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given. Scared to take Wellbutrin. I was prescribed Wellbutrin 150mg on Wednesday and the bottle has been sitting in my bathroom since then. I am scared to try it because 1) I'm afraid it will not work & 2) that it might cause me to freak out and ruin my xmas. I know it's only 150mgs but I've been going back n forth the last two days Now doc wants me to stop adderral and take Wellbutrin plus my other meds. But why can't I just stop adderral and not take any more drugs. In the past I didn't take so much meds. Got severe post partum depression but doing good now except for anxiety. Daughter is 6 months now. I'm scared to take Wellbutrin Ive been taking the wellbutrin sr (once a day 100mg) for 6 days so far. The first day I felt high, but it wasnt too bad. The second day, I felt like I was high as kite and it scared me so much. The third day I felt high, 4th I had to go to a family event and felt like I was high, 5th day felt tir.. Scared to take wellbutrin. Close. 1. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Archived. Scared to take wellbutrin. I'm on 10mg lexapro and 150 wellbutrin XL, I'm supposed to be taking the wellbutrin everynight, but I'm scared too. I keep making excuses to not take it. I shouldn't take a med on a school day I'm hanging with a bunch of people, not a. I got a script of Wellbutrin from my psych since it can raise libido and pleasure, but I'm too scared to take it in case it causes high anxiety and panic attacks. Should I just take it? 19 comments 91% Upvote

As such, Wellbutrin has been linked to anxiety in some cases. But while it can cause anxiety in some people, it is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders in others. Read on to learn more.. Several years ago my Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin to help me quit smoking. It didn't work & I had to quit taking it because of the side effects. When I was Dx'd with type 2 in 2007 my Dr. prescribed Chantix to help me quit smoking & I haven't smoked since the first week of taking Chantix (I was a smoker for 40+ years) Many of the antidepressants including Wellbutrin also work for anxiety. I've taken Wellbutrin for years with great success. You may experience some mild side effects in the beginning. These should subside in the first couple of weeks and you'll hopefully feel relief within the first month so be patient Because Wellbutrin can amp up some women, caffeine—like your daily latte or diet soda— may make you feel over-the-top jittery, says Ackerman. If you start to notice this symptom after taking.. Wellbutrin is notorious for causing irritability and angry outbursts. It's given frequently to Bipolar Patients for depression because it's not supposed to induce rapid-cycling. Well, I'm not too sure about that. It can also make anxiety worse

Tracy0504 08/28/2013. I just got a prescription for generic wellbutrin (100mg to start). A friend who has taken it told me it'll give me energy. A therapist also told me to take it before 5pm or else it'll cause insomnia. I picked up the prescription from the store and was taken aback seeing a warning on that says, May Cause Drowsiness The reason Wellbutrin can exacerbate feelings of anxiety is due to it being a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI). 3 (mechanism of action of bupropion) When taken as prescribed it will increase the amount of norepinephrine (a natural stimulant) your body produces I thought the normal way to take Wellbutrin, according to my shrink was 150mg for 3 days and then up it to 300mg after that - he told me that you should feel the effects of the energy (since it is an upper anti-depressant) but it could take 3 weeks before you started feeling better mentally --- Wellbutrin did nothing for me so I am going to have to try sometime else -- it will probably be Effexo If you take Xanax when you are really feeling a lot of anxiety it brings you back to a more normal state of mind. If you took it when you were feeling normal it would make you feel sedated. .25mg Xanax is not a large dose. If you feel better, take half of it and see how your body reacts to it. Spaz119 2 years ago

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  1. Do not start taking bupropion during the 2 weeks after you stop a MAO inhibitor. Wait for 2 weeks after stopping bupropion before you start taking a MAO inhibitor. If you take them together or do not wait 2 weeks, you may have confusion, agitation, restlessness, stomach or bowel symptoms, a sudden high body temperature, an extremely high blood.
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  3. The first 12 days on wellbutrin was horrible. Suicidal ideations, constipation, burning bowel movements and several panic attacks, brain fog, feeling tired. But after 12 days it got better. Social..

