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  2. Hello, The two most common causes of facial swelling in guinea pigs are abscesses in the jaw or head, and dental problems. Check your guinea pig's chin and mouth area. If she is drooling or the fur is wet, those are both signs of a dental problem
  3. Hi, I have two piggies both are 2 and a half. I noticed this morning when I went in to feed them their morning meal that one of my piggies suddenly had a swollen face on one side. Her eye is completely unaffected it is just below her eye and looks like a small golf ball on the right side. She is still eating and drinking and running around
  4. RoeyTwins. Jul 1, 2008. #1. My guinea pig was very healthy male until few weeks ago. Suddenly, it has a very big swelling in it's right cheek. When you touch the swollen cheek you feel like there is something hard in there.. it's not soft... The swelling is big and worrying. If anyone had seen or got the knowledge about this problem, please.
  5. Lymphadenitis in Guinea Pigs Lymphadenitis is the clinical term that is used to describe inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes, which are located throughout the body -- head, neck, limbs, etc. -- and act to spread white blood cells and to filter infectious pathogens and foreign bodies that enter the body

My guinea pigs face is swollen and she isnt moving around

  1. If the abscess is in the mouth, you may notice excess saliva drooling or bad breath. It is likely that you will also notice a swelling of the animal's face, as mouth and jaw abscesses always swell up quickly, as there is nowhere for the swelling to go but out. Before any of these signs you may notice that the guinea pig has localised pain
  2. You should also check your guinea pig's jaw frequently. They can develop tooth root abscesses, which can cause swelling to the guinea pig's face or jaw. You may want to check its cage for any splinters, nails, or broken items that might cause a puncture wound.
  3. Just like how we're prone to pimples, guinea pigs can have cysts too. They are pockets of pus causing pain, inflammation and swelling. Cysts and abscesses most often occur on the jaw line, rump and backs of guinea pigs, but can occur anywhere on the guinea pig's body and be the result of a hay poke, fight or a bacterial infection
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A guinea pig that has a rough hair coat, is off his food, has diarrhea, is reluctant to walk, seems painful, has swollen feet or joints, or has hemorrhages and ulcers on its gums or skin, is likely to be deficient in vitamin C. Guinea pigs and primates cannot manufacture their own vitamin C; therefore, they must take in vitamin C in their diets Abscesses under the skin are very common in guinea pigs. They are the body's attempt to 'wall off' an infection and keep it from spreading. Abscesses can form either after a bite from another guinea pig, or if something rough and sharp (e.g., straw) goes through the skin

The hamster has a large cheek abscess and a left fore toe

All guinea pigs are different and even the five most common health ailments can present differently in different animals. It is important to note any change in behavior, appetite, elimination (urination and defecation), or other daily habits. Be aware of physical changes such as hair loss, skin redness, or swelling Many skin problems in guinea pigs are caused by an external fungus. This infection usually starts on the face and spreads to other parts of the body, although it may be present in more than one place at a time. You'll see missing areas of hair on a guinea pig's body, sometimes covered with scales or sores BLOAT If your guinea pig appears swollen and the stomach appears distended (a light tap on the side sounds hollow), see a vet immediately. Your guinea pig may have an intestinal blockage (torsion) and/or a dangerous build-up of gas. Bloat is extremely painful

Often, the term 'lumps' refers to swollen neck lymph nodes that become abscesses (pockets of infection). However, the lumps can also be cysts (fluid-filled pockets), lipomas (fat-filled tumors), or skin tumors. Some lumps can make guinea pigs very sick and uncomfortable if left untreated My primary concern is that this could be a mastitis (mammary infection) or possibly associated with a mammary tumor (which can occur in both male and female guinea pigs:Mammary tumorsAbsolutely, well worth veterinary examination, and Yes, I do think a course of antibiotics will be suggested. Sorry to hear about this complication Infections have a tendency of starting around the face and then spreading to other areas of their bodies. The first thing you notice is a bare patch which then develops sores on it. These itchy spots get worse as the guinea pig does everything it can to scratch it repeatedly. These may appear to be swollen and watery and the guinea pig will. Guinea pigs can also barber due to itching on the skin caused by allergy or parasite infections. You can control this condition by reducing stress in the places where the guinea pig lives. That is by providing enough space in the cage, especially for hiding, and also maintain hygiene Fungal Infection - Fungal infections are often found in guinea pigs and usually affect the skin's upper layers, resulting in dry, flaky patches or scabbing. The most widespread examples are Ringworm and Fungal Foot. Parasites - Mites and lice are the main skin parasites among guinea pigs, both resulting in itching, hair loss, and dry skin

