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  1. Secure your Pitbull puppy to a short leash each morning and walk him around the perimeter of the space you want him to protect. If you want him to protect you, keep him with you for a short while. This will help reinforce where his territory begins and ends. He will then naturally want to defend anything within that space
  2. d once again that the best age to train a pit bull is 7 - 12 weeks. If yours has outgrown this age, you may find it a bit tougher to train. But you can train it successfully, after all
  3. This command will get your pitbull puppy to stop and pay attention to you when needed. Hold a treat near your eyes, and say look at me or watch. When your dog stops what they're doing and makes eye contact, give them the treat and praise them. This style of positive reinforcement and reward will be a recurring theme
  4. Training a Pit Bull to be a guard dog isn't going to come without its challenges. You will need to keep them focused and properly motivated for months. That requires the right food or a favorite toy. You will then use obedience commands to get the dog barking and taking an interest in strangers
  5. Leash train your dog. Train your pit bull to obey you even when the leash is loose rather than pulled tight. This allows your dog to have the freedom to explore and go to the bathroom, but the dog is still within your reach. Using the leash with your dog, especially when you're outdoors, will keep him from getting out of control

Use Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Pit Bull Because of their muscular build and strength, training that requires leash corrections or other punishment is not always effective with pit bulls. You will probably have better results with positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training or other reward-based training Pit Bulls do not need harsh or forceful handling in order to train them. Pit Bulls have above average prey drive and you can tap into this to make training a breeze. Pit Bulls are highly trainable, smart dogs, that with some positive reinforcement and well timed praise can do almost anything you ask them to How I teach my Pitbull to be a Guard Dog ??r pitbulls are good guard dogs?While Pit Bulls are not good guard dogs because they just love people so much, the.. Training of pit bulls must start at a very early age before the dog becomes violent and aggressive according to its genetics. Train pit bull to be friendly and give a treat to him as food whenever he shows good behavior. Start by making him obey basic commands like sit, stand, run, stay, fetch, etc. Show him what to do when you say a word Pit Bull owners have to go above and beyond the call of duty sometimes to help some people get over their fear and prejudice. What Pit Bull lovers see as ADORABLE - others may see as scary. 10. Try to develop a thick skin to help you endure rude or hurtful comments about your pet

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Pitbulls want to please their owner so it is up to you to show them the correct way to behave. Pitbulls can be the most loyal and obedient dogs if you take the time to train them properly. Once you experience the love a pitbull can show, you will fall in love with this breed! Author: Kevin O'Donnell is a dog enthusiast and dog rescue volunteer Knowing how to train an aggressive Pitbull puppy should always include this. Aside from this kind of physical stimulation, you should also satisfy the pooch's activity requirement. Take him to long walks, play fetch with the pooch, and make sure that he's tired at the end of the day (9 Things You Must Know) Posted in Pitbull, Easy To Train Dog Breed By Abigail Smith Posted on May 7, 2020 April 21, 2021 Adopting Pitbulls can be very fun and exciting for you as well as for your family members but do you know, it is difficult to understand Pitbull Breed because they come with very unique traits

Places to train: You will need to train your dog in several areas where there are other people and dogs. Time to train: Training your dog to be protective is going to take some time. Patience: As with any type of training, you need to be patient, your pup will get it figured out soon enough You will establish control by doing simple things like making your puppy sit before you give them food. Pitbull puppies can get a little excited before meals. Making them calm down and sit down will tell your pitbull that you are in charge. Always tell your Pitbull puppy to sit down and let it hear the voice How to train dog to attack on command at Homehttps://youtu.be/vGmV4MDkUoASubscribe to Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_sBaT48lC0bcfEBDgbTywThe vi.. Pitbulls are smart. Super smart. It's easy to train any Pit - Blue Nose, Red Nose, or Brindle - as long as you stay consistent so they know what you want them to do and when. Pro Tip: Pitbulls are so smart and eager to please, you just need a double fist-full of treats and a squeaky, excited voice to get the job done Category: Dogs Here are the top 10 resources related to How To Train A Doberman To Be A Guard Dog based on our research. When properly trained, these dogs make excellent hiking companions.. 1. How to Train a Doberman Puppy to be a Guard Dog | Wag! Feb 20, 2018 — Have a stranger slowly approach the space or object you want him to protect