Wellbutrin is a similar medication but it also affects the neuropenephrin. Each have different/many indications including smoking depression, anxiety, smoking cessation and the like,. May often be prescribed together because one or the other is not 'working' for whatever to was prescribed for Important Information About Taking Wellbutrin for ADHD. It can take some time to realize the full benefit of Wellbutrin. In contrast to the quick onset of stimulant medication, it may take patients approximately 3 to 7 days to notice any benefits of Wellbutrin. It may also take several weeks for a prescriber and patient to find the most. As with all medications, you may experience side effects when you take WELLBUTRIN XL. Side effects may be more common shortly after you start treatment. The most common side effects with WELLBUTRIN XL are weight loss, loss of appetite, dry mouth, skin rash, sweating, ringing in the ears, shakiness, stomach pain, agitation, anxiety, dizziness, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, nausea, fast.

Absolutely! Cymbalta and Wellbutrin are a tried and tested combination that helps many, many people. As for the side effects, some of the more common side effects of wellbutrin are a dry mouth, nausea, stomach discomfort, a headache, dizziness, appetite changes, and mild itching My husband was taking Wellbutrin sr 150 the doctor upped him to 200 sr and they gave him buprion 200 sr(on the bottle it says just Bupr). He had lots of energy on the Wellbutrin sr150 and was a pleasure to be arounds, but on this 200 buprionsr he goes to sleep and is like snappen at me all the time Answer. Drinking alcohol should be avoided if you are taking Wellbutrin due to an increased risk of seizures.There have been several case studies documenting this interaction.. Wellbutrin alone is associated with a dose-related risk of seizures (meaning higher doses put you more at risk). This is commonly referred to as 'lowering the seizure threshold' Taking Two Stims - Wellbutrin and Vyvanse - Anyone Else? - posted in Anorexia Discussions: Would you please share your experience with taking these two stimulants every day? (They are prescribed by MD for dealing with depression and BED.) Any experiences with Vyvanse would be great.... As for me they are working, taking 150 mgs XR Wellbutrin (generic) and 30 mgs of Vyvanse (brand name no. Bupropion Induced Tinnitus — Reduced by 70%! To those suffering to medically induced tinnitus there is hope. I think I'm well on the way to being tinnitus free. Here's my story, I hope it provides some hope: - Doctor casually prescribed Bupropion to help me stop smoking

Scared to take Wellbutrin

Scared to take Adderall 10 mg XR. I was prescribed addy by a psychiatrist a week. I'm on wellbutrin but aside from that, I don't take any recreational drugs. I'm just scared to take this medication man. My focus could improve because my days aren't as productive as they should be but still... I remember the comedowns being so fucking bad Wellbutrin, also called bupropion, is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) used to treat major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and may even help people quit smoking I started taking Wellbutrin XL, 150MG a little more than six months ago. My sex drive is INSANE. I am a female, remind you. I could care less about sex before on Wellbutrin.. seriously.. I could go months, at one point.. I went a whole year. LOL. I am on Zoloft, trying to wean off completely.. do..

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10 (bupropion discontinuation symptoms) The type and severity, along with the duration will vary depending on several factors which should be discussed with your prescribing doctor before you stop taking Wellbutrin. Time Span ; The amount of time you were taking Wellbutrin will determine the length and severity of the withdrawal symptoms I was put on 150mgs of Wellbutrin XL roughly a month ago. In addition to Wellbutrin XL, I was also taking .5mgs of ativan 2x daily prn, 150mgs Straterra, and 100mgs Lamictal before bedtime. Shortly after taking the Wellbutrin, I began to feel very irritable and angry towards others Wellbutrin (bupropion) affects the brain chemical transmitters Dopamine and norepinephrine. The medication does not contain iodine and is not related to iodine. Persons allergic to iodine or iodinated IV contrast should check with their doctors, but should not be at increased risk of reactions to wellbutrin (bupropion)

