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A Battery That Lasts & Charges Fast. Shop The New Samsung Galaxy A Series Devices & Save. Fast, Reliable And Ready For Anything. Buy A New Galaxy A Series Device Now & Save On your old phone, select Send; on your new phone, select Receive. Tap, START on the old phone, and then tap START on the new phone. On your old phone, select the phone you wish to connect to, then on your new phone click Accept. Choose all the data you want to transfer from the listed options and click Start

Google Drive can be a good LG to LG transfer app to help you move files from LG phone to LG phone. Just like using the LG cloud, the transfer process using this method is on the cloud so you don't need a USB cable. Here's how to sync data from LG phone to LG phone with Google Drive. Step 1: Download Google Drive on both your LG phones To make it easier for users to perform LG transfer to a new phone, the company has come up with a dedicated app - LG Mobile Switch. As the name suggests, you can use this LG to LG transfer app to move your data from one smartphone to another. You can either use an OTG cable to connect both the phones or link them wirelessly After the connection, mark the sender (old LG) and the recipient respectively. Next, select the data you would like to move from source phone, and click Start to commence. Then accept the transfer request on your destination LG phone. Solution 4: How to Transfer Data from One LG Phone to Another LG Phone via LG Bridg Unlock & Connect Unlock your device and connect to a PC using a USB cable (you may use the cable attached to your LG charger). Once connected, you may be prompted on your phone to select a USB connection type, select Media sync (MTP) or File Transfer

Method 2. How to Transfer Photos From LG Phone To Computer/Laptop Using The Best LG Transfer Tool. There are 1-click tools available, like this LG file transfer tool, that lets you copy photos from your LG phone to a computer/laptop in just one click or selectively LG Revere / LG Revere® 2 / LG Revere® 3. The video tells you how to transfer the photos you take or download on your LG phone and the ones created when you play games or apps to the PC easily and safely. Depending on the type of phone, the process for transferring pictures to your computer from an LG phone can be very easy Way 1: Transfer Photos to Old LG Phone to Computer with LG Transfer Tool. FoneLab HyperTrans is capable to extract, manage and transfer photos from Android to any mobile phone or computer. You can move photos from an old LG phone to a new Android or iOS device directly. Of course, you can transfer photos from LG phone to PC or Mac easily too Despite the music, photos, and other files from LG phone you want to transfer to computer, this article has found the practical methods for you, especially the LG File Transfer - Samsung Messages Backup. It can transfer all LG data to the PC in 1 click as long as you would like to (1) At www.verizonwireless.com , try typing in the search box in the upper right corner the name or model number of your phone and also one or two words like pictures or transfer pictures.Very often Verizon on their website has tutorials on how to transfer pictures

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Step 1 Download, Install and Run the transfer app - FoneCopy. Go to download the windows version and install it on your PC. Then double click the application on the computer to run it. Step 2 Connect your LG phone and iPhone to the computer. Connect your LG phone and iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Your LG phone will be placed on the. If you break your LG phone, don't panic. While you might be out of the cost of your device if you don't have insurance on it, there are ways to restore and recover the valuable information that was on your phone. If you are trying to recover data from a broken LG phone, be sure to try all of the methods mentioned here before giving up

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The LG data transfer is able to transfer photos, videos, music, documents and more. Transfer Contents of LG via a USB Cable. Step 1 Once you download and install the LG data transfer, you can launch the app from Menu and go to the LG phone and choose the USB cable transfer mode on your LG phone To change the option, slide the Notification panel down from the top of your LG phone, tap it in the Notifications window to open the USB settings, and then tap the desired option from the USB PC connection window. For most transfers between PC and LG mobile, you'll want to use File transfer, such as the transfer of documents and media files since there's a usb cable supplied with the phone, there has to be a software cd for file transfer that came with the pack.. install the software and it should work. in case you don't have the cd, you have to find the model number and browse LG's website to download the drivers and softwares. open the back cover and take out the battery, the phone model number should be written there, just.

