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Besondere Unterkünfte Zum Kleinen Preis. Täglich Neue Angebote. 98% Kundenzufriedenheit. Preisgarantie, Keine Buchungsgebühren - Einfach, Schnell Und Siche River Levels. The heights shown are those above normal summer lows. The Rising/Falling state is determined by a movement greater than 1/2 inch over the two hours prior to the last reading. Data is collected from SEPA every hour and is not guaranteed. Anyone wishing to make important decisions based on river heights should check directly with SEPA Why fish the Findhorn. The River Findhorn is a very different type of Scottish salmon river, as it is not a Lowland river. The river needs special tactics, such as stealth and agility to be successful on some of the beats. The river offers a variety of pools, and has a very steep gorge located in the centre of the river The usual range of the Findhorn at Forres is between 0.17m and 2.52m. It has been between these levels for 90% of the time since monitoring began. The typical recent level of the Findhorn at Forres over the past 12 months has been between 0.00m and 2.73m. It has been between these levels for at least 150 days in the past year

On Saturday river levels were running at 11 on the Forres gauge. Artie McKerron enjoyed a great day of sport, hooking and losing a fish from the top of Palamore pool in the morning. Finally he hooked and released a cracking fresh fish of around 10 lbs from the tail of Palamore and was delighted with his day The usual range of the Findhorn at Shenachie is between 0.12m and 2.07m. It has been between these levels for 90% of the time since monitoring began. The typical recent level of the Findhorn at Shenachie over the past 12 months has been between -0.54m and 1.70m. It has been between these levels for at least 150 days in the past year Findhorn Springers tend to be big and agressive taking fish with our best salmon in recent years weighing around 34 lbs. caught and released from Palamore Pool on the Upper Beat in late April. The early Spring salmon tend to hold up below the Poolie Falls at Sluie until the water temperature rises above 42°F (5.5 C) SEPA Water Level Data. Unfortunately we are unable to publish all our water level stations online at the moment and downloading data is also not currently possible, due to impacts from the cyber-attack on SEPA. Getting it restored for you is important to us, and we are working hard to make it possible. Any SEPA flood warnings in force are. Findhorn River Levels - Logie Bridge Water Levels - Shenachie Water Levels The Shenachie gauge figure can be used as a rough guide to work out high, medium and low levels. Under 5 is low getting to very low if down to 3 7 to 10 is a good medium heigh


  1. The Findhorn River The Forres Angling Association have a stretch of the River Findhorn from Red Craig at Mundole caravan Site, to approx five miles downstream to the mouth of the Findhorn Bay, Skater. They promote and are keen to show any new fisherman or visitor the Findhorn River and the way into the different pools
  2. Unfortunately we are unable to publish all our water level stations online at the moment and downloading data is also not currently possible, due to impacts from the cyber-attack on SEPA. Getting it restored for you is important to us, and we are working hard to make it possible
  3. Altyre Estate, River Findhorn in good high water conditions. On Monday, March 9 th, river levels were running at 2'5on the Forres gauge and with good clarity. Alison Alston's guest, Hector Low, hooked and released our first fresh fish of the season of around 6 lbs. from Palamore Island Pool
  4. Findhorn; Catches This Week; Catches Last Week; Catches All beats so far; River Levels; Rods This Week; Rods Next Week; Rods Week After; For other weeks go to the Find Fishing page; Tackle Shops/Supplier
  5. One of three fish hooked and released from Roan Pool for Leslie Tyson on Altyre Estate, River Findhorn By Monday, August 12 th, and after further heavy rain falling over the River Findhorn catchment, river levels were running at 2'2 on the Forres gauge

In theory they are available for angling. However, the if you look at the Findhorn rod catch you see the increase in catches comparing the 1985-1998 5-year average to the 1989-1993 5y average is a mere 304 salmon. Out of 10,000 this makes a rod exploitation rate of 3% The three rod Dunearn Beat is the top beat of the Lethen water and offers the angler every type of pool and stream in the Findhorn book. The two rod Daltra and Altnahara Beats are let together and rotate over the week combining to provide a superb variety of angling opportunities as the river passes through the steep Altnahara gorge and then moves to the open landscape of the Daltra beat

Connor McNeill with his first River Findhorn salmon of 14 lbs., Roan Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn On Tuesday, May 23 rd, river levels were reading 2'9 on the Forres gauge, 1'11 on the River Divie and 1'11 on the Shenachie gauge. It was another unsettled day of weather with further spells of rain on and off throughout the day River Findhorn Fishings & Accommodation. Fish the tail amongst the boulders from the bedrock bank in medium water and in high water an excellent place to be when the beat offers little fishing elsewhere. The water level is critical, it needs to be a fine medium height. The stream is subject to annual changes River Findhorn Fishings & Accommodation. Daltra Beat. The river emerges from the steep Altnahara gorge into the more open vistas of the Daltra Beat. This beat offers a very wide variety of fishing from high water levels downwards, perhaps really coming into its best on a falling river to a medium height. Vehicle (4WD is best) access is to.