Scared to take wellbutrin

I was on 150/day and ready to crawl out of my skin. I had to stop using it. And yes, doses greater than 150-300mg/day DO lower the seizure threshold in most people---particularly if taking certain other drugs or using ETOH. I know a girl who had no history of seizure that did seize while on Wellbutrin. It scared me enough to stop taking it On the other hand, Wellbutrin is a pharmaceutical prescription antidepressant. It acts directly on the brain and other nerve cells and it is also used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, bipolar depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine addiction, lower back pain etc. It is important not to stop taking Wellbutrin without talking to the. Wellbutrin like other antidepressants usually take between four to six weeks before the true effect is felt. Wellbutrin is very much like a stimulant so if you have not quit drinking coffee it is probaly a good time to start thinking about it .. Wellbutrin (generic name Bupropion) is an antidepressant used to treat depression and smoking cessation. Wellbutrin restores chemical balance in the brain by acting on the norepinephrine and dopamine receptors, and reducing neurotransmitters that work to control muscles extending from the central nervous system Wellbutrin is indicated as an aid to smoking cessation treatment. Treatment with this medication should be initiated while the patient is still smoking, because it is required to achieve steady-state blood levels of bupropion (main ingredient of Wellbutrin). You must understand that this medication is not enough for you to quit smoking

Wellbutrin didn't work for me because I could not stand the side effects. Zoloft, on the other hand, does work for me and my underlying health issues. He's not taking any meds. cabgirl: Re: Wellbutrin and meth use.. all of you have been so helpful, I thank-you! as I said I am a little scared to take the wellbutrin, I did try in about a year or so ago and can't remember why I stopped, it may have been because it made my heart race. and w/ panic disorder thats the worst thing to happen! but my dr. did say if that happens and I feel really jumpy and my heart is racing to take a xanax to counter-act it I've been taking the bupropion xl 150 2xday. I switched to mail same CVS they sent bupropion 150 2xday. I almost had a nervous breakdown I was never so scared in my life I thought I was losing my mind horrible. Been on xl for many yrs no problem ne re was so scared in my whole life still dont feel completely righ

I decided to take Wellbutrin for major depression because I was scared for how an SSRI might affect my weight and sex drive. At the time, I was extremely lethargic and sleeping anywhere from 10-14 hours a day, but after starting the Wellbutrin, I saw my energy level soar which was exactly what I needed Hi. I started wellbutrin xl 150 mg a few months ago after having tachycardia chest tightness and panic. Upped it to 300 mg after a few weeks. I also have clorazepate (tranxene) 7.5 mg for when needed. Then after having tachycardia still I started metoprolol 25 mg (which I cut in half) to help with daily anxiety and lower my heart rate

Hi~I developed a skin rash after taking Wellbutrin for four weeks~ the first two weeks I was on 100 mg and then the last two I was on another 100 ~the SR version~it seemed after this last two weeks I developed the rash~ my Doctor saw me yesterday and told me to stop the drug for now~ I had been tapering off it gradually all last week~ taking one every second day~I was told this would help with. Bupropion can be an effective tool for treating depression or smoking addiction.   Persons prescribed with Zyban or Wellbutrin should have their blood pressure tested before starting treatment and routinely monitored thereafter. If you experience any symptoms of hypertension, speak with your doctor And when I do drink, I usually have 4 or 5 drinks. I read that drinking while on Wellbutrin XL can lead to seizures. I went out for dinner a few nights ago with a friend and just drank 1 beer because I was scared. Is drinking 4 or 5 drinks a few times a month going to cause seizures? I'm just wondering for any of you who have taken Wellbutrin. Caribou80. Oct 14, 2017 at 6:10 AM. Hi! You can totally take something for anxiety while pregnant! However, Wellbutrin is terrible for anxiety. It make it anxiety worse! Ask your doc for something else in the SSRI family like lexapro or prozac. Violation Reported Wellbutrin also helps to reduce the craving for nicotine. If you take Wellbutrin as a treatment for smoking, it typically requires 7 - 12 weeks to complete the procedure. Nevertheless, by day ten, most people have usually stopped smoking. Wellbutrin is often described as a safer and less costly smoke cessation agent