Disorders and Diseases of Guinea Pigs. Health problems among guinea pigs that live alone are usually related to aging, dental disease, reproductive disorders, injury, or improper care. Infectious diseases caused by certain viruses and bacteria usually occur only in guinea pigs that live with other guinea pigs. Intestinal parasites are not common Guinea pigs that don't get enough calcium can leech it from their bones, threatening bladder stone formation regardless. That being said, calcium-related hind leg paralysis in guinea pigs isn't always related to diet. Pregnant and nursing sows are most at risk, but any guinea pig can be affected. Healthy piggies fed an ideal diet experience. Pododermatitis is typical among guinea pigs that are overweight or born with lame conditions. There is no age limit to this condition, so it can affect all pigs, including babies. Pododermatitis is characterized by redness of feet and skin, swelling and painful skin inflammation. Look out for the guinea pigs that have trouble walking or standing

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Buddy came to see us for a simple clip of his overgrown nails but the health scan we offer free to all guinea pigs revealed a few issues that needed addressi.. Guinea pig illnesses that effect the skin are typically pretty easy to identify: Constant Grooming & Scratching - Both lice and mites will cause a constant itching sensation in your guinea pig. Your guinea pig will respond by grooming and scratching the infected areas (usually the neck and groin) Post by ecthalionmcb onNov 6, 2013 at 11:38pm. I will be taking two of my guinea pigs, Delilah and Daphne to the vet tomorrow do to swollen throats. it started out with just Delilah with a swollen throat, and at the time swollen cheek, so I took her to the local vet. he gave her something called SMZ Oral Suspension, which cleared up the swollen.

Inflammation of the Lymph Nodes in Guinea Pigs PetM

Joined Feb 28, 2014 Location Tualtin, Oregon Posts 336 Mentioned 20 Post(s) Quoted 46 Post(s) Thanks 5 Thanks 29 Rec'd/17 Posts Blog Entries Tumors are the result of an abnormal multiplication of body cells, resulting in a growth, or lump of tissue, which may be benign (harmless) or malignant (spreading and dangerous). Most types of cancer are not common in guinea pigs until they are four to five years old. After that age, between one-sixth and one-third of guinea pigs are known to develop a tumor Guinea pigs can be infected with salmonella bacteria through contact with infected guinea pigs, wild mice, rats, or unwashed vegetables. Symptoms include swollen glands, lethargy, fever, rough coat, eye inflammation, liver and spleen enlargement, and lack of appetite Take your guinea pig to the veterinarian for a blood test to find out if your guinea pig is suffering from ketosis. In the case of a pregnant guinea pig, the doctor can identify the condition just by observing uterus. If there is any sign of internal bleeding in the uterus, it could be because of ketosis. A fatty liver is also easy to notice common problem in guinea pigs associated with wire cages, poor sanitation, and obesity. The infection is often due to coagulase‐ positive S. aureus and severe cases may be associated with systemic amyloidosis. 40 Face Sarcoptic mange Focally extensive ulcerative and eosinophilic dermatiti

Yes I'm taking my pig to the vet ASAP tomorrow morning. My 3ish year old guinea pig has swollen up like a balloon. His face is so bad it's like he doesnt have a lower lip, hes not moving very much, and he cries when picked up. This happened really fast, he was fine last night. Hes still eating, hay and veggies Due to the guinea pig's sensitive digestive system, it is imperative that all owners treat their pets before symptoms associated with diarrhea go out of hand. Symptoms that come with diarrhea in guinea pigs are often followed by a weary and dull appearance, rough coat, loss of appetite, and at a much severe state, very low body temperature Bumblefoot. Bumblefoot, or Pododermatitis, is a painful foot infection that can cause thickening of the pad on a guinea pig's foot. It can lead to swelling, ulcers, and in severe cases, bone infection. Typically, inappropriate bedding can be the culprit. Wet or damp bedding, as well as no bedding at all, can be dangerous The irritation makes the guinea pig scratch his eyes thus worsening the problem. Most common bacterial eye and eyelid infections in guinea pigs are caused by Chlamydophila caviae, Bordetella, Streptococcus, and Listeria monocytogenes. Fungal eye infection in guinea pigs is caused by certain dermatophytes which usually affect young pups Dried fruit and seeds are not good for guinea pigs (or rabbits or most animals) and promote everything from obesity to tooth problems. Plain timothy pellets are best, about 1/8 to 1/4 a cup daily depending on the pet's needs. Swelling around the neck: Watch out for swelling around the face that can indicate a dental abscess. Guinea pig.