Dunearn Beat. The Dunearn Beat is the top beat of the Lethen water and offers the angler every type of pool and stream in the Findhorn book. The beat provides most fishing for the three rods when running at a medium to high level but in contrast in low water conditions the rocky falls pools just above Dulsie Bridge come into their own along with other white water throats and runs Salmon Fishing News for February through mid-March, 2019 The new salmon fishing season opened on February 11th for our local rivers the Spey and the River Findhorn. River levels were running quite high on Altyre Estate for the start of our new fishing season, reading 2'1 on the Forres gauge on the River Findhorn

Colin Apperley and Frank Kennedy, fishing the Daltra Beat, got the week off to a great early start on Monday morning with 3 fish before 8.30am. Colin had a grilse of over... 5 August Weekly Report. On the Dunearn Beat on Monday Marc Corbett caught and released his first salmon, a 7lber on a size 12 cascade in Gaffers Catch data is submitted by each fishing proprietor to Scottish Government each year to compile official catch statistics. Catch data for the Findhorn can be downloaded below - Findhorn Rod and Line Catch 1952-2019. Findhorn CatchRelease 2000 - 2019 . Findhorn River Levels I had a lovely day in the company of Ian Neale www.speycaster.net on one of the beats he manages on the River Findhorn yesterday. I have to say, for the trout fisher, looking to break into salmon fishing, this river really has it all. However, don't be fooled by that statement, its not the smallest of rivers and in most cases, in this part anyway, requires a double handed rod to make the. A nice report, as ever. It's always good when one's guest gets a fish on their introduction to a new river and particularly pleasing that we both managed that. The Findhorn experience proves that there's more to a good fishing holiday than catching fish. My Findhorn trip the following week was different but equally productive and enjoyable

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The River Findhorn is a larger river with a big catchment flowing north-east from its source in the Monadhliath mountains for over 50 miles to Findhorn bay. It is joined just upstream of Logie by a tributary, the River Divie, which drains another large area of high ground to the north of Grantown-on-Spey Fishing is strictly by fly only and Freeburn supports the river Findhorn conservation code and requests specific adherence to the beat conditions below. Anglers must release all fish caught up to 31st May inclusive. From 01 June anglers must release all fish over 9lbs / 28 inches (4 Kg / 72 cm), all coloured, stale and gravid fish AND ALL hen fish Border Esk Fishing. 1,692 likes · 142 talking about this · 31 were here. Burnfoot-on-Esk fishing is a family run 3 mile single bank stretch of river near Longtown. Access is available by car. Season.. The River Findhorn flows right through the Forres area, emptying out into Findhorn Bay. As its descends from the Monadhliath mountains it is a fast-flowing river, twisting and winding through narrows and gorges. Not only is this a great fishing river, it offers one of the best white water rafting experiences in the country

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  2. The village built on the Muirtown Estate frae 1700 onwards is the present village o Findhorn. The stabilisation o the Culbin Sands bi the plantin o trees prevented further sand blows, tho the village suffered great sandstorms an it is recorded that sometimes the villagers had tae dig as muckle as twa feet o sand oot o thair gardens followin a westerly gale
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  5. levels preventing the further operation of the traps. The traps will remain in place for the rest of May and we continue our rain dances in the hope that river levels will rise and allow us to capture some more smolts! Juvenile pike caught in the Nairn smolt trap in April. Findhorn bailiff Sean McLean sampling salmon &
  6. I have seen on the lower Findhorn river height can make a difference, if the water was quite low fish seemed to run 3 hours either side of the high tide. In the higher water it would be closer to two hours. The explanation I've received in the lower water it takes the fish longer to pick up the current of the river in the estuary
  7. New posts Search forums Fly Fishing Forum Sea Trout Forum North American Fly Fishing Forum Fishing Magic Thomas Turner. UK & Ireland River Reports. Scottish Rivers . River Findhorn . River Findhorn. Thread starter martin; Start date Feb 28, 2008.