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I believe I'm in withdrawal from gabapentin right now which I take for Epilepsy and I am scared. I've had it since 2009 - Answered by a verified Neurologist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website I was scared to death to take it too. Well let me tell you I am only on day 3 and I think it is a keeper. I will warn you that the first 2 days are absolute hell, and I would have given up on it had it not been for someone who warned me that if you can make it through the first 2-3 days that I would be okay I stopped taking wellbutrin a week ago, after a 10 month course. (1 a.m., one p.m.) I was at first scared, as the list of side effects and the fact that I was taking these drugs every day indicated that they could have a profound affect on my body. The side effects were generally mild; I had dry mouth throughout my treatment, and insomnia. Join Date: Oct 2004. Location: michigan. Posts: 2. Re: Seizure from taking Wellbutrin. Hey there, I was on wellbutrin (taking 200mg twice a day) for about a year and a half. After awhile, my eating disorder became very severe and so my psychiatrist took me off the wellbutrin right away Same family: Prozac and Zoloft are the same family and deal with serontonin receptors. Wellbutrin hits the dopamine receptors and if they are blocked you can feel nonchalant. But the combination of Wellbutrin with any SSRI drug can do the same like celexa Paxil (paroxetine) etc. Check with your provider to see if you need two anti depressant and maybe they can change to a SNRI or another type.

Boy, if you're on Seroquel, Lamictal, Clonazepam and Welbutrin, then it sounds like depression is a serious problem for you. These medications could be causing depression, not alleviating it. Personally, I think psychiatrists are really scared by. I've taken generic Wellbutrin and it can be speedy; my doctor told me Wellbutrin is the only drug he ever advises his patients not to take generically. My understanding is that while generic drugs are regulated heavily, fillers are not, and the type and amount can alter the absorption speed in your body, and that Wellbutrin is a speedy drug to. Sexual dysfunction is a very common side effect of psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants. It may be as common as 50% in antidepressant users. In fact, antidepressants far more reliably cause sexual dysfunction than they reduce depression...

Jan 10, 2008. Ratings: +1,876,977 / 331,603 / -179,014. Hi friends. I tried Wellbutrin awhile back and made huge leaps but I stopped taking it. I've never been on anything long term but I'm seriously considering getting back on it for as long as it works. I'd even up the dosage if it meant it'd continue to do its job 167. Location. Washington, DC. May 30, 2005. #2. Based on personal experience, I would say diminished. I was on Wellbutrin 150mg x 2 a day for a little over a year, and the times that I did coke were decidedly lackluster. It was relatively uncut cocaine, as well. But then again, I've never been a huge fan of cocaine to begin with Nov. 23, 2005 -- The depression drug bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban, Amfebutamone) may help treat addiction to the stimulant methamphetamine, also called crank, meth, and speed.. The finding. I've been taking Wellbutrin for over a year as an anti-depressant. The pharmacy was shocked, but I went ahead with it. My seizures have become less frequent since I've been taking it. My neurologist, an epileptologist, says he has a dozen or so patients on wellbutrin - none has experienced negative effects

I took 75 mg of Effexor XR and 450mg of Wellbutrin for almost 2 years. The combination worked great for a little over a year. At some point the Wellbutrin stopped being as effective as when I first started taking it. Around the two year mark I had.. CT. May 22, 2014. #2. It takes a little while of being on it before you get any good effects. Like 10 days, sometimes quite a bit more like 4-5 weeks. I started taking Wellbutrin XL at 150mg, which is the lowest dose I believe, and I've been on it for 16 days now. It's been hard to figure out if it's working or doing anything at his point

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February 10, 2014 at 11:18 pm #38590. Jshect. Participant. I am basically stuck on Wellbutrin and Klonopin. Before starting wellbutrin I weighed 220 lbs and could easily sleep 14 hours a night. When I got on a Wellbutrin/Deplin combination, I became manic, slept 6-8 hours a night, lost 40 lbs, exercised 6 times a week Those taking Wellbutrin are unlikely to experience sexual dysfunction or weight gain. In fact, Some what helped but still have panic attacks. I'm so scared to try any drug now because of the possibility of weight gain. I wish there was a way to control my depression/anxiety while being able to lose weight. I feel so hopeless. Reply Link Wellbutrin. This is a discussion on Wellbutrin within the Prescription Medication forums, part of the Treatment category; Common and Rare Side Effects for Wellbutrin oral I've been taking Wellbutrin because I've been depressed. I'm 68 and afraid.