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If you have chosen to let your child live with a Pit Bull, then you must keep in mind that you must be prepared to train them to protect them. They may enjoy the dog, but a poorly trained dog will pose a real danger. They need to be educated to know what a Pit Bull is and how to deal with it if something should happen If you have a pure-bred dog that is not a typical guard dog breed, or if you have a mutt, it is still possible for you to train him to be an excellent guard dog. If he has the behavioral characteristics of a guard dog and is properly trained and socialized, then you could train him to guard and protect you

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Train pit bull to be friendly and give a treat to him as food whenever he shows good behavior. Start by making him obey basic commands like sit, stand, run, stay, fetch, etc. Show him what to do when you say a word. For example, when you say sit, make him sit. When you say stand, make him stand Just take note that due to BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation), some states may not allow you to travel with a Pitbull. 12. Train him early. Your dog may not realize the benefit of early training, but it will surely make your Pitbull pup a well-rounded dog when it grows up. Pitbulls love being with kids and they will protect them at all cost. The age of 3 months to 6 months. Pitbull dogs eat three completed duties: Breakfast: Whisk four eggs with a quarter of a kilo of low-fat milk diluted with warm water, then add a tablespoon of olive oil and four tablespoons of sugar.. Lunch: buy beef or buffalo liver, cut into small pieces of half a kilogram, boil in water with 200 grams of mixed vegetables, chop them and add a clove of garlic. You can train them to be more aggressive, but you can't go as far as what you can do with a Doberman or a Pitbull. The approach for this would be different from that of protecting a child. Since there's no one to give the commands when you're away, your dog needs to work independently

Don't turn your back, as it may embolden the dog. Just stand still. Once the dog loses interest, back away, says Wiley. 2. Stand On A Car. So you've stood still and avoided eye contact, and still. Of course, you should keep in mind that the intent here is to train your dog to protect you, not to become an attack dog, which may require special licensing or even be illegal in your town, county, or state. The best age to start training your dog to protect you and your family is when he is still very young

This eye-candy is a Cuban-Style pitbull Collar in silver tone. It is indeed eye-catching and flashy. If you and your dog do not mind the extra attention, this pitbull heavy chain collar is for you. It has strong and durable chain links that can withstand up to 680 pounds of muscle The Pitbull is all about family. They are intensely loyal and protective. Yet, they are also social. Because Pitbulls are already naturally at ease with people, it only takes a modicum of socialization to teach the breed that they don't have to protect you from every little thing. In fact, Pitbulls are so family oriented that they've been called the Nanny Dog So, if you are anything like me, then you wouldn't welcome the idea of taking your dog to an expert for advanced protection training. The truth is that you can successfully train your dog on your own. So in this article, I will share with you 10 proven tips on how you can easily teach your dog advanced guarding techniques Since Pit Bulls are stubborn, it will take additional care to train them to interact with others, especially other dogs. The most crucial step is to train your dog to come when called. That will ensure the dog will come back to you if an issue arises with another dog or person This is a guide about training a Pitbull to not bite. Puppies love to play rough and tumble and biting is a part of that play. However, when they grow up biting is no longer acceptable and potentially dangerous. Training your Pitbull not to bite is a process you can undertake successfully at home

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  1. The appearance and maligned reputation of an American Pit Bull Terrier is an advantage to any successful Pit Bull guard dog. A guard dog is a dog that is trained to attack or restrain an intruder in order to protect their family and home. Contrary to popular belief there is some controversy over whether Pit Bulls make good guard dogs
  2. The American Bully is not an ancient breed. In fact, it is the result of selective breeding and came about in the 1990s. Different dog breeds were crossed, including the American Pit Bull terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the English bulldog.. This intended to achieve a loyal, quiet and very robust dog.The result was ideal, because the American.
  3. In a word, yes. Pit Bulls can be safe with kids. As an owner of two female pit bulls I am aware that having them around kids is a big responsibility. And not for the reasons you may be thinking. I am not worried my dogs will attack a child. Not in the least, what I am worried about is the situation itself can lead to many problems
  4. Potty training. Training a pit bull dog on toilet training is easy. Take it to a cardboard box every time after a meal and do business. After many attempts, he can already remember and smell where he can go. You can also train your pitbull to go when you walk when it's grown up. Training a pit bull dog on bites is easy, especially if you have.
  5. The key, these pit bull supporters will tell you, to raising a pit bull puppy responsibly, is proper training. In this book, we'll look at why the breed has a reputation for aggression and how you can train your new pit bull puppy to react beyond his primal instincts in every situation. Chapter 1 - About the Bree
  6. 2 - Train a pitbull puppy on some basic commands such as (Come - Sit - Stay) and this is useful in distracting him when the puppy shows some bad behaviors, as you will also protect him from dangerous things that may happen to him because of these behaviors. 3 -Train a pitbull puppy to stop biting behavior, as we may find some other puppies.
  7. Temperament of the Pit Bull Terrier A correct and well-bred Pit Bull will often be the family goofball - when socialized properly they can develop into a truly remarkable family dog. If you are considering owning a Pit Bull, you will want to purchase from a reputable Pit Bull breeder.Reputable breeders will know the importance of breeding for temperament, which is key in such a powerful dog