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Just found out I've won a weeks salmon fishing on the upper findhorn this July! any tips would be gratefully received as to flies to try etc etc.... also, are the prospects likely to be any good this time of year? all the best, mik The rain we had didn't alter the levels one little bit but it's stirred the fish up with the big tides and cooler weather. 1 x 11lb Salmon caught by Paul Haslam 3 x Salmon 6lb, 10lb, 8lb caught by Allan Pellow (photo) 4 x Salmon 14lb, 10lb 11lb, 18lb caught by Martin Dixon (photo) All the fish have been caught in the roost and the boxes today Fishing. In season the cottage is normally let with the fishing. This is for two rods for salmon and trout on the Upper Inverbrough beat of the River Findhorn. The river is a spate river and good fishing is very dependant on good water levels. The beat is single bank and about ¾ miles in length

Little wading is necessary and river paths are good however the fishing is within the Findhorn gorge, access to some of the pools is quite steep and a degree of rock scrambling is often necessary when playing and landing fish. Please be aware that a reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required Know the weather in Findhorn and the weather forecast in Findhorn for the next days. Tides4fishing cookies are used to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Tides Fishing. fishing boat graveyard at Findhorn Bay in partnership with Findhorn Heritage and the Nautical sand and shingle embayment on the west bank of the River Findhorn in Findhorn Bay, around 1km north of Binsness centred on NJ 03310 63710 (Figure 1). This level of recording was deemed sufficient for 16 large ballas

The River Findhorn (Scottish Gaelic: Uisge Fionn Èireann) is one of the longest rivers in Scotland.Located in the north east, it flows into the Moray Firth on the north coast. It has one of the largest non-firth estuaries in Scotland.The river is c.100 kilometres (62 mi) long and the catchment area is 1,300 square kilometres (500 sq mi) The river provides excellent salmon and trout fishing. Nor is success with trout in Scotland so dependent on increasingly unpredictable river levels. Trout can be caught in river or loch in conditions that might defeat the most diligent and skilful of salmon anglers. That is not to say, of course, that Scottish trout are always easily caught. They can be gey dour at times

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Water levels on the River Findhorn gradually dropped after the lift last weekend. There were some nice fish caught at the beginning of the week but as the water dropped conditions became tricky. Currently, there is no shortage of fish in the river and a good spate would spice things up a little The first day of the course was office based where marine fish identification was covered along with monitoring techniques. The second day was spent in beautiful early autumn sunshine at Findhorn Bay, an extensive sheltered intertidal bay where the River Findhorn and several coastal burns meet the sea

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River Findhorn 2019. In 2019 the Findhorn Fishery Board purchased the 6ft rotary screw trap from the Nairn DSFB and as part of the Atlantic Salmon Trust Moray Firth Tracking Project installed the trap at Red Craigs, on the lower Findhorn. The key purpose of the trapping study was to provide salmon smolts for acoustic tagging Just like the Findhorn the River Spey also experienced a rise in water during the middle of last week. This certainly helped sport on the river but unfortunately water levels dropped quickly. The best of the sport was on the lower river with beats like Rothes, Orton and Gordon Brae producing fish on a consistent basis The river can fish well for salmon if you catch it on the heels of a spate. Around 60 salmon are taken in a season, with the chance of larger fish, perhaps one of the renowned Solway Greybacks, from September to November. The best of the fishing is from the Old Bridge of Urr down to the estuary The Board also works with the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust on issues such as habitat and predator management, control of invasive non-native plant species such as giant Hogweed, and research. The word 'Nairn' is from the Gaelic Uisge-Nearn, 'the river of alders,' and many of the banks in the middle reaches are shaded by.

