 tornado since the tornado that struck Parkersburg, Iowa in February 2008. The second EF-5 tornado of the outbreak occurred across northern Alabama and southeastern Tennessee. The tornado had a continuous path length of 132 miles (212 km) and was up to 1.25 miles (2 km) wide at certain points If a tornado pulls deep rooted shrubs out of the ground is that an indication of a violent tornado(EF4+). I know in Parkersburg, Iowa there was a house that received EF5 damage and right across the street there were shrubs that were pulled out of the ground. I also know the Westminster, Texas tornado also pulled shrubs completely out of the ground Iowa tornado rated state's strongest in 32 years . JAMES BELTRAN Wednesday May 28, 2008 at 12:01 AM May 28, 2008 at 9:00 AM tore a path through Parkersburg and nearby towns. The weather. 15 minutes after the Parkersburg-New Hartford tornado had lifted between Dunkerton and Fairbank, Tornado #2 formed from the same thunderstorm. Rated an EF3 Tornado. This one would be on the ground for over an hour (6:05pm-7:10pm) with a damage path of over 32 miles Sunday's twister, three-quarters of a mile wide with winds of up to 205 mph, tore a path through Parkersburg and nearby towns. The weather service ranked it an EF5 -- at the top of its scale

Iowa Tornado Devastation. A women walks through the rubble of what used to be a farm house near the town of Fairbank Wednesday May 28, 2008. A category EF5 tornado with winds exceeding 200mph ended near this spot after a path of destruction that stretched over 40 miles from Parkersburg, IA Tornadoes vary in strength, size, speed and duration, but each must be taken seriously as their path and impacts can change quickly. In July 2018, three significant tornadoes occurred across central Iowa, including EF-2s in Bondurant and Pella and a destructive EF-3 in Marshalltown

The storm struck just after 5 p.m. Sunday, following an east-to-west path just a few miles north of the Waterloo area. It hit Parkersburg, New Hartford and then Dunkerton, about 50 miles east of. The (U.S.) National Weather Service has released its report on a strong tornado that occured in Iowa the evening of May 25th. On the evening of May 25th, 2008 a tornado rated at EF5 (estimated wind speed was around 205 MPH!!) obliterated half of the town of Parkersburg, Iowa. Eight people have died, and 70 were injured. Here is a PDF containing incredible pictures of the damage (taken by. May 25: Farm vehicles tossed by the tornado lie upside-down near a demolished farm house outside of Parkersburg, Iowa. The family that lived in the house was out of town on Sunday when the tornado. One year later, Parkersburg, in Iowa, met a similar fate. Seven residents were killed and more than half the town was destroyed when extremely high speed winds tore a path right through the town

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The tornado that ripped through this blue-collar agricultural town -- destroying at least a third of Parkersburg and killing four people -- was nearly a mile wide in spots and cut a path almost 50. May 25th, 2008 was the day a devastating tornado outbreak struck many parts of northeast Iowa. No part of Iowa was hit harder than Parkersburg. The town of under 2,000 was in the path of a massive EF-5 tornado that struck the town at 5:00 pm on that Sunday The damage it left, though, seems to have been less intense than either, with with the 5/25/08 Parkersburg, Iowa tornado being a good comparison. On the flip side, some extremely intense tornadoes have been fairly short-lived, one being the 4/4/77 Smithfield, AL tornado, which was only on the ground for about 20 minutes Damage to Buildings by EF5 Tornado in Iowa, U.S. on May 25, 2008 by Hitomitsu Kikitsu1 and Partha P Sarkar2 ABSTRACT A major tornado struck the towns of Parkersburg and New Hartford, located in the north-central region of Iowa in United States, on May 25, 2008. This is the only EF5 tornado to occur in 2008. This paper summarizes the exten

NWS surveys 3 Iowa tornadoes. and the path extended from 1 mile southeast of Parkersburg to 1 mile northeast of town. Butler County emergency manager Mitch Nordmeyer says a tornado near. Biodiesel to aid Parkersburg tornado recovery. By Anna Austin | June 17, 2008. ADVERTISEMENT. Web exclusive posted June 24, 2008 at 1:41 p.m. CST The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and plants in the Ames, Iowa-based Renewable Energy Group Inc. network announced June 13 a $10,000 donation toward the purchase of biodiesel to aid the recovery.

