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1kd vergleichen und immer zum besten Preis online kaufen. Immer günstige Ersatzteile für ihr Auto am Start WARNING:How to line up timing belt marks.Please support these videos by buying the timing belt & drive belt & bearing kits from me. Delivered to your door.Si.. SOURCE: toyota hilux 1984 timing. looking at the gears the upper one is on the gear its a dot. it goes flush with the valve cover mating surface to the right. gear on the right lower has a line and it goes pointed up with a mark on the block. crank gear has a v grove and an arrow on the block just under idler adj good luck man mark as fixed. 1) timing belt - see the small dot on tooted crank (small) pulley and match this with a notch ^ on engine body. Align the 'F' on overhead camshaft front pulley with lower crank shaft (small pullet). You should also alight the top pulley with a ^ on right side of big pulley when facing engine from front. 2) cam belt - alight the dot mark on.

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  2. g beltHILUX VIGOTacoma LC120 LC150 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER1kd-ftv DieselFourby4diesel J120 J150LEXUS1kz-te1k
  3. g gear case assembly on toyota 1kd-ftv. the surfaces before applying a fresh layer of gasket sealant. A build up of old sealant. camshaft sensors to become mislaligned with their respective crank angle sensor plate. between the two surfaces. Remove all traces of oil as this will prevent the sealant from. drying and sealing
  4. ff1KD_RM.book 1 ページ 2013年9月27日 金曜日 午後12時47分 FOREWORD This repair manual explains the repair points of the 1KD model engine equipped on the Toyota Industrial Vehicles. Please use these manuals for providing quick, correct servicing of this engine. This manual deals with the above models as of October 2013

I did not adjust or remove any part of the timing gear on the engine block. I tried to set the cam and crank position to TDC but if go according to the workshop manual, the timing mark on the camshaft is 180deg shifted from the timing mark on the engine.SEE page 2D-6 of workshop manual for hilux models Oct1997 thro 1KD−FTV ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (RM992E) TORQUE SPECIFICATION Part tightened N·m kgf·cm ft·lbf Engine rear oil seal retainer x Cylinder block 13 133 10 Balanceshaft drive gear x Balanceshaft 36 367 27 Balanceshaft x Cylinder block 13 133 10 Timing gear case x Cylinder block Bolt Union bolt 13 16 130 160 9.0 12 Oil pan sub−assy x Cylinder.

Not sure about the valves bending as mentioned in the previous thread. I believe the fuel pump is gear driven off the crank shaft. The cam shaft is belt driven off the fuel pump. If the cam shaft timing is out relative to the pump and the engine is an interference design, bending valves will still be an issue if mis-align the timing marks Only timing mark on any gear I can find is the one on the cam gear that also coincides with the timing pin. Lots od various numbers and letters but nothing that looks liek a timing mark. Keyway on the crank appears to be striaght up when the timing pin is in place, but that is rather a wide reference for a timing mark The exhaust gear has several sets of markers that make it very confusing of you don't know which marks to use. Here is the reference pic of the cam gears. The intake cam has the variable valve timing mechanism on the end of it that controls valve timing by sensing oil pressure. On the shiny mirror like edge there is a set of numbers or letters. Each time the #1 piston is a top dead center, the dot on the crank gear will be at the 12 o'clock position. BUT the cam gear dot will be at one of two different positions. The cam turns at half the speed of the crank. For each 360 degree turn of the crank gear, the cam gear only turns 180 degrees. If the CAMSHAFT GEAR DOT is at the 6 o'clock.

The intake camshaft is driven by a timing belt, and the intake camshaft drives the exhaust camshaft by a gear. The 1KD-FTV engine has four valves per cylinder: two intakes and two exhaust (16 in total). Valves are actuated directly by shim-less valve lifters that provided a large cam contact surface. Intake valve head diameter is 32.2 mm (1. factory timing alignment marks chain sets & belt drives gm 4-121 (2.0ltr) ohv gm 4-140 (2.3ltr) ohc belt drive system gm 4-138 (2.3ltr) ohc gm v6 ohv 173, 229, 262 3.8ltr & 4.3ltr petrol gm 4-151 (2.5ltr) gm ohv v6 181, 231, 252 less balance shaft gm ohv v6 3800 b/shaft & cam timing gm pontiac v8.

alignment with the Timing Marks on the controllers and Crank Gear. The engine is now positioned for the Bank 1 Timing Chain to be installed. And after Bank 1 Timing Chain installation, ALL the links on both Timing Chains can be checked to ensure that ALL the links align with their Timing Marks (before installing the Timing Cover). At that poin