Your guinea pig may have hair loss around the infected eye, redness called conjunctivitis, discharge, swelling, and even hold the infected eye shut. Your exotics vet may choose to treat the eye without obtaining a sample to culture first but if the infection does not resolve, a bacterial and/or fungal culture should be obtained Your guinea pig's eyelids might also be sticky due to the buildup of dried discharge. You may notice hair missing under your guinea pig's lower eyelids. If something got in your guinea pig's eyes and blocked the tear ducts, the tear fluid would end up constantly spilling onto the lower eyelid Swollen and Ulcerated Foot pads ; Guinea pigs in their natural environment enjoy cushion under their footpads provided by matted grass on which they walk. If you plan to breed guinea pigs for survival then it is possible they will walk on a hard surface such as concrete pavements or tiled floors Lab trials where YOU are the guinea pig for your pills Katie Price shares close-up shot of her face after undergoing secret health struggle with condition that causes inflamed and swollen. When your guinea pig experiences this, then don't get panic. You can do the following methods to help your guinea pig: Gently hold your guinea pig by your chest, and cover your piggy from its neck. Face the nose downward. Then massage your guinea pig using your finger on its stomach from the bottom of the abdomen to the ribs

Aug 4, 2019 at 2:26pm. aridicus: stacyb1970 Young pigs that smell like urine, are usually sprayed by mom or another sow in heat. They think someone is trying to mount them and spray. Young boars can also spray behind them, similar to a sow, but usually when a little older. Jan 10, 2020 at 3:36am. pepperthepiggie: Hi This video is about earning your guinea pigs' trust :) ­­ Instagram: http://instagram.com/little.adventures4Facebook.. Guinea pigs need at least 10-50mg of Vitamin C in their daily diets because they can't manufacture their own. Vitamin C is important for the skin, joints and gums. It also promotes wound healing and boosts the immune system. As such, Vitamin C deficiency i.e. scurvy, is a common ailment in guinea pigs. Symptoms include: Rough coat; Lack of appetit

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  1. Some guinea pigs do not get this but are carriers and will infect other guinea pigs. The skin will be itchy, they may lose hair, and will develop scabs that are crusty looking. They are mostly found around the head, ears, and face but can spread to the legs or back
  2. Lethargic, no vets around that deal with guinea pigs. Veterinarian's Assistant: Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy. The Expert will know how to help Ian. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Ian? Swollen mostly his face, also had diarrhea
  3. The guinea pig nose bleeds due to the following factors: Swelling in the lining of the nasal cavity and respiratory tract. Frail innate immunity or immunity gets weak due to old age or other reasons. Pathogenic or Viral Infection. Any kind of physical damage to teeth. Uncontrolled growth of cells in the nasal cavity
  4. ation of other conditions. Treatment involves removal of the affected ovaries

How to Treat Abscesses in Guinea Pigs: 12 Steps (with

  1. The below list of 10 are problems that are more common, but many other conditions can send a guinea pig to the veterinarian: bloat, cardiovascular disease, eye problems, and urinary stones, to name a few. And guinea pigs who are not neutered can face additional issues with reproductive system problems
  2. Mar 15, 2017 at 11:00am. guinaaa: I need some desperate help! My guinea pig just fell like a foot off the ground into a trash can, he was wriggling because I was trying to dry him because he got wet. I think he broke a foot, because he is limping awkwardly and is moving but resting for now Apr 23, 2017 at 2:06am
  3. Re: Guinea Pig Lump On Chin/Neck Area. It sounds like an abscess or possibly a cyst. I doubt you need to get to an emergency vet unless he's not eating or anything else is amiss, but I would get him in Monday or as early next week as possible. 04-28-12, 08:22 am #4
  4. If your guinea pig appears swollen and the stomach appears distended (a light tap on the side sounds hollow), see a vet immediately. Your guinea pig may have an intestinal blockage (torsion). This condition can be fatal if left untreated
  5. g very well.Usually, they don't need a bath or they need it very occasionally, 2-3 times a year. Butt bath is something different and can be performed more often especially if there is a need for it. If your piggy has diarrhea or dirty bottom ( due to arthritis for example) or scent glands become too smelly and greasy, then a.
  6. Diarrhea often occurs as a symptom of a secondary condition, including disease, infection or improper diet, all causing the guinea pig's digestive system to become upset. Whatever the reason, diarrhea needs to be treated promptly, as it can lead to dehydration and even death in severe cases
  7. The Guinea Pig Vet. March 1 ·. When your love of guinea pigs takes over your creative time! I think we know which guinea pig ate all the veggies . Thank you Weaveknitit for delivering a fabulous needle felting workshop Cromford Mills. The Guinea Pig Vet. February 12 ·. Those guinea pigs are always hungry