I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 3 months I took it to stop smoking which I did do. this will be my last month taking Wellbutrin but I am starting Topiramate 50mg and I am scared of losing my hair.. If I take it for a month just to lose a few pounds will I lose much hair? Will I even lose any weight in a month on December 06, 2019. Wellbutrin, also known by its generic name, bupropion, is an antidepressant that may also be used for management of depression in bipolar disorder. It is available in immediate release 75 and 100 mg tablets, sustained release 100 and 150 mg and 200MG Wellbutrin SR tablets, and extended-release 150 mg, 300MG and 450MG. I have been taking Welbutrin xl since July and stopped taking Birth control in August. I have yet to get pregnant, but am wanting to but am a little scared. I need the medicine but I really want a baby too. I just wish I knew that continuing to take it is okay. My doctor wouldn't say yes or no Best antidepressant for weight loss: Wellbutrin (Bupropion) Although there are older antidepressants that may cause a person to lose weight, most are associated with weight gain with the exception of Wellbutrin. For this reason, if weight is a big concern, I would recommend trying this particular medication before others But it might cause temporary shedding, but it won't hurt the follicles. BTW, I did not notice any shedding on wellbutrin, nor any acne. I did however notice a huge increase in my sexdrive due to all the dopamine. You should not be afraid to take it, it's a great drug and lifted my depression like no other drug has done

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Wellbutrin/Tramadol Combination. Hello! My psychiatrist prescribed me Wellbutrin for my anxiety and depression, and my Primary prescribed me Tramadol for my migraines. But i read that that can increase risk of seizures....kinda scares me. Im scared to take my Wellbutrin because of this Wellbutrin is working well & I am afraid to stop taking it. I have been on it for close to 2 months. I want to try to get my milk back so I can breastfeed but I am afraid to do so while on the medication. Thanks What that means is that only between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 people will experience hair loss as a result of taking this drug. Whilst this doesn't sound too high, a quick internet search will reveal that MANY people seem to notice hair loss after taking Wellbutrin, some experiencing quite alarming and significant thinning The withdrawls were unbearable. Went back up to 75mg until 3 days ago. 1 month ago i felt so severely empty unmotivated and depressed that i decided to start taking bupropion which i still had leftover from giving it a try about 2 years ago. It seemed to help within a few days. I have been taking it for 1 month. 3 days ago i ran out of my zoloft

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I can take the Wellbutrin. Lamictal doesn't work well for my chemistry, even with my Lithium - I'm one the few BP freaks that it just doesn't work for. So I take topomax with my Lithium and Wellbutrin and it works like a charm. Good luck with yours. (yes, the wellbutrin and lamictal made me manic - but it was the lamictal mostly from Stevensville, MI. Comments about Wellbutrin Wellbutrin Bupropion Hydrochloride: I started taking Zoloft, but my anxiety started creeping back in and I was yawning constantly. I also felt so tired and run down I could barely stand it. My dr wanted to up my dose since my anxiety was creeping back, but I told her I was reluctant since it was. Op here -I'm supposed to take the first Wellbutrin dose this morning and I can't make myself do it. Too scared. 01/21/2021 09:17 Subject: Anyone combine Paxil and Wellbutrin? Anonymous: I used to take both. Gave me a hand tremor, which I didn't like. 01/21/2021 09:29. Changing to Wellbutrin (another antidepressant that works only on dopamine and norepinephrine receptors) or adding it to an SSRI can help counteract sexual side effects, he said Wellbutrin like other antidepressants usually take between four to six weeks before the true effect is felt. Wellbutrin is very much like a stimulant so if you have not quit drinking coffee it is probaly a good time to start thinking about it. (5 replies) How long does it take for wellbutrin to worK? Aug 26, 2007