Pitbull How To Train Your Pitbull Dog - Discover Spectacular Training Techniques For Your Pitbull Terrier! Many people would describe pit bulls as problem dogs, who need a lot of special attention and discipline so that they are able to fit into modern society without violence A lot of discipline and repetition. When I talk to a good friend of mine who's also a trainer who works at the store I work at, she tells me this: it's not always about training the dog- it's about training the owner. Here's an example: I don't. What techniques are used to train guard dogs? The first thing you need to do is teach your dog basic obedience: Your dog must respond to all basic obedience commands. He should sit, lie down, and come to you 100% of the time when called. Your dog should heel without a leash Pit Bulls are also very strong and fiercely loyal and there are just countless stories of pit bulls fighting much larger and more dangerous animals such as bears, crocodiles, and even lions to protect their owners that I don't even need to tell you that, yes, pit bulls can absolutely fight and even kill Coyotes, especially if they feel that.

Babies and Pit Bulls: From the Experts Themselves, Parents! Laura Ducourant. July 27, 2014. Pit Bulls and Babies. This is a topic that tends to raise eyebrows, especially those of people that do not own Pit Bulls. As a proud Pit Bull owner and a first time parent to my now 2 month old daughter Camille Wynter, I've heard it all from Oh my gosh Same as you would any other dog. Remember 3 things are mandatory to teach and remember when training ANY dog. You must be consistent with your commands and expectations You must provide structure for your dog. Your dog will learn much faster in a.

How to Crate Train a Pitbull? 5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Crate Training a Pitbull. Crate is not a resource for punishment; Do not EVER hurt a dog inside the crate. Do not leave your dog in a crate with a collar, harness, and leash on; Do not force your puppy to get into the crate when he's not ready You should begin reading up on training your pitbull before you get him. This way, you can immediately train and socialize your puppy once you bring him home. If you get your puppy from a good breeder, the breeder might have started socializing your pitbull. This way, your puppy is already exposed to new situations, sounds, people, and animals There are many myths surrounding the pit bull breed, but one thing we are sure of is that these animals can be very aggressive if they are trained to fight. However, if you train them well with love and kindness, you will bring out their friendly side when they are with you or other animals. Don't be afraid of this beautiful breed This training fine-tunes their guarding abilities and prepares them for all kinds of security challenges. The German training system (or Schutzhund training) is one of the best and most popular techniques for training guard dogs.This technique simply entails training your dog to become an effective personal or home security guard using special German commands and a number of training tactics

American Pit Bull Terriers are intelligent and easy to train, but they can also be stubborn once they grow.. The sooner you start training, the better results you'll have with both potty training and obedience training. Pit Bulls need constant training, physical exercise, and mental stimulation to remain in good shape 1. Pit Bulls. The term 'pit bull' is controversial in and of itself. In fact, many dogs are classified as pit bulls without having any of the three breeds that are considered pit bull. 1. The Characteristics of a Pit Bull Puppy and Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Pit Bull Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Pit Bull? 5. How to Crate Train Your Pit Bull 6. When Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog? 7. When Your Pit Bull Makes Potty Mistakes 8. How to Teach your Pit Bull.