The path of the tornado that churned through Parkersburg and several other communities was up to a mile wide. Two additional people were killed in New Hartford and nearly 70 others were injured in the region. Debris from Parkersburg was discovered as far away as LaCrosse, Wis PARKERSBURG, Ia. — You have to make a deep impression to leave a void like Ed Thomas did here. and their home was one of many destroyed in a May 2008 tornado. Kalkwarf's life now. The Parkersburg, Iowa EF4. The January 14, 2018 Midwest tornado was a deadly outbreak that formed from a supercell that formed over the Rockies spawned 29 tornadoes in Texas and one in Iowa. The only twister to touch down was in Parkersburg, where an EF5 hit nearly 10 years earlier, this tornado was rated EF4

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A tornado that leveled half a town in northeast Iowa and killed seven people was the strongest to hit the state in 32 years, the National Weather Service said Tuesday. Sunday's twister, three-quarters of a mile wide with winds of up to 205 mph, tore a path through Parkersburg and nearby towns Toyota's Line of Scrimmage - Parkersburg. For the second series of The Line of Scrimmage, the crew visited Parkersburg, Iowa. In this video, Fireman Ryan Siemes describes the events of May 25th, when an EF-5 tornado destroyed the town and how the football team is giving Parkersburg hope From my own yard in New Hartford, I watched the dark storm clouds blacken the sky as the tornado made its way across Butler County from Parkersburg, population about 2,000, to my hometown of New Hartford, population 600. It was the first F-5 tornado to strike Iowa since 1976. Tornadoes like this don't happen every day in my state Parkersburg-New Hartford, IA EF5 Tornado - May 25, 2008 Per the Storm Prediction Center Database, there have been 6 F5/EF5 tornadoes observed since 1950 in the state of Iowa

Iowa residents pick up the pieces from a devastating tornado as the death toll from Sunday's storm rose to seven with the death of a person who was hospitalized. A child was also killed in Minnesota Parkersburg is a city in Butler County, Iowa, United States. The population was 1,870 in the 2010 census, a decline from 1,889 in the 2000 census. Parkersburg, although not the county seat, has the highest population of all the cities in Butler County

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pened. About 5 p.m., an EF5 tornado descended on Parkersburg, located 80 miles northeast of Des Moines, and bulldozed a destructive path across the town's south-ern half. Winds of 200 miles per hour flattened some 300 homes; tore apart city hall and several local businesses; ripped off the roof of the high school, leaving a gapin Before the tornado became heavily rain-wrapped, witnesses described it as looking very similar to the 1979 Wichita Falls tornado. At left is an aerial view of the tornado's path, which is clearly visible as a streak through the center of the image due to the extraordinary scouring A tornado that leveled half a town in northeast Iowa and killed seven people was the strongest to hit the state in 32 years, the National Weather Service said on May 27. The twister, three. Meteorologist Jennifer Hildreth. May 25 ·. This will always be a day that I remember. US National Weather Service Des Moines Iowa. May 25. Today marks the 13th Anniversary of the Parkersburg EF5 tornado. This deadly tornado ripped a 43 mile long path across northeast Iowa killing nine people. It wa s the most recent EF5 in Iowa since the.

Seven people died in 2008 when a powerful tornado damaged or destroyed more than three-hundred homes and businesses in Parkersburg. No one was hurt in this past Wednesday's tornado that ripped a. When the tornado first touched down, near Parkersburg, it was a historically strong EF5 on the scale used to classify the power of a tornado. Peak winds of 205 mph were recorded by the National. An F5 tornado hit Jordan, Iowa, just east of Boone. At approximately 3:45 p.m. the small town o... f Jordan was wiped off the map in seconds. Wind speeds exceeded 200 mph. The tornado left an almost 26-mile long path of destruction. In all, the Jordan tornado claimed 67 homes, 375 farm buildings, the Jordan elevator and the old Jordan school 9 people were killed and 70 injured when an EF-5 tornado ripped through, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Mike Bahnsen lives in Garner now, but lived in Parkersburg at the time of the tornado, and was coming back into town from shopping with his family in Waterloo when the tornado came through A tornado was spotted south of Osceola Sunday evening, but the twister didn't leave a path of destruction that hit north central Iowa over the Memorial Day weekend. More than one half dozen deaths have been confirmed after a tornado tore through Parkersburg and New Hartford Sunday afternoon