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Wellbutrin is a substantial antidepressant used for dealing with. Wellbutrin is a scientific medicine used for taking signs. Wellbutrin is a substantial the clinical for cigarette smoking. Rated for Depression Report. I've been taking buproprion (Wellbutrin) for years, and it was the difference between life and death for me I was prescribed 100mg of wellbutrin (bupropion) im scared of having a seizure how liikely will I experience a seizure? 4 doctor answers • 7 doctors weighed in 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Does anyone have any experience with Wellbutrin and Coreg combo? I am trying to quit smoking and have anxiety as well, I am afraid to upset the balance I finally feel with taking coreg. My doctor wants me to take it but I have resisted so far. Can anyone give any advice or info on how they felt with depression medications I started taking Wellbutrin xl 150 when I got seasonal depressive disorder. I am in Vibryyd 40 mg every day and it worked great untill Fall, then my anxiety went crazy and I lost motivation. I have been on the 150mg for 3 weeks and not sure it's helping. Anxiety seems higher Hi, @lalyfa — I have taken buproprion (Wellbutrin) myself, and it was a journey to get to just the right dosage. I started taking a lower level initially, and then my doctor raised it gradually. It was actually a bumpy ride getting to a good place with the medication, as at first I felt more of the side effects (like being overly wired) much more acutely and wondered if it would work out for me

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Minutes. 5 5. Seconds. Combining bupropion and alcohol can increase depression symptoms. People taking bupropion or any other antidepressant should check with their doctor before consuming alcohol. Most doctors recommend that patients taking bupropion drink lightly. Mixing alcohol with medication is very harmful to the liver It made me tired and decreased my sex drive to zero. I've been on Wellbutrin for about two weeks. I have become happier and more upbeat. Also, my libido has increased significantly. I did notice I became dizzy after taking Wellbutrin, but once I started taking it with food the dizziness went away. Make sure you don't take it on an empty stomach I'm a little scared to take it, as I tend to have bad reactions to meds. I saw this post and it has eased my mind a little. (I do have benadryl standing by, in case I get a reaction to it.) I plan on stopping the cigarettes in the morning. And maybe taking the wellbutrin tonight...but still it scares me to do that In January of this year, I started taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin. I have no side effects from taking it and quickly moved up to 300 mg every morning. Still no side effects, my sex drive returned and my appetite decreased, which was good for me because I struggle to keep my weight down. After about 5 months of taking Wellbutrin, I noticed I was. Wellbutrin like other antidepressants usually take between four to six weeks before the true effect is felt. Wellbutrin is very much like a stimulant so if you have not quit drinking coffee it is probaly a good time to start thinking about it. (5 replies) Questions about 150mg Wellbutrin XL. Aug 26, 2005

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I take Wellbutrin XR for seasonal affective disorder. The weight-loss effect is very short-lived. .I worked in a small diner with 22 seats and the customers would often talk with me,while i was cooking.I became afraid to speak because i soulnded like i had no sense.I also had severe anger issues,when the tickets would fill all the way to. My psychiatrist prescribed 300mg of Wellbutrin (in the form of two 150mg pills a day) and 5mg of Abilify for my bipolar disorder. I have been off of medication since my daughter was born just over 6mo ago, but it's becoming difficult to cope with the symptoms. I'm scared to fill my prescription based off of the info on Lactmed..

Bupropion XL (Wellbutrin XL) is a moderately priced drug used to treat depression.This drug is slightly more popular than comparable drugs. It is available in brand and generic forms. It is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but some pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower So in summary, it is a known side effect though not nearly as well advertised as it probably should be. That said, it seems illogical to assume that 1 in 20 people who take Wellbutrin end up with permanent tinnitus - or it would be far more broadly known in the circles of medical professionals who deal with either antidepressants or tinnitus Wellbutrin (bupropion) is a commonly prescribed medication. It is used for clinical depression, but also for smoking cessation (marketed under the name Zyban). One reason Wellbutrin is commonly used is that it has a lower risk of sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, or difficulty with arousal or orgasm. 1