I posted this in another thread recently so sorry if this is a repeat but here is the method I use to train my dogs: I have a pit-bull mix and three pugs. The pit and two of the pugs are rescues from urban shelters with mixed histories of abuse. All four dogs are out in the yard with my 5 chickens everyday without any problems You will be most successful if you train your Rottweiler between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 months. If you got your Rottweiler at an older age, it's important to not be discouraged. You can train him as soon as he joins your family. Just know that it may take a little more time, effort, and patience on your part 26,393. 17,790. 856. Holts Summit, Missouri. chickengeorgeto said: The best way to train a dog to protect chickens or any livestock for that matter is to buy a dog that has a centuries long heritage of protecting livestock bred right into the pooch. Think about it. You never see a poodle or a bull dog herding sheep, or a cocker spaniel trailing. How to Train a Puppy is a app that includes some very helpful information for How to House Train a Puppy When You Work All Day ! How to Train a Puppy includes. [+] How to House Train a Puppy When You Work All Day. [+] How to Train Chihuahua Puppies. [+] How to Train Your Dog to Protect You. [+] Crate Training Puppies

Apparently asking her to train her dog is the same as threatening to call Animal control. Relationship / Family. I got into another spat with my stepmom who I've been begging for literally four years, to train her large German shepherd bull mastiff, not to bite me and my siblings. All I asked her to do was either bring him to a behaviorist who. The Ultima Pro 48 inch dog crate is a Double door heavy-duty folding metal dog crate. That Includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber feet to protect floors & a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty. The Ultima Pro 48 inch dog crate dimensions are 49 Long x 29.75 Wide x 34.75 High and is 64 pounds

Vintage Customized Name Pitbull Gym Club Masters Division Train Hard Or Go Home Canvas Poster. Categories Canvas & Poster,Landscape Canvas Poster of this canvas, poster from Vintage, Funny, Customized, Personalized, Pitbull, Pit Bull, Dog, Puppy, Gym, Gymer, Club, Master, Division, Train, Home. Canvas and Poster have many different sizes, they are designed according to trends and holidays Essential Pit Bull ownership tips on making your dog happy, healthy, and obedient. Desperate for dog training information that Actually works? Our A-Z guide got you covered get a pit bull because their loyal and easy to train right from wrong and if you are the right type of pet owner it will protect you

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Here are five tips for training a dog to protect you. 1. Teach Your Dog Obedience Commands. The first thing you need to do is teach your dog basic obedience: Your dog must respond to all basic obedience commands. He should sit, lie down, and come to you 100% of the time when called How Do You Train a Pitbull to Hunt? The key to training Pitbulls to hunt is the same as what you would use to train them for anything else: positive reinforcement. When training a Pitbull to track for hunting purposes, you need the following items: a 20-50 foot leash, a durable tracking harness, a person to find, and an open, distraction-free area If you want your Pit Bull to become a guard dog, it will take countless hours of protection training. If you want a natural guard dog, you need a different breed. 8) Not every Pit Bull Should be bred. If your Pit Bull's bloodline doesn't consist of champions, it's best to let reputable breeders do the breeding The Miniature Pitbull as well as any other Bully dog can be relatively easy to train if the owner has experience with dogs, with the breed, or with training dogs. The more experienced the owner, the easier training will be. Mostly, because the dog will be able to sense their owner's natural leadership (or lack thereof)

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Step 3. You can train your dog not to rush the fence. Train your dog to guard your property without leaving the boundaries. Sometimes the mere presence of a dog in control of an area will protect your home from vandalism or burglary. Walk your leashed dog along the perimeter of your property, giving a boundary command (like yard) if she tries. Digestive Issue in Pit Bull. Another thing that you should be aware of, Pit Bull is known to have a slightly higher rate of a digestive issue compared with other breeds with many requiring reduced or grain-free diets. So it might take a while to find the right combination of food to feed your Pit Bull with Many of the human victims were disfigured or killed while trying to protect their pets from dog attack. The approximately 4.4 million pit bulls in the U.S. appear to be killing nearly 7,000 other dogs per year, severely injuring more than 12,000, and killing at least 1,300 cats. (See Pit bulls killed 30 times more animals in 2018 than human. The way you train your pitbull is you do it when their a puppy..like for example(it uses the bathroom on your carpet) you take them bring them to the spot and put their nose in it and pat them on.