ISUZU ka timing perfect kaise kare Yes it is correct, don't confuse camshaft timing with ignition timing. The camshaft turns half of what the crankshaft turns in a revolution. In other words, if you start with the marks aligned as in the photo and turn the crankshaft 1 revolution the mark on the cam will be 180 degrees from the mark on the crankshaft gear The timing is set with a timing light ,the marks are on the crankshaft pulley and timing cover. to make things easy to see apply a dab of white paint to each with a marker. start the engine and check the marks line up at engine idle , increase engine speed 3000 RPM the timing should have advanced several degrees, if so all is ok Cam timing is a lot of fun when you don't have marks and haven't done it before. I did a lot of reading The whole point of the timing is to set the crank at tdc, and the camshaft precisely halfway between the closing of one valve and the opening of the other is my understanding of the essence of it (at least for a TR, I understand not all cams are engineered that way) Engine timing marks for toyota landcruiser 1KZ-TE. The idler gear which transmitte motion from crankshaft to injector pump gear.The idler gear is separated into three setion.Those separated gears moved,would like to know how they are timed. please assist

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Unlike the 2KD-FTV engine, the 1KD-FTV engine had two counter-rotating balance shafts that were driven by the crankshaft timing gear.The purpose of the balance shafts was to counteract the secondary inertia forces inherent in an in-line four-cylinder engine. Since each piston reached its maximum speed - both rising and falling - at a point just above the centre of the stroke, the upward. marks on the pump flange and gear housing. NOTE: 1 mm of rotation past the timing mark will advance or retard (depending on direction of rotation) the pump timing by 1 degree. The Lucas CAV DPA, DPS, Delphi DP210, Stanadyne DB4, and the Bosch® VE fuel injection pumps all have a provision for locking the pump shaft at

Timing Marks found in: Crankshaft Pulley, Governor Assembly, Crankshaft Gear, (early tractors used a set screw to retain pulley to crankshaft, customer would have to drill & tap this pulley).* This pulley is. Temporarily install your camshaft timing gear and rotate the camshaft until the timing mark on the camshaft gear is in the proper position per your engine manual instructions (6 o'clock). 1. Basic hand tools as required for your particular camshaft and balancer bolts 2. Torque wrench 3. Pro Cam Lube (part #153 or #154) or suitable replacement 4 Re: 1KD-FTV fuel pump. by fracturedranga on Wed, 15 Aug 2018 8:33 +0000. I've done mine a few times now, pull the timing belt off make sure you line up the timing marks. Pull of the fuel hard and soft lines and the 2 loom plugs. you'll need a 17mm crow foot spanner by memory, undo the pump pully centre bolt and the 4 little bolts to get it apart the corresponding timing mark on the crank gear. Note: The camshaft angle is half the crankshaft angle, therefore the camshaft will correspondingly advance or retard 1, 2, 3 or 4-degrees. For example, to advance the cam 1° use the A2 crankshaft keyway, remembering you now must use the A2 timing mark to line up your cam and crank gears

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3-Keyway Crank Sprockets. The Cloyes® Patented 3-Keyway crank sprocket allows adjustment of the crankshaft timing by ± 4°. Remember: The camshaft angle is half of the crankshaft angle, therefore the camshaft will correspondingly advance or retard by ± 2°. By changing the cam timing, enhancements to the camshaft characteristics can be achieved There is no timing chain just gear I lined up both marks on the crank gear and cam gear with each other but the piston on number 1 is about an 1 inch down from the top . Thanks for your help I'll look into this link . LARRY70GS Active Member. May 11, 2019 #

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  1. g gear is connected by chain, gears, or a belt to the crankshaft at one end and the camshaft on the other. It is marked with tiny increments all around its perimeter, which correspond to degrees of ti
  2. Right from the MA GENERAL BOOK Align the cam spocket and crank sprocket marks. Install the cam gear. (keyed, can't screw it up) Rotate the crank to place #1 piston at TDC (Firing position with both valves closed) Cam gear marks will be at 12 Oclock. Install pump gear so mark aligns with cam gear mark. Install IP. The IP will only install one way
  3. The 1KD-FTV engine has a cast iron cylinder block with two counter-rotating balance shafts driven by a gear on a crankshaft. The engine block doesn't have liners. Inside the cylinder block, there is a forged crankshaft with eight weights and five main journals. The crankshaft pulley has a torsional rubber damper to reduce noise and vibration
  4. g Marks When replacing a ti
  5. g marks on my cam gear witch one is the right one to line up and when i line up the crank mark it is not one #1 one the dist. 97 geo tracker 1.6 16 valve engine read more Carhelp4