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Fishing on the lower Lower Findhorn, about 4 miles from Red Craig to Mundole Caravan site. Available from: The Forres Tackle Shop Fishing and Shooting Accessories. 97D High Street Forres, call 01309 672936. If you want an early start call the river watcher and he will issue a permit before the shop opens call him on 07962344081 or 01309 696362 The River Dart recorded a sea trout catch of 242 in 2008. The Dart Angling Association has Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout fishing on some nine miles of the river Dart, with a mixture of single and double bank fishing and offers a limited number of day permits to visiting anglers. The association's ten year average catch (to 2011) was 271 sea. Fishing in Scotland River Fishing. Trout and Grayling fishing in Scotland is a firm favourite with travelling anglers. Wild Brown Trout are found in abundance in our lochs and river systems. Our wild brown Trout average around ½ lb - ¾ lb but fish can be caught regularly up to 2lbs during the dry fly peak season in Spring Findhorn. Ian Neale reports from Altyre Estate as follows : I am delighted to report the first Spring fish of the season from Altyre Estate, River Findhorn. The fish was a magnificent sea liced salmon of around 18lbs, caught and released by Leslie Tyson on a Black and Yellow tube fly from the Lower beat. ENGLAN river findhorn at darnaway with low water level for salmon fishing in june moray scotland Common Gull, Larus canus, Single adult standing on rock in Findhorn River. Findhorn Valley, Scotland, UK

Fly fishing lessons in Scotland. Fly fishing lessons are available from beginners' level to advanced casting, including Roll and Spey casting. The River Tay, the Spey and the Deveron are some of the top salmon rivers and fishing them offers an experience of tranquility to compare with heaven itself Findhorn Nairn & Lossie Fisheries Trust, FORRES. 1.1K likes. The FNLFT is an environmental charity set up to restore native fish stocks and to improve river habitats for the Rivers Findhorn, Nairn.. Current River Level: 0.302m, rising. The usual range of the Muckle Burn at Brodie is between 0.25m and 1.02m. It has been between these levels for 90% of the time since monitoring began. The typical recent level of the Muckle Burn at Brodie over the past 12 months has been between 0.00m and 1.49m. It has been between these levels for at least. You can fish Loch, Stream, Coastal or River for a mix of species and enjoy all the different aspects that go with it. Mix it up; create a custom itinerary with a couple of days Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon on rivers such as the famous Spey, Tay, Ness and the Findhorn. Or Fly-fishing for Wild Brown Trout or Pike on some magnificent Hill Lochs Issue 27 now live! 29th March 2019. The latest issue of Ireland's #1 angling magazine is out now and packed, as usual, with top quality material on game, coarse & sea. FREE for all online & via interactive PDF download

Water levels fell during the last week but fish were still being seen and taken. Large shoals are being seen coming into the Findhorn Bay and appear to be heading straight into FAA waters. A serious collapse of a bank occurred in June on the lower section of the river and has now allowed the river to flow into the Moy Burn and Skater pool June can be a productive month on Drynachan. Given decent water conditions, either of these beats on the Findhorn could be well worth a cast. A nice Findhorn salmon. Water levels on the River Spey gradually dropped through the course of last week. This resulted in perfect conditions and decent numbers of fish were caught on most days

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The River Spey is only 20km from the Nairn, and separated by the River Findhorn. Every effort must be made to prevent the spread of crayfish in order to protect local salmon and trout stocks and the River Spey Special Area of Conservation Golden Eagle: sub-adult, over road along Findhorn Valley, May 6th. This had apparently been watched earlier, mobbing a juvenile/sub-adult White tailed Eagle. Osprey: one, Lochindorb, May 4th, and 2 fishing here on 7th; nesting pair, Loch Garten RSPB on 7th and 8th; one, at nest, near Loch Morlich on 7th Our recommendations for tackle, leader configurations and fly types/sizes for different water levels are covered in earlier tips in the Virtual Salmon Guide, but here's a little more detail on flies: Low Water 40-55 cm on the SEPA gauge (0 to +6in above summer low) 0.5 brass/copper bottle tubes, size 12-14 doubles Then the equation is further complicated by latitude and when the salmon start spawning: as a general rule Findhorn and other northern Scottish cock fish are 4-5 weeks ahead of their Yorkshire cousins in testosterone levels and kype growth These are probably best viewed from Findhorn village at lower water levels - as the tide fills the bay most of these duck will move back to the southern end of the bay. The channels of the Findhorn River in the south western corner are some of the hardest to get to but some of the birds that can be seen here include Little Grebe, Common.