Training your Pit Bull by: Joy Pit Bulls are very intelligent. Training should be very easy. The best command for jumping on people is Off. Training with a clicker and some treats works great. Another really good command that you may want to use for the rough play is leave it. This command works great for a lot of things Step 3. Spay or neuter your pit bull at the age recommended by your veterinarian. Even the unique blue coloring of your pit bull can be found on homeless dogs in shelters everywhere. Do not add to the overpopulation of pit bulls. Spaying and neutering will also reduce your dog's hormones, making it easier for your dog to stay focused on you

Welcome to Pit Bull Chat! We are a diverse group of Pit Bull enthusiasts devoted to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Our educational and informational discussion forum about the American Pit Bull Terrier and all other bull breeds is a venue for members to discuss topics, share ideas and come together with the common goal to preserve and promote our canine breed of choice What do you need to train them for? If all you want is a social and happy Pitbull, basic training is perfect. But if you want guard dogs to protect your home from intruders, it's a whole other thing. Pitbulls can be made defensive the right way. They make excellent search and rescue and police dogs Step 1. Teach your puppy that you are the top dog from Day 1. Pit bulls can be extremely dominant, so showing the puppy that you are the boss from a young age will curb dominance-related biting and aggression. In a natural pack setting, submissive dogs will roll over to display their bellies to the alpha members of the pack

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If you are considering a pitbull to be part of your family, be prepared to train him to not bite a pitbull mix. With lots of patience and practice, you will be able to train him. That may mean living in an apartment for some time, which may mean allowing your Rottweiler to roam and be a member of your family Which makes it clear that a pit bull will protect its owner if they sense they are in danger. It doesn't matter whether your pit bull is trained or not, they will protect you! While discussing whether a pit bull would protect its owners or not, it is important to keep in mind the fact that guard dogs are very different from personal.

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Many Pit Bulls are easy going couch potatoes, but can also be quite rambunctious until they mature. Maturity can come pretty late with this breed (2 to 3 years old in some cases). Pit Bulls remain playful al their life and have a great sense of humor. These dogs will make you laugh like no other He will protect you and his family if there is something putting them at risk. The Olde English Bulldog. In the 1970s a breeder called Leavitt tried to recreate an older breed from the regency period and developed the Olde English Bulldog. He worked with English Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff and American Bulldog Pit Bull 101 traces the loveable Pitbull from its historic ancestry to today. The dog's pedigree, genealogy, and temperament are illustrated. Pitbulls have been the subject of adverse legislation illegal operations, and public disquiet. By learning about the Pitbull, you will find that they are not dangerous, vicious, or difficult to train A Black Labrador Retriever on guard. Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals/Flickr Answers and Views: Answer by La Comtesse De Whippet You need to consult with a trainer who specializes in training guard and protection dogs - doing it yourself, without any real idea of how to go about it, can be dangerous, especially if you train him to accost strangers

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Many pitbull rescue groups describe the breed as friendly, even to a fault (hence them not being good guard dogs). You shouldn't worry about your pitbull going full Cujo (get them a rabies shot, for one), so even if you adopt one from a shelter who has a questionable background, they're not a lost cause Dogs can be especially helpful to those that suffer from any number of mental or emotional issues such as PTSD or social anxiety. However, unlike a service dog that has been trained by professionals to work with their owner, you can train your own dog to help you cope with your emotional trauma. Here are some basic steps on how to train a service dog for anxiety IF and thats IF you train the right way, for this, its like an older brother thing, if i pick on them its ok, (meaning playing) but if someone else does, such as an outside dog, then the PIT will protect any of your animal All You Need to Know about the Powerful Pitbull Mastiff Mix. The Pitbull Mastiff Mix may look tough, but he's one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs you can get for your family. Also called a Pit Mastiff or an American Masti-Bull, this crossbreed is an excellent canine companion. He's protective and loyal, and his intelligence makes him easy to. Even Trained, Family Pit Bulls Can Attack. Pit Bulls Are Unlike Other Dogs. While many people picture violent attacks when the word pit bull is uttered, Veterinarian Gary Spencer says the image isn't too far off. They're on the edge now, and that wasn't the case ten years ago. The domestication part of this dog is being bred out of it

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You can find the share and pin buttons at the end of the post. Related Questions Can a big dog kill a wolf? Yes, a large enough dog with strong protective instincts can fight off a wolf and even kill them. Some livestock guardian dogs have been used to fight and kill wolves and protect farms for centuries If you are looking for a pet that will be 100% loyal to you then you won't go wrong if you choose a Pit Bull. In this article, we are going to give you 14 reasons why Pit Bull are great pets. 1. They are good-tempered. Pit Bulls are among the most affectionate pets A baby gate can be used to keep your pitbull in the room with you. Leashes can be put on your pitbull in the house. With the leash on, you can use it to control your pitbull's behavior. Good management skills help you train your pitbull in the early stages. As your pitbull gets older and more mature, you won't have to manage as much. 2 How to Train a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix. If you want to train your German Shepherd/American Pitbull Mix here are some tips: Always be firm and confident because this breed will try to be in control. Be patient. Use positive reinforcements such as treats and praise. Do not use punishment when training