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with the crankshaft gear, timing marks have been stamped on the face of the gears to facilitate correct gear. train timing. The symbol system of marking the gears makes gear train timing a comparatively easy operation. When. assembling the engine, it is important to remember the engine rotation gears are a two piece design, allowing for adjustment of the valve timing event. The graduations allow for adjustments to be made to 2° of the cam angle (1 mark = 2° cam angle) for maximum tune-ability. Lightweight: Cam gears are made from high strength 6061-T6 Aluminum for both the inner and the outer pieces. The gear's reductio

Just want to confirm the timing marks on a BBC. I'm in the middle of changing a timing chain and the timing marks are at the 12 oclock on both the crank gear and the cam gear. This is at 0* and the #1 TDC. Thanks Step-2: Install the Timing Gears and Chain. Rotate the crankshaft so that the keyway for the timing gear is facing up. Slide the crankshaft gear onto the crankshaft, aligning the tooth with the dot so that it will slide over the keyway. (If you are using a multi-indexed sprocket like the one on the left, be sure that the slot marked zero is the. of the fact that when aligned properly, the timing marks on the crank, cam and IP gears are square with the surface of the IP timing gear cover. Take your jiffy marker and draw a line on the IP timing gear from the tooth with the Y mark on it to the 53rd tooth which is directly across the gear. I wen

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  1. g mark on the crankshaft gear to the ti
  2. g Gear Drive Sets. Upgrading your engine with a ti
  3. g Chain and Gears (7800 Series) with Edelbrock cam and lifter kits, straight-up ti
  4. g mark is an indicator used for setting the ti
  5. g chains on these 1GR-FE engines. The first two are for the exhaust/intake camshaft ti

I have a 1994 Geo Metro 1.0 This is a 3 cylinder engine. This car broke a timing belt before I got it and someone else has had the cam gear out. We are trying to time the car and would like to know the correct position of the cam gear. There are 2 timing marks 60A and 80A. Wich one is the correct one to use? The car runs but lacks power NOTE: If the timing symbol on your stock crankshaft sprocket is in line with the keyway, use Figures 3,4, or 5 when installing your Edelbrock timing chain and gears. If the timing symbol on your stock crankshaft sprocket is not in line with the keyway, use Figures 6,7, or 8 when installing your Edelbrock timing chain and gears With the #1 piston at TDC line up timing marks on engine centerline (See Figure 1) slide idler gears in place with large gear on the passenger side of engine. On 351W and late model 302 engines the long pin in the idler assembly must be changed with the shorter pin supplied in the set Rotate the engine so the timing hashes on the VMS cam gear are straight up. Ensure piston #1 is at TDC by checking on the timing mark on the crank pulley is lined up with the mark on the timing cover. There are four marks on the timing cover. Use the one to the right (by itself): It should look like this when aligned Re: Timing marks on a SBC Stop the piston on each side of TDC with a piston stop, then split the difference this will be TDC. Only a fool does not use a light to be able to repeat and know how bad his burn is, BUT you should set timing by reading a plug, and creeping up on it unless your tune is so far off anything will work then you should find a new hobbie like horse shoes where close will.

When installing a chain and gear set on the Gen 5 4.3L V6 (RPO LV1, LV3), 5.3L V8 (RPO L83) or 6.2L V8 engine (RPO L86, LT1, LT4) in some 2014-2019 Silverado, Sierra; 2015-2019 Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon; and 2016-2019 CTS-V, Camaro, and Corvette models, it may be difficult to get an proper view of the timing marks for alignment The crank gear zero mark is to the left of the keyway. Streetwise 460: Remedy In an attempt to get to the bottom of this mess and correct our 460's cam timing , we researched various forums threads and found that this timing chain confusion was not an unusual occurrence for 429 and 460 owners true.. ^^^ but even if he had cyl 1 down instead of up, there is no reason that the cam gears would not be able to be set to the mark.. and there is no diff in doing timing on a 3S-GE than a 3S-GTE.. both motors are 1998cc 2.0 3S classed engines.. the only thing i can think of is that the gears were put on backwards and you are looking at the.