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The main reasons guinea pigs lose hair around their eye are scratched corneas, bacterial/fungal infections, parasites, and tumors. Below we will go in dept on each of these issues. Scratched Cornea. Unfortunately, scratched corneas are very common among guinea pigs. They usually occur when a stick of hay pokes them in the eye You can also use guinea pig poop to make a liquid fertilizer. Put your guinea pig poop in a bucket or can, then add water in a 2:1 ratio (2 parts water to 1 part guinea pig poop). Let it sit for 1-2 days. Then you can either strain the liquid out to pour onto your plants, or just pour it as-is onto the soil around your plants

If you see that the eye has gone opaque or looks red/swollen or crusty, please take your guinea pig straight to your vets before the condition gets any worse. Your guinea pig could really be suffering due to something being stuck in the eye Patches may first appear on the face around the eyes, nose and ears, and from there the infection can spread to the back. A guinea pig can. Any hair loss in an older guinea pig should be investigated. area in the back of (and wrapping slightly around the front) of my soft white pig's ears and dashed Guinea pigs have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, which contains a relatively large amount of good bacteria that aids in their digestion. If due to frequent change in diet or any other bacterial infection the good bacteria is off balanced then it may lead to severe health problems like painful gas, slow digestion, intestinal tract damage, diarrhea and in severe cases it can also be life. A manager in the Tennessee store refused to take Townes—a dying guinea pig with a badly swollen infected knee that had caused bacteria to spread throughout his body, including to his heart and brain—to an emergency clinic. Brain, developed a swollen face and walked with a head tilt, supervisors said that they could squish or.

Eye infections or problems refers to a variety of issues that impact a guinea pigs eye or eyes. This might vary from a scratched cornea, corneal ulcer, infection, or even more primary tumors. The symptoms may include crusty eye (or both eyes), but all range depending upon the type of problem. As soon as diagnosed, treatments will differ. The Guinea Pig Sanctuary. July 5 at 7:14 PM ·. Rainacorn Potato Bug and Schmoo being besties ️ tomorrow Pashka and Pigloo are both going in for surgery ️ ️ we currently also have several other sick piggies that have come in it's sad that we have to prioritize piggies for vetting due to the cost we have over 50. Brisbane Southside Guinea Pig Sanctuary. 136 views · June 7. 0:20. I'm sorry I've been slow to update! But our little one is doing absolutely amazingly! He's taking about a ml per feed now and has some light in his eyes. The first 24hrs with him were pretty scary - not gonna lie Greasy pig disease (also called exudative epidermietis) can have localized areas of infection but is caused by a staph type of infection and is usually identifiable by the characteristics that go along with it. T hese usually commence with small, dark, localized areas of infection around the face or on the legs, where the skin has been damaged.

When a guinea pig inherits 2 copies of the roan gene, it results in a Lethal White baby. A breeding of two roan or dalmatian guinea pigs means that each baby will have a 25% chance of being born a Lethal White. A roan or dalmatian pig is referring to their coat colour. They will have white fur intermixed throughout a coloured coat and are. An unplanned guinea pig pregnancy became the comedic focal point of my holiday season. A young romance was brewing in my Olympia apartment, and I was none the wiser. I was convinced that my guinea pig, Wally, had been dismissed as unworthy by our newly acquired female guinea pig, Spindle. He followed her around like a lovesick teenager, but she. Guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils are less popular as pets than cats and dogs, but they are just as likely to cause allergies in certain people. signs of an allergic reaction include: Puffy face (e.g., swelling of the face and body) Treatment for an allergic reaction typically includes: Antihistamines (like Benadryl or diphenhydramine. 83910 Hi all, it?s been a long time since I?ve posted but need some advice. Tonight I noticed this circular hole on my guinea pig Pickle?s face. No idea what it is or cane from. He is a 5 years old, lives alone, and is missing this eye which has recurring infections. He has surgery close to this site in September to have a cancerous tumor on his salivary gland and the gland removed