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Pit bull owners :: Studies show that pit bull owners employ strategies to disguise the true nature of the breed by engaging in distortions, denial and overcompensation and by projecting blame after attacks. Owners of pit bulls, outlaw breeds are different. Owners, animal groups disguise breed name. Owners frequently claim: It's not the breed. Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix - Everything You Need To Know. The Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix combines two very different dogs. One is a classic working dog with distinctive markings. The other is a muscular terrier with a reputation that divides opinion. The Aussie Pitbull mix is a collision of different looks, backgrounds and purposes If you are looking for an athletic, energetic dog that's also loyal, affectionate and loving, then the Labrabull is one breed to check out. A mix of a Labrador Retriever and the Pitbull Terrier, the Labrabull is a relatively new dog on the crossbreed block and mixes the distinct characteristics of its parent breeds

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If you do have a backyard, make sure to keep your Bully Pit safe by installing a fence that's at least 6 feet tall. Like its Pit Bull parent, the Pitbull Bulldog mix is an accomplished jumper. 5. Taking care of an American Bulldog and Pitbull mix is difficult. With the American Bulldog Pitbull mix, shedding isn't a problem Whether you want to train your Kangal to protect your livestock or you just want to teach your dog proper behavior, you will need to train them young. Even when they're only puppies, familiarize them with all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells to desensitize them and help them stay calm in unfamiliar situations

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How to Train Your Dragon In 2003, a book by Cressida Cowell entitled How to Train Your Dragon was published. Seven years later, a movie of the same name, based on her book was produced. The main reason why I chose to read How to Train Your Dragon, was that I wanted to see the differences and similarities from the book and the movie. Such as the. If you're looking to find out which breeds are impossible to train, you might want to know that the following 20 breeds can be a bit more difficult (some a lot more difficult). According to VetStreet.com, a poll of 218 dog professionals and vets have created a list of breeds that are most difficult to train, and these breeds found their way. 7. How to toilet train your chihuahua - Chihuahua Power. Feb 8, 2021 — Find a safe quiet spot where your chihuahua will feel safe. Conventional wisdom suggest that when you get a result (your pup peeing) then you (21) My experience of them is being as robust, feisty little dogs, just like any other puppy just only in a smaller package, it seems this book would like us to treat them (2 You will need to train and socialize your Pitbull Boxer Mix, but they are certainly not violent and really just want to be loved by you! Often, these dogs can feel it is their duty to protect their owners and can make good watchdogs and guard dogs

Overview. Pronunciation: [bul bäk-sər pit] The Bullboxer Pit is a hybrid dog that should be produced by cross-breeding only the Boxer and the American Pit Bull Terrier but without a DNA test, you may not be able to ascertain a particular Bullboxer Pit's bloodlines. In any case, this somewhat large-sized and certainly muscular dog is one of those that carries a great social stigma as well as. 10-12 years. Colors: white, brown, gray, black, tan, fawn. Suitable for: Big and active families, people with lots of outdoor space and who can be home often. Temperament: Protective, loyal, intelligent, easily lonely. When you get a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix, you get a friend for life. This mixed dog breed might sound like an aggressive dog. A Doberman Pit Bull mix is often called Dober Pit or Pit Pinscher but at the end of the day, it is still a mutt. I wouldn't personally recommend breeding these dogs together as a lot of them end up in shelters. Don't ever let someone sell you one of these puppies for a ridiculous price, go to your local shelter and adopt one instead There are some things that an owner can do to help avoid Pit Bull dog bites and protect the dog from the consequences of aggressive behavior. Early Socialization is Key. Why Pit Bulls Bite. Owners of Pit Bulls should expect to devote a large amount of time and energy training their dogs from the very beginning Before you even begin to prepare your dog's food, make her sit or lie down and stay, preferably just outside of the room you feed her in. Train her to stay even after you've set the bowl down and, once the bowl is down, stand close to it as you release her from the stay and she begins eating, at which point you can then move away