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Added by Coaster, June 2014 Here is a method to verify your installation should you be unsure: In addition to the two marks on the cam gears, add a third mark on the crankshaft cog gear tooth directly opposite the keyway and gear timing mark The crankshaft gear has 25 helical cut teeth and rotates at engine speed. The crankshaft gear alignment tooth is the first tooth to the right of the crankshaft keyway centerline, as shown in red in the illustration above. Original Ford crankshaft gears had a 'Ford' script timing mark centered on the tooth used to align to the camshaft gear The only technical data changes from the 1KD-FTV to the 2KD-FTV was the bore and the stroke. Commonrail engine in Toyota Hilux Vigo. All internal combustion engines need two key ingredients to operate: air and fuel. The precise delivery of these ingredients is what makes clean and powerful combustion possible The right cam gear is placed on the passenger side exhaust camshaft of 4-valve engines and on the passenger side camshaft of 2-valve engines. 10. Once the new camshaft gears are placed on the camshafts, ensure that the internal timing mark is pointing at 0°. Rotate the right camshaft gear until the outer timing dot is approximately at 11 o.

BrokenRex. Jan 19, 2011. #1. i just installed an obd1 b16a into my CRX. while the motor was out, i replaced the timing belt and water pump. the arrow on the oil pump lined up perfectly with the line on the crank gear while the two dots on the cam gears also lined up. i turned the engine over a few times then verified all marks were in alignment. Timing is Everything. By Thomas Marcy. Keeping valve timing on the money is crucial to proper engine performance and longevity. Here are some tips to help you keep everything in sync. Stories told by some of your customers may sound a little like snake encounters-especially those in which belts, sprockets, gears and chains play an important part

Cloyes Gear 9-3646BTX3 - Cloyes Race Billet True Roller Timing Sets. Timing Chain and Gear Set, Premium Billet, Double Roller, Billet Steel Sprockets, Dart/GM, Rocket Block, SBC w/BBC Snout, Kit. Part Number: CLO-9-3646BTX3. Not Yet Reviewed. Estimated Ship Date: 7/19/2021 (if ordered today) Drop Ship timing gears on 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4L Hemi engines. Previous information had the timing marks located in the opposite positions. The correct timing chain orientation has the double marked link on the chain matched to the camshaft mark. The single marked chain link should go to the single mark on the crankshaft gear as shown in th 09-14-08 07:03 AM - Post# 1522043 In response to scrambldcj8 THE cam gear rotates exactly once for each two times the crank rotates,the cam gear lines up at the 12 oclock crank and 6 oclock cam gear orientation when the #6 cylinders on the compression stroke, rotate the engine one complete revolution and the cranks again at 12 oclock but the cam gears index mark is now at 12 oclock, indicating. power stroke. All engines include a timing mark on the vibration damper and a gauge usually attached to the timing gear cover. The gauge usually measures from 0 to about 12 Before Top Dead Center (BTDC). BTDC is also called advanced timing because firing occurs before the crankshaft reaches the 0 point in rotation. ATDC is called retarded.

How to Fix Toyota Hilux : How Do I Set the Timing on A 1kd

Cam gear extractor 650/500: 60-2213 or JRC 20-130, TR7/T140: 61-6132. Crank gear extractor 650/750: 61-6019 (500 Triumph use 60-2213 JRC 20-130) PREUNIT TRIUMPH GEAR TIMING MARK DIAGRAMS: 1947-1955 FACTORY TIMING MARKS. 1956-1962 FACTORY TIMING MARKS . UNIT TRIUMPH GEAR TIMING MARK DIAGRAMS: 1963-72 650 FACTORY TIMING MARKS. 1973-77 750 FACTORY. I have the shop manual for it, and I'm following the diagram for the timing gears. I've set TDC on the flywheel side, and lined up the dots on the timing gears. It's a little confusing though because of the gears having helical teeth. The diagram in the book shows the dots lining up all perfectly. In my 3D reality, it doesn't quite look the same Messages. 5,352. Location. South West MI. Tractor. John Deere 2030, John Deere 6415. First you need to put the crank shaft to TDC for #1 cylinder on the compression stroke. Both intake and exhaust valves will be closed. The timing mark for the cam shaft gear will be on a line drawn thru the center of the crank shaft and the cam shaft