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Neither phone is a smart phone. My Samsung 150 has been deactivated from TracFone and replaced with a new LG 440 which is waiting for a new SIM card. It appears we are out of luck to connect these LG440 phones to computers so any pictures I take with that phone will have to stay on that phone or perhaps be emailed to someone To transfer pictures from your LG Extravert to a computer, follow these simple steps: 1. Plug the phone into the computer with the USB cable. 2. On the Tools menu of your phone, select USB Mass Storage. 3 Step 2: Connect your LG Dare phone to your computer with a micro USB cable. Open BitPim and go to Edit -> Detect Phone. BitPim should quickly identify your phone which you can verify in the bottom right corner of the screen. Step 3: Click Filesystem in the bottom left of Bitpim, then open up the / folder tree in the next column With it, you can easily get access to the phone's internal memory and the external SD card, and then export photos from LG to computer or import pictures from PC to LG without restrictions. And as the best LG Mobile Manager software, the program also allows you to copy other data like contacts, messages, music, video, books, etc. from your. How do I download pictures from LG VX5600 phone? I have the LG driver and BitPim 1.0.7 installed. I can access Filesystem in BitPim and I seel the list of picture files (with Other CDMA phone on COM3 - Detected on the status bar). But how do I download the pictures to my PC running Windows 7 (64-bit)? Thanks in advance

Step 2. Connect your Samsung or LG phone. Connect your Samsung or LG phone via USB cable, and click on Unlock Android Screen on the program. Step 3. Select device model. Check the box before I can find my device model from the list below, from here, make sure you select the correct phone model of yours. And click on Next to. <p>To transfer photos to or from your device using another smartphone, follow these steps:</p><ol><li>On the devic Verizon LG Flip Phone Crashing Whenever I Open My Pictures. How can I find back picture from January. i lost all the pictures and videos on my audio manager how to back my all data. Transfer pictures from an old flip phone that has no screen to a new phone. My son died a year ago and have lost all his pic Select Settings & Tools from your phone's main menu. 4. Select Tools. 5. Select USB Mass Storage. 6. Double-click the LG phone memory card's device icon in your computer's file manager. 7. Open the folder containing the pictures you wish to download onto the LG phone in a new file manager window

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  1. 2 Choose Options on the phone menu, then locate Send. There are two ways you can transfer the photo from the LG VX5600 to your PC. The first is to send it to your personal email account by typing in your email address where the phone number would normally go. Press Send and the photo is transmitted just like any other email communication
  2. Transfer the images to your LG Voyager's microSD card. Use the navigational keys to highlight one of the pictures that you want to upload to your computer. Press the right soft key to open the Options menu for the image. Highlight the Manage My Pics option, and click the OK key. Select the Move option and press the OK key
  3. 4. Once the phone is connected to the computer, the Android File Transfer app will open automatically. Select the desired folder to transfer files to/from. 5. Drag and drop the desired files to/from the device to transfer

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Method 2. Transfer data from LG to Android with high efficiency. From the above introduction, we can know that we can transfer data from LG to Android, but you can see there are also a lot of flaws mentioned in Method 1. So here we introduce you to a highly efficient and cost-effective tool, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. This program is designed. Hello @ valvanmay. Let me get right to this for you. The first article addresses and answers your questions about transferring photos from your LGB470 to your desktop> scroll down under Additional support > Tutorials & Videos > Media, photos & videos > Transfer media to & from a computer . I encourage you save this article as it will be useful for a number of devices and their issues

Transfer photos from Motorola (L6) phone to W10 PC in Drivers and Hardware I've tried, but the best I have managed is to get an Icon for the Phone in my Devices and Printers using USB The PC does not seem to have Bluetooth to be able to recognise the Motorola when it transmitting Find Me next to the PC Tutorial 1: Backup LG Photos to PC. Precautions: Make sure you have a LG smart phone, a USB cable and a LG PC Suite with you. And read the below tutorial carefully. Step 1 Download LG PC Suite. Before downloading the compatible version of LG PC Suite for your Optimus, you will be asked to choose your phone model at first. Then, choose PC Sync or PC Sync(MAC) , if you use Windows choose.