A nice springer from the Thurso River. The River Findhorn has started to produce a few fish in recent days, with the Lethen beat being quite productive. The Findhorn is a delightful river with some lovely fly water, set in stunning, rugged surroundings. May is the prime spring month on the river and with adequate water can be very productive Culbin foreland3 showed that the river Findhorn had at one time flowed into a wide estuary, flanked on its northern side by a westward-growing shingle bar which diverted the course of the river to the southwest. This was at the time of the Post-Glacial High Sea Level, when, 6500 years ago, the sea stood 5.5 m higher than today Fortunately one local fisherman launched the season with a near immediate catch. FAA vice chairman Graham Bell explained: Pete 'The Feet' Green caught the fish, estimated at 18lb, on a Dee Monkey, christening his brand new rod. This is the first time for many years that we have had an opening day fish, so lets hope this is a sign of things to. River Findhorn and three burns flow into the bay with an annual mean flow of approximately 20 m 3 /s (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2014). The bay's depth varies considerably throughout all the area, and at low tide much of the southern part of it is exposed as mud flats, being an area of special interest for birds and rest of wildlife

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The River Carron is a classic Highlands spate river, tucked away in the centre of the Strath with only occasional glimpses of the water to be caught from the road. Like many rivers north of Inverness, it is spatey in character but, with water, the fishing can be phenomenal. All the Carron beats - Cornhill, Gledfield, Dounie, Braelangwell and. The Muckle Spate was a great flood in August 1829, which devastated much of Strathspey, in the north east of Scotland.(Muckle is a word for 'much' or 'great', chiefly used in North East England and Scotland.) It began raining on the evening of 2 August 1829, and continued into the next day when a thunderstorm broke over the Cairngorms.To the south, the River Dee rose rapidly above its normal. An attractive medium sized river, the Earn offers trout, grayling, sea trout and salmon fishing throughout its length, some through fishing clubs like those in Crieff, Comrie, Auchterarder and Dunning. Access, however, to the salmon and sea trout fishing on the Earn is far from straightforward, with around 40 riparian owners throughout its length

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Careful planning, with help from local angling shops about the recent catches and river levels will hopefully pay dividends for every level of skill. Not only does the Spey River offer a great variety of fishing but the Rivers Avon, Findhorn and Dulnain are also excellent rivers for angling in their own right. In addition, there is a variety of. Chasing Scottish Spring Salmon in 2018! Wednesday, August 16, 2017. For most anglers, the ultimate fish to catch is an early season spring salmon. There are few other fish which pound for pound put up a better fight. The Scottish springer is typically quite deep and short with big shoulders Salmon tracking project focuses on north-east rivers. A project which tracks salmon in the River Deveron and others in the north-east has entered its second year. It is spearheaded by the Atlantic Salmon Trust as part of the Missing Salmon Alliance. The project rivers trace the curve of the Moray Firth, from the Shin and Oykel in the Kyle of. Forres Angling Association controls four miles of double bank salmon and sea trout fishing on the lower River Findhorn. Some pools are fly only and have high and low bank fishing. Day and weekly permits are available to visiting anglers throughout the season, available from the local tackle shop in Forres

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There will be fish there, the Findhorn has had a few already, it is just a matter of getting the fly in front of them! Current River Levels. Current River levels Aberlour Rivercam. Subscribe to the Weekly fishing reports . Spey continues to fish well: May-fishing certainly has a different feel to it this season!. parr, plus sea-running fish, including flounders, eels and groups of finnock (0+ sea year sea trout). At present, most Lossie salmon run in summer and autumn and adult sea trout from about May, depending on river levels. The water quality appeared to be good. Problem The trusted online booking and information system for all types of rod fishing. Providing impartial advice, up-to-date catch and river level data and the latest rod availability. Book Fishing for salmon, trout, grayling, char and other species in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and Iceland Week Commencing 3rd August 2020. August 9, 2020. 1 Comment. The rain on Tuesday lifted the river a little but the high-water temperature still kept the catches down. This coming week's forecast is similar with some rain forecast mid-week. Tides there will be no new

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The larger river (on the right hand side of the photograph below) is the River Findhorn, and the river (on the left of the picture) that you are now about to follow upstream is the River Divie. This is where the two meet and the Findhorn changes quite dramatically in size Video about Salmon, trout, jumping/leaping along the peaceful calm river findhorn, morayshire, scotland. Video of level, jumpingleaping, calm - 123061680 - Download From Over 155 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors, Stock Footage As the River Findhorn Fisheries Board applied for a total ban on natural bait in 2003, the FAA must comply with the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003, to prevent bait such as worms, shrimp and prawns being used in the Association waters The main fishing section is below the final Achonachie dam, with the Coul fishing highlighted in red and amounting to approximately 2 miles/3 km of river. Salmon that run up to the dam enter a fish lift that allows them to access the 10 miles of river between the Achonachie and Luichart dams