Messages. 44. Jul 17, 2011. #1. I have a new-to-me AQ125A which has seen the elements. The timing belt has slipped, due to my own naivety in not running through a thorough set of checks and adjustments after purchasing; the timing belt tensioner needed adjustment. I need to familiarize myself with the engine and the boat in the unlikely event. Car Model: Slant6Ram wrote: No, but be sure to replace that old timing chain before putting it back together. I usually leave the gear on the crank and just replace the cam gear and chain or even just the chain if the gear is in good shape. Remember, you may still have a hung valve or lifter if moisture is involved

Other engines have the timing marks on the crankshaft or some crankshaft drive gear and can be viewed by removing a plug from the crankcase.The engine manufacturer's instructions will always give the location of the built-in timing reference marks.When using built-in timing marks, be sure to sight straight across the stationary pointer or. 1. Main Drive Gear - Mark any two adjacent teeth on the drive gear, then mark the two adjacent teeth which are directly opposite the first set marked. There must be an equal number of teeth between the markings on each side of the gear. Tooth on Countershaft di-rectly over Keyway marked for timing Cut 7300H-11/86 2. Countershaft Drive Gears.

Check ignition timing: At every 5000 mile (8000 km) service interval. Check for proper RPM and ignition timing as follows: 1. See Figure 0. Thread TIMING MARK VIEW PLUG (Part No. HD 96295-65D) into timing inspection hole. Be sure view plug does not touch flywheel. 1a. See Figure 1. Locate the proper timing marks for your engine Sprocket position for distributor drive gear installation. #1 piston is at TDC after compression stroke. At 01:30 PM 9/16/03 -0700, Dave B. Hammond wrote: I've replaced the camshaft timing gear, now I don't know how to time the camshaft; no timing marks. My manual says how to do it with timing marks, but not without SINGLE CAMSHAFT TIMING NOTE: to adjust the timing on one camshaft, perform the following procedure. 1. Using Chain Tensioner Wedge, special tool 9867 (3), stabilize the secondary chain drive. For reference purposes, mark the chain-to-sprocket position. 2. Remove the camshaft drive gear retaining bolt

With the pump on and the t-belt on, set the marks to BDC (top mark on cam and IP belt gear). Take the belt off, take the timing cover off, take thew idler gear off. Now you can reinstall the idler gear correctly. The marks should be pretty close already. turn the IP shaft and crank accordingly to make them align perfectly Now loosen up the bolts (don't remove) on the gear, after you pull off the front cover, but leave 1 tight. Bar the engine over from the alt. to advance slowly until desired amount of degrees. If no timing marks to go by, measure 1/8 per degree. Loosen the last bolt on the gear, and line the marks back up using the big nut on the front of the pump To obtain the correct initial relationship of the components, align the corresponding marks at the time of assembly. Timing gears keep the crankshaft and the camshaft turning in proper relation to one another, so the valves open and close at the proper time. This is accomplished by gear- drive, chain-drive, or belt-drive gear trains (fig. 3-66) Then align the small timing mark of the balance shaft drive gear with the timing mark of the balance shaft timing gear. d. Install the bolt to the balance shaft drive gear and tighten it. Torque: 25 Nm (250 kgf-cm, 18 ft. lbs.) e. Check that each timing mark is matched with the corresponding mark link. 3

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It is important that the marks match, EXACTLY. One mark will be on the top of a tooth on the gear, the corresponding mark will be found on the bottom of a tooth on the other gear. When performing the valve timing, it is unnecessary to be concerned with piston position (it will NOT normally be at TDC when doing this) i hate to ask,but i have 4 timing covers,2 off 1981 360's, one off a 304,and the original 1973 401 cover that the shop cracked when they built my 401/407 again,the timing marks are different.2 have tdc in the middle of the marks, r 10, 5 , then tdc, 5 , a 10 , and the other ones are tdc on top, 5 , a 10 ,15,20.so my quesstion is how do i time this with the cover with tdc on top off timing. Figs. 9 and 10. Turn sprockets to align timing marks with marks on rear timing belt covers and oil pump. See Figs. 4-7. 2) While aligning marks on timing belt with marks on sprockets, position timing belt properly. Ensure belt rotating direction is correct. Install idler pulleys. Loosen tension adjuster attaching bolts and move adjuster fully left INSTALL IDLE GEAR NO.1 (a) Align mark 4 of the idle gear No.1 with marks 4 of the injection gear. Align mark 5 of the idle gear No.1 with marks 5 of the crankshaft timing gear. 57. INSTALL IDLE GEAR THRUST PLATE (a) Align the holes for the idle gear thrust plate set bolt . (b) Install the idle gear thrust plate with the 2 bolts