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Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C and can be a very serious illness in guinea pigs. Signs of scurvy: A rough coat, swollen feet, ulcers and being off their food. They may also have diarrhoea. How to prevent scurvy: Guinea pigs need 10-50mg of Vitamin C daily from their diet Signs to look for: Signs to look for with abscesses in a guinea pig include swelling of an area, warmth around a wound, lethargy, fever, change in appetite, or pus coming from a wound if it begins to drain. You can also search for any limping or change in gait, any abnormal smells coming from a wound, or any other strange behavior you may see.

How to Diagnose Lumps in Guinea Pigs: 11 Steps (with Pictures

Drooling. Watery diarrhea. Blood in urine. Limping. Hair loss, excessive scratching. Loss of balance. Any behavior unusual for your pig, e.g. facing a corner and being slow to respond. To help monitor health, be sure to weigh your cavy weekly. A two- or three-ounce loss may indicate the onset of a problem Digestion is an input-output mechanism. Every animal has foods that it can digest easily, and others that it will struggle to process. In the majority of cases involving gassiness or bloating, the cause is a diet with unsuitable food.. Guinea pigs are herbivores, meaning their diet is exclusively plant-based.However, not all plants and veggies are going to sit well with their stomachs

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Guinea pigs have an average of 4 young per litter, with a range of 1-13. The young (of both species) are born precocial, meaning they are born fully furred, with eyes open, and overall well developed. Young guinea pigs usually nurse for 21 days, although they can survive on solid food alone after 5 days Well, first, I'm assuming someone is checking on them, feeding them and cleaning the cage? If the answer is no, please go and find a neighbor kid to check on them because you cant leave animals alone for that long. If the answer is yes, then they'.. aridicus: stacyb1970 Young pigs that smell like urine, are usually sprayed by mom or another sow in heat. They think someone is trying to mount them and spray. Young boars can also spray behind them, similar to a sow, but usually when a little older. Jan 10, 2020 at 3:36am. pepperthepiggie: Hi! Jan 18, 2020 at 3:29pm

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Guinea pigs are prey animals, and they do have a slight variation in the color of their coat to camouflage in the environment. Removing waste outside the waste box, because those guinea pigs suffering from the problem of arthritis can face challenges climbing on the waste box. Swollen spots or pimples on the skin. When they are not able to. The American guinea pig is a hearty breed with one of the longest lifespans of all guinea pigs, but it still suffers from the problems all guinea pigs face, including pneumonia, diarrhea, and scurvy. Pneumonia. According to VCA Hospitals, American guinea pigs are prone to pneumonia. Bacteria commonly found in guinea pigs is the cause of. The average life expectancy of a guinea pig is 5 to 7 years. So if you decide to adopt, make sure you are there for the long haul! While rare, some guinea pigs have even lived over 10 years. Others have genetic predispositions or illnesses that shorten their lives. Feed the right foods and learn all you can about proper care. See a vet promptly. M20 was bitten by guinea pig wound swollen quickly. When I turned 18 I realize there was a sudden gut issue because my face had a red mark and Sergio reaction and then soon after I had digestive issues I was trying to resolve and then I developed orthorexia and anorexia again. Then I ended up with binge eating disorder Swelling at the face or muzzle. Draining skin wound under the eye. Muzzle swelling. Rubbing the face or muzzle on the ground. Pawing at the muzzle. Drooling. Thanks Doyle for being a good guinea pig for the photos! In most cases if you cannot find the lymph node that is OK, because it probably means it is not enlarged. Submandibular

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Wash your hands well after handling an infected guinea pig (for treatment) and limit or prevent exposure to children during treatment. Symptoms: Patchy hair losson the face, nose and ears, flaky skin along the trunk and spine or all of these Symptoms. Pus or discharge from the ears. Ear pain. Loss of hearing. Deafness. Also, if the infection spreads from the guinea pig's middle ear to its inner ear, your pet may display problems with its nervous system, such as walking in circles, rolling on the ground, head tilting, and a lack of balance The guinea pig cage liner was almost the best guinea pig bedding. Unlike paper bedding and wood shavings, guinea pig cage liners had zero dust - as long as they were washed thoroughly. The quality varies from fleece to fleece, but the guinea pig fleece bedding generally provides a softer texture for the guinea pig's feet