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  1. Though your cell phone requires a plan of some sort to operate most of its functions, your pictures and other data are not reliant upon having service. Your phone.
  2. Thankfully, you can easily transfer contacts from LG to iPhone with right tool and tips. Here's how. Before you start, you'll need two USB cables and a computer as a go-between. Here're ways of moving contacts from LG phone to iPhone. Way 1: Transfer Data between Phones Quickly with 1-Clic
  3. Hi, @Rascal8, If your Dell has Bluetooth, you should be able to follow the steps to backup your LG to bring files over to your computer. If you have to use a USB cable for the job, then go into Settings > Connection > USB Connection.Make sure it's set for Data Service.Additionally make sure your Windows USB drivers are updated alongside visiting the LG Software & Drivers page to update your.

Dropbox will be syncing your phone with a designated folder on your Win10 PC so you'll always have the original photos on your LG, plus duplicates of your photo library in online Dropbox account and on your Win10 PC Here we take moving files on your LG smartphone to iPhone on Mac computer for example. Step 1: Run the program and enter data transfer mode. After you start the software, its main interface opening. To transfer content from LG to new iPhone, select the green Phone to Phone Transfer module to get into next screen I can't transfer files from my LG flip phone (model LG B470) to my laptop (Macbook Pro, OS version 10.13.3). They can do it at Best Buy (using a program they call Cellebrite) but they won't give me a copy of the program The most common and effective way to copy photos to your PC (from your Lg K30) is to do it via a USB cable. Just plug your phone to a PC using a USB cable and wait for a notification to pop up on your phone. This notification usually tells you that your device is charging. For some phones, it prompts the user to choose from several options

Step 1: Connect your LG phone to PC and wait for your PC to detect your device. Step 2 : Enable USB Debugging if the phone is not identified by the computer. Step 3: Open the internal memory storage unit or SD card on your PC and find the DCIM folder, which contains all the pictures, camera roll and other photos taken from your phone. Step 4. Phones / Devices; Phone Upgrades; Troubleshooting; 611611 Services; 5G; My Account App; Mobile Protect; General Information; Features; Policies and Procedures; Services; × Close ☰ More; LG Journey™ LTE - 32GB (L322D32) Support Center; Overview; Tutorials; FAQs; Guides; Share. How do I transfer photos and videos to/from my phone? Frequently. On the Octane, you can now turn off the Data Mode by unlocking the phone and pressing the End Key twice. Now that the Card has been Dismounted from the PC, open the phone and go to the Main Menu and select Media Center Now select My Pictures & Videos. Finally select My Pictures and verify that all of the OLD pictures show up

Step 3 Start Moving Contacts from LG to iPhone. Your LG phone will be placed on the left as Source phone, and your iPhone will be displayed on the right as Destination phone. You can click the Filp button if the Destination phone is not the iPhone and also change the place. Just select the items you'd like to transfer and click the Start. To transfer photos from your PC on any Android phone, plug your phone into your computer. You may need to connect your phone as a media device so that Windows can access its files Instead of clicking on Import photos and videos try clicking on Transfer other files so that you can explore the various folders and files on your phone through your PC. You should find your photos here: LG > phone > DCIM for pictures taken with your phone. LG > phone > pictures for pictures from 3rd party apps One of the reasons why LG phone won't send picture messages is because of the wrong APN Settings. So, all you need to do to fix the issue is to check the APN settings and change them as per requirements. Step 1: Open Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, and open the menu. Inside the menu, click on the three horizontal dots. 1. Set up your phone so that it is in modem mode when it connects with your PC. 2. Don't connect your phone to your PC yet, open up bitpim and you check the Detect phone at bitpim startup box. 3. Click view>view filesystem, there should now be a tab on the left to view the phone's filesystem. Close and reopen Bitpim

Below are simple steps to download pictures from your LG G3 phone to your PC. 1) Plug your USB cable and connect it to your PC and turn on your laptop/pc. 2) Connect the other end of USB cable to your LG Phone. 3) Open up the File Explorer on your PC and you will see the LG G3 icon on the listed devices on your PC. See Figure below You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. 1 of 7 steps Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. 2 of 7 steps Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen. 3 of 7 steps Press the USB icon. 4 of 7 steps Press File transfer Once paired, you 'send' the photos from the LG and 'receive' them on the MacBook. 3. You can save the photos on a compatible microSD card on the phone and use a compatible USB card reader attached to your MacBook. Finally, file transfer via a USB cable to micro-B (the generic name for the LG connector) is possible in Windows, but there is no. Get step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for and use Verizon Cloud online. Upload and back up your contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents and more. LG K8 V - Activate / Set Up Device. heading. Here's how to perform a quick set up of your LG K8 V. LG K8 V - Adjust Account Sync Settings An interactive guide on how make phone calls using your LG Terra. If you're calling into an automated system (e.g., Voicemail) from your LG Terra and your dialpad entries aren't recognized, view this info. Here's how to switch your Terra between two different phone numbers that are programmed into it