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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A tornado that leveled half a town in northeast Iowa and killed seven people was the strongest to hit the state in 32 years, the National Weather Service said Tuesday Large Destructive tornadoes have hit several towns and cities in IA and MN. varoius. Posted on 5/25/2008, 4:13:37 PM by janetjanet998. Details sketchy but massive tornadoes have it towns in IA this are reports from scanners and spotters..no link yet. also north suburbs of Min-ST paul MN has taken tornado hits with lots of damage

Parkersburg, Iowa, thrives 10 years after a catastrophic

PARKERSBURG, Iowa -- Ed Thomas, who produced four NFL linemen as the football coach at tiny Aplington-Parkersburg High, was shot and killed Wednesday inside the school's weight room, authorities. The first floor of a house is all that remains on Sept. 8, 2008, in Parkersburg, Iowa, more than three months after a May 25 tornado that destroyed and damaged hundreds of homes in the area and left nine people dead PARKERSBURG, Ia. - The Rev. Brad Zinnecker was hiking on a New Hampshire mountain when a cellphone rang, bringing horrible news. The echoes of that day, June 24, 2009, caught him off guard PARKERSBURG, Iowa - Half of this small town lay in ruins or heavily damaged Monday following a deadly tornado that ripped apart a stretch of northern Iowa. | Photo Galler

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I dislike the new unpredictability as to where one of these storms might suddenly appear. I have lived in IA/MN for 60+ years and have never seen a tornado though an uncle lost a farm building due to a quite high wind (the roof blew off and the structure was not worth salvaging) Unfortunately, the path of progress for Sinclair Elevator has not always been a smooth one. The deadly EF-5 tornado that decimated Parkersburg in 2008 also made a direct hit on the elevator. Luebbers recalls Baker's words as the two stood together on a nearby bridge, assessing the devastation. He said, 'It took 30 years to buil He said the Iowa City tornado was stronger than up to 95 percent of tornadoes, although it was far less powerful than the deadly EF5 tornado that devastated Parkersburg and other communities in 2008

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May 25, 2008 an EF5 that destroyed half of the town of Parkersburg, Iowa. 70 injured, 7 dead. 400 homes destroyed or damaged. I was living in Waterloo, Iowa at the time. The tornado's path luckily missed the metro area and was approximately 2-3 miles north of the city The twister was determined to have peak winds of 90 mph (145 kph) with a path that ran 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). At least 10 homes had trees on them. The same thunderstorm sent thousands of people to shelter in more central parts of Atlanta and may have produced at least one more tornado southwest of downtown CHICAGO (AP) — A tornado swept through communities in heavily populated suburban Chicago, damaging more than 100 homes, toppling trees, knocking out power and causing multiple injuries, officials said. There was relief Monday, though, as authorities reported that it appeared no one had died. Less than a dozen people were hurt in the tornado.

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The last F5 tornado was May 3, 1999 in Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The first EF 5 tornado occurred eight years later, in Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007 and destroyed the entire town. The most recent occurred in Parkersburg, Iowa on May 28, 2008, and destroyed half the town Tornadoes of 2020 (Hitman) Tornado outbreak sequence of April 2020. The 2020 Philadelphia, Mississippi Tornado was a deadly and destructive, EF5-rated tornado that struck Philadelphia, Mississippi in the evening hours of April 13, 2020. In all, 93 people died, along with 388 injuries, and $1.1 billion (2020 USD) in damages Powerful fire tornado in California is latest extreme weather sign Fri Jul 9, 2021 5:10 PM EDT New Castle-Wilmington (DE) News Journal Tropical Storm Elsa arrives in Delaware with tornado warnings, rain Fri Jul 9, 2021 5:09 PM EDT Des Moines (IA) Register Iowa weather: From hail to tornadoes, 'all modes of severe weather' possible Friday, NWS say MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — School is back in session in Marshalltown, nearly two months after a tornado destroyed parts of town. School leaders are taking a different approach this year towards their students who were impacted by the storm. At the start of the school year we knew it was going to be different, unlike any [

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