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its timing mark notch with the timing mark 0. (2) Check that the timing marks of the camshaft timing gear are located as illustrated. HINT: If not, turn the crankshaft to align the marks. A099635E01 Timing Marks Groove 13° Timing Marks Timing Marks A097861E0 Please check out the alignment marks in the photo. I remember that something blocked when I pulled everything apart but I do not recall pulling the small timing gear out and rotating the large gear. The bike has only 4k miles on it, I'm the second owner, the first owner put only 60 miles on it. I highly doubt anybody else opened up the engine

Remove the timing chain tensioner and route the timing chain (there is a bolt thru the block below the distributor mount that make routing easier if removed. Pull the chain tight on the driver side, leaving all slack on the passenger side, and then place the chain over the camshaft gear such that the gear will line up with the marks, slide the. Heres the deal right, you have 3 different marks to set you cam gear to tdc Right? the marks that are perpendicular to the up can be A. Flush with the cyl. head upper surface B. align with the 2 Delta (triangle) marks on the back side timing cover C. Align the not so perpendicular cam mark to the protruding pointer thing on the back timing. Setting the timing without any marks is not difficult with the right information and a few common tools. Step 1. Mark the spark plug wires for the cylinder number using a short piece of masking tape on each wire. Remove all the spark plugs using the spark plug wrench. The engine will be easier to turn by hand with the spark plugs removed and it. Set #1 piston to the top of it's stroke and the cam gear mark up (12:00 position) and the crank gear mark down (6:00 position). Good idea to scribe a mark to show where it was set before, handy for getting the timing back close after assembling the engine. Also note where the rotor ends up when you pull out the distributor The best way is to use a mirror and a bright light - that dimple is small. I wiped the sprocket clean (it slides easily off the crank snout) and marked the top 180* opposite the mark with a sharpie and put a mark on the front lip on the crank sprocket by the timing mark to aid in spotting (and assist in determining when rotating the engine to re-check the timing marks)

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Lift the camshaft gear into place on the camshaft. Install the three. camshaft bolts (finger tight for now). Make sure that the camshaft gear timing mark aligns with the. proper crankshaft gear timing mark. The camshaft timing mark should be at 6:00 and the crankshaft. gear timing mark should be at 12:00. If this procedure is missed by even one. Verify timing marks on the sprockets are positioned correctly. Ford Racing timing sets have a 9-position crank gear. If using the 0 mark, crank key must align with key way below 0 mark. If advancing or retarding the cam, use the appropriate keyway below the desired advance or retard number If you have to remove or replace a cylinder head for any reason, or replace the timing chain on a 3.0L Duratec, it can be a bit of a challenge because Ford doesn't provide a Top Dead Center (TDC) timing reference mark on the crankshaft. You will have to use a dial indicator to find the TDC position of the number one cylinder on Ford's 3.0L Duratec to make sure the crank and camshafts are all.

Timing Marks.. dot to dot#1 tdc or #6 tdc???? LS1LT1 ..

Toyota 1KD-FTV (3.0 D-4D) diesel engine: specs, review ..


This Massey Ferguson timing gear cover fits Perkins A3.152 and AD3.152, MF 35, MF 135, MF 230, MF 235, MF 240, MF 250, MF 350, MF 360, MF 20C Industrial, MF 30B, MF 2200, MF 2500 & MF 4500 forklifts. Front cover Replaces 3637397M91, ZZ90039. Rear cover. Massey Ferguson Crankshaft Timing Gear Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for TOYOTA HILUX VIGO 3.0 16V DIESEL 1KD-FTV MESH TIMING GEAR SET 2002-2010 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products


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3. With the timing chain and gears now visible, rotate crankshaft until dot or timing mark on cam gear is at the 6 o'clock position. Timing marks on cam gear and crankshaft gear should be aligned. If no marks are visible on crank gear, place alignment mark on crank gear for reinstallation using a permanent marker timing mark on crankshaft: locating top dead center of #1 piston:: Timing belt removal and installation :: determining top dead center (photo by mace) intake camshaft dimple: intake camshaft dimple: intake camshaft dimple: timing marks on camshaft pully gears: timing marks on camshaft gears: timing marks on camshaft gears Next, remove the drive belt components before unbolting the timing chain cover. Then, line the bright links on the timing chain up with the marks on your camshaft and crankshaft gears to get your engine to top dead center. Finally, remove the timing chain, lube the gear, and place the new chain onto the gears while aligning it with the marks

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