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Step 3.Select the Type of Water Damaged LG Phone Before recovering your water damaged LG phone,there are two options to choose from the system-touch cannot to used or cannot enter the system, another is Black screen (or the screen is broken).You need to choose the appropriate one depends on your phone and then click on NEXT Using the supplied charging/data cable, connect your phone to your computer. Select the transfer media option from the notification bar. Navigate the connected device (LG Stylo 5) on your PC. (You will find it in My Computer menu) Open the folder to access the files on your computer. To access the images of your device on your PC, open. LG G4. Search for More If your photos and videos are saved in Dropbox or SkyDrive, they will be automatically synced between your phone and your PC. 1. Attach the USB cable to the phone and to a free USB port on your PC Select the photos and videos you wish to transfer to your PC. 7. Drag the files in to the desired location on your PC.

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The LG enV Touch camera takes great images. Transferring the photos or video from the external memory card to a computer is a great way to share, edit, and view with your family and friends. This article gives steps to follow that will make your LG enV Touch photo transfer a success Method 1: Backup all LG V40 photos & picture by using Syncios Data Transfer. Syncios Data Transfer is the most convenient form to backup all your photos, whether the pictures you saved or the photos you shot, they can all back up in only one click. Once you want to restore them back, you can easily find the backup file from Syncios, iTunes and iCloud and restore them in one click operation Filling up your phone with a lot of pictures and videos will eventually fill up your storage capacity, resulting in memory issues on your LG V30. Your LG V30 might suffer from the scarcity of memory for running specific applications which will eventually lead to bugs and app failures

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  1. Download and install the LG Mobile Switch App to your old phone and new LG Phone. Make sure both phones have at least 80% charge and both are lying on a flat surface, as this is a wireless.
  2. The most common method to transfer pictures from an LG phone is to use the phone's multimedia messaging system. This method is simple to use and will send the picture from the phone to an email account, from which the photos can be downloaded to the hard drive of the computer
  3. Transfer User Contents From an Android Phone to Your LG Tribute If you want to transfer your user contents (i.e., pictures) from an Android phone to your LG Tribute, you can perform one of the following steps. Transfer Via PC or Laptop You can transfer user contents via a desktop or laptop using a USB cable
  4. From the computer you want to download the pictures onto, go to LG 440G Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A and download/install the USB drivers. Then restart the computer. Then connect the phone to the USB port with a USB cable. The deta..
  5. Want to send a picture or a video clip from your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions. Tap Apps. Tap Gallery. Go to the required folder. Tap and hold the required picture or the required video clip until a pop-up menu is displayed. Tap Share. Via MMS, go to 3a. Via Gmail, go to 3b
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Transfer Photos from Android Phone to External Hard Drive on Windows PC. Step 1: Connect your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC and select the Transferring images/Transfer photo option on it. Step 2: On your Windows 10 PC, open a new Explorer window/Go to This PC. Your connected Android device should show up under Devices and Drives LG has released a Virtoo app that syncs its phones with Windows 10 PCs. You can handle calls, texts, and even Android apps on your computer. Not every model supports syncing. however

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  1. Support all kind of Android phones and tablets including Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series, Sony, HTC, Huawei, LG and so on. How to Recover Lost Photos from A Locked Android Phone Step 1
  2. I cannot receive picture messages on my LG Marquee phone. My wife has the same phone and is experiencing the same issue that began yesterday. Our account has picture messages enabled so they should come through just fine. When receiving a picture message, it displays the following in the text field
  3. Using BitPim: If you have either a Bluetooth dongle or a VX8300 USB cable, you can download pictures from your phone using BitPim (and you don't even need a memory card for this). Be forewarned that while Bluetooth is terrific for syncing contacts, calendar, and other text data, it is too slow to transfer more than the occasional picture
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How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email . You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures to your computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, this method only works when transferring one or two photos. Your email has a size limit for attachments, which photos can quickly exceed For example, LG also offers an app called Mobile Switch that lets you wirelessly transfer your photos, video, music, text messages, and apps from one LG phone to another. Other phones let you.