How to Treat Lumps in Guinea Pigs: 12 Steps (with Pictures

Eye Discharge. Normal Guinea pigs excrete a milky white liquid which lubricates their eyes and is used to help them clean their faces. After the eye fills up with the white fluid, the guinea pig will then take their front paws and make washing motions. This may happen several times per day although you may never even notice Jab-erwacky (or, Why Are People So Crazy about Being Guinea Pigs?) Sam - Admin2. Michael Lesher. Seek thou the Covid Jab, my son! The genes that morph, the fraud that hypes! Let Pfizer have its way, but shun. Those frivolous skeptic types! (Big Brother has said, 'Tis good, 'tis good, And so the sacrifice is just - Demodex caviae: alopecia usually on face, head and forelegs. Most animals are healthy carriers and clinical disease is not common. Lice Pediculosis: alopecia, lesions around ears, dorsum. Heavy infestations: lice may be found anywhere on the body. Asymptomatic infections are common with most ectoparasites in guinea pigs

My female guinea pig has a very swollen teat or nipple

Start studying Guinea Pigs. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. painful swollen joints, petechia, hemorrhages of mucous membranes and pain. What are some common respiratory diseases seen in guinea pigs? Bordatella bronchiseptica and streptococcus pneomoniae Gas mask or induction chamber. face. The Guinea Pig Club was the most exclusive club of World War II that nobody wanted to be a part of. Composite made by Kenna Milaski/Coffee or Die Magazine. It was a club no one wanted to be a part of. The members were teenagers and young men who had believed they would escape World War II unscathed. Once in the club, they found it was the. To diagnose and treat tumors in guinea pigs, examine your guinea pig's body closely for raised or rounded lumps. Next, brush your fingers through its fur to feel for any abnormal growths on the skin. If you notice any lumps, or symptoms like hair loss, labored breathing, or loss of appetite, take your guinea pig to a vet right away for an.

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Some guinea pigs will chew at incision sites or injured/swollen areas. Chew Guard is a veterinary product used to spray a fine mist of a peppery substance on an area of skin, wound, or bandage. Be sure to cover the guinea pig's face when spraying, and cover your own also, as the pepper spray is easily inhaled.Another method of preventing a. Other guinea pigs who have used the Chin-Sling: Leo : Sun, 07 May 2000 - 2 weeks of intensive Chin-Sling therapy solved his overgrown teeth problem. Unfortunately his dental problems were the result of not eating due to kidney problems rather than malocclusion Laser Neuter -Guinea Pig. We neuter (castration or orchiectomy) Guinea Pigs in a manner similar to other animals. We always use the laser for its major advantages of minimal to no bleeding during surgery, and minimal to no pain, swelling, and inflammation after surgery. Those of us that have had surgery are aware of how much pain there is after.

On May 24, 2018, a pregnant guinea pig delivered four pups 10 days prematurely. One died shortly after birth. The remaining three weighed a mere 65 grams instead of the normal 100 grams. By May 27, Allen knew something was wrong. The mother wasn't producing much milk or assisting the pups, and the pups were all listless How is he acting? For example, if you drop a book on the floor & he doesn't jump or run, that might be because he's afraid there's a predator nearby so he has to become invisible. Is he somewhere in the house where he can hear the refrigerator doo.. Texel guinea pigs are similar to other members of their family in their size. Like most guinea pigs at maturity, they are around 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) long. Male Texel guinea pigs are slightly larger and longer than females. Mature Texel guinea pigs weigh between 700 and 1200 g. Similarly, males weigh more than females A guinea pig that has a rough hair coat, is off food, has diarrhea, is reluctant to walk, perhaps seems painful, has swollen feet or joints, or has hemorrhages and ulcers on its gums or skin is likely to be deficient in vitamin C. Tumors. Guinea pigs can get various tumors but skin tumors and mammary tumors are the most common. They are often. Male guinea pigs have comparatively larger space between their penis and anus. The distance is almost 2 to 3 inches. Thus, it makes it easier for the examiner to identify gender. Tip 5: Examine the Shape of the Genital Opening. The next step would be looking at the genital opening. Female guinea pigs have a smooth swelling over the genital area

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