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Step-by-Step Guide for LG Mobile Phone Transfer . If you're curious to understand just how this LG data transfer software technology works, the user friendly software is easy to use. If you're planning to transfer pictures from LG phone to computer, follow the below steps. Step 1: Install and launch LG data transfer softwar LG Mobile Switch. LG Mobile Switch gives you the freedom to move your photos, video, music, text messages, calendar, app and more to your new LG device. 1. Who needs this app? Any other Android™ owner who wants to transfer photos, videos, music, text messages, app and more to new LG device. 2 Import photos and videos from an Android phone to PC. First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can't find the device if the device is locked. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. Select Import > From a USB device, then.

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Step 1: Open the Google Photos app on your old Android phone and then select the device folders option from the left hamburger menu. Step 2: The device folders page will display all the folders in. Paste the backup file to the desired phone folder on the PC. From computer - Mac. Download and install Android File Transfer on the Mac. Connect your phone to a Mac using the MicroUSB cable attached to your LG charger. A window appears on the Mac, which displays all your phone data for you to manage

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Transfer files between computer and your LG K10 (2017) Android 7.0. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. Step 1 of 7. 1. Connect phone and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 7 How to transfer data and settings from your old Android device to your new Samsung device using Smart Switch. Select your LG model to go to the tutorial. Hey, looks like you need help finding something. I am here to chat if you have any questions Select your LG phone. All LG devices. LG Wing. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. 1 of 7 steps Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. 2 of 7 steps Slide your finger downwards starting from the top of the screen. 3 of 7 steps Press the connections icon. 4 of 7 steps Press File transfer

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Step 5. Retrieve Photos from Black-screen Android Phone. Here we come to the last but important steps, you will see several data types listed in the interface. Just tap on Gallery and all the photos on your Android will be shown in the interface. You can tap on each to preview it and tick the box next to the photos you want Here are the steps on how to recover data from LG with broken screen with using a USB cable: Step 1. Connect the LG phone with broken screen to PC via USB cable or if you are only need to extract data from SD card then import the SD card to a card reader and connect the card reader to the computer using a USB cable. Step 2

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Select LG. Use the pulldown menu labeled Manufacturer to select LG. Select your phone model. Use the pull-down menu labeled Model to select your phone model. To find out the phone model, you can either consult the user manual or tap About in the Settings menu on your phone. Enter the IMEI number 1. Connect your phone to your computer. Attach one end of the charger cable to your Android and the other to your computer's USB port. This method will only work with an Android phone, since iPhones require iTunes to transfer photos over a USB cable. Tap Media device (MTP) on your Android's screen if prompted You can transfer photos from an Android phone to your Windows 10 PC with the Your Phone app. iPhone users have to rely on third-party options. By Lance Whitney. April 9, 2021 facebook I have a similar problem but not exactly, hoping someone can help. I have an LG 441G flip phone with pre-paid Tracfone service. I have no internet on the phone or Bluetooth, it is just a simple emergency phone for short phone calls. I have a few pictures of my dog on the cell phone that I would like to transfer to my Windows 10 desktop computer Attach the USB cable to the phone and to a free USB port on your PC. 2. On your PC, select Open folder to view files. 3. Open the DCIM folder. 4. Open the Camera folder. 5. Select the photos and videos you wish to transfer to your PC

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Variant 2. Cloud Backups: Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive. Cloud backup services such as Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive can seamlessly back up photos from your LG phone to the cloud, allowing you to access and recover them from anywhere.The recovery process is usually similar, so you should be able to apply the steps below (with slight. How to Copy Contacts from LG Phone to iPhone Step 1. Download, Install and Run the Transfer App. Go to download DoTrans and install it on your computer. Then double click the icon on the desktop to run it. Step 2. Connect your LG Phone and iPhone to the Computer. Now, connect your LG phone and iPhone to the computer via USB cables Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. If the phone is locked, unlock your LG K30. Pull down the Android notification tray. Tap the Android System notification again that says Charging (tap to change USB options) Choose one of the following options: Charging. Photo transfer

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LG K10 - How to copy photos to your PC - To copy photos to your computer, plug the device in via a USB cable. (you might have to install your device's software or drivers first). Then locate the new drive on your P.. Every time a new mobile phone comes on the market, the problem of data transfer will increase. In fact, the way to transfer data from a Android (LG) to another (NOKIA) is very simple, most directly, you can go through a backup or Bluetooth, but these two methods are too time-consuming If you would like to just transfer your photos, make sure photos are backed up to Google Photos on your Android. Then download Google Photos on your iPhone. The photos can then be easily uploaded to your iPhone. iPhone to iPhone. Before you can transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone, you will need to check which iOS your phone is running Step 3 Start Copying Contacts from LG to Samsung Galaxy Based on Android. As mentioned above, The Phone Transfer is able to move multiple content from one device to another, including contacts, text messages, call history, apps, photos, music and videos. Check the items you'd like to transfer and click Start Transfer button to start the. Enter the phone's password using the keypad. The default password is the last four digits of your phone number. Push 6 for Reset Default and then press the OK button, which is located in the middle of the directional buttons. Press 1 for Revert to reset the settings on your phone. The LG VX6100 will turn off and then turn back on again

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Retrieve Lost/Deleted Data From LG Phones. Losing data from any android phone is a big pain. As you can lose many important files like your memorable photos, videos, important document, memos, notes, WhatsApp messages, contacts, text messages and other documents.. But this is also a common problem that I guess every Android user must have come across once in a life Moving Google Photos to SD Card in LG Phone. First of all, you require to save Google photos in your phone's Gallery to make the transfer process more comfortable. Once you've done that, follow the steps below. From your Home Screen launch Management. Select File Manager. A screen may appear asking, Allow File Manager to access photos. Method 1: Transfer contacts and SMS from LG to Samsung with Jihosoft Phone Transfer. Jihosoft Phone Transfer, a third-party software for data transferring, is a professional helper which can move various types of data such as contacts, text messages, photos,videos, app, call logs and more data between different Android and iOS phones. 1 The moment we've all waited for - the moment you hear the knock on your door and the delivery person hands you your brand new phone. You rip open the box in earnest, power on the device, admire its awesomeness and then you're left wondering how you're ever going to transfer all the important content from your old device to your new. We've compiled a list of resources from manufacturers to. Luckily, Mobile transfer offers you the easiest way to transfer contacts from one phone to another, which so far has supported various phone brands and providers. Supporting phone and tablets: Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, and ZTE etc

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Another traditional solution to manage LG phone from Mac is making use of third-party desktop software - Android File Transfer. As a frequently-used tool to browse and transfer data between Android phone and Mac, this File Transfer allows you to connect Android to Mac computer in a fast way. Please refer to the following process to use it Step 1 Install Android Assistant and Connect LG Phone to Computer. Download the app from the official site. Then open downloaded file to start the installation process. Run this program on a PC and click One-Click Backup . Then connect LG phone to the computer with USB cable. Wait a few seconds so that the app may detect the LG phone you are. Step 1: Go to Google Voice and follow the instructions. Step 2: Transfer the number into your Gmail, once the transfer has been completed; you will see the transferred number identified with a blue-colour symbol. Step 3: Open your email and you will see the phone number in the text of the email, simply click on the phone number in the email Transfer Content Between Two Different Phones. Have you ever been bothered about transferring all contents from your old phone to the new one? With this powerful tool, contents including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, app, call logs, calendar, apps data, and more data type can be easily and perfectly transferred Transfer WhatsApp Photos From Android Phone to Windows PC. 1. Connect your Android Phone or Tablet to Windows PC using a USB cable. 2. Once the Phone is connected to PC, unlock your Android Phone and then swipe down from the top of the screen to access Notification Center on your Android Phone. 3 The main steps are: I. Export your contacts from LG phone as CSV file. II. Import contacts to iPhone with app Contacts In: Import CSV Contacts . 1. Install LG PC Suite on your PC if it is not already installed. Usually it comes on the CD with the phone. If you dont have CD or want to have latest version you can download it from LG website