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Determine projection (B) of awning. The projection is how far the awning will project from the building. Determine width (C) that awnings should be. Be sure to allow for clearance of window or door. A standard practice is to add 6 to outside width of door or window. Determine fabric style and color Many homes with an east or west exposure find that an awning with a 10-foot projection perfectly suits their needs. For homes with patio sets or areas away from the house that need to be covered, 12- or 13-foot projections work well. For homes that are north- or south-facing, Marygrove recommends an awning that is as wide as possible Measure the height of the window from the edge of the trim on each end. standard projection (B) would be approximately half the height of your window. For example a window that measures 60 in height would have an awning that has a 30 projection

For maximum strength, the awning drops 3 per foot of projection, so a 10' projection awning should hang a minimum of 30 lower in the front than the mount point. The pitch can be adjusted with the crank handle. If the retractable awning has an awning hood, allow an extra 2 in clearance for the height of the awning The Total Eclipse retractable awning has projections up to 16 ½ feet, is constructed of the strongest commercial grade hardware, and uses the most durable weather resistant awning fabric available. The Total Eclipse comes with a ten-year frame warranty and a five-year frame finish, fabric, and motor warranty 13 ft. Manual Patio Retractable Awning (96 in. Projection) in Solid Blue ALEKO awning is the first choice for most ALEKO awning is the first choice for most home owners who choose a manually-operated model, because for its value it extends out a full 8 ft from your house, giving you up to 104 square feet of coverage and protection. This model.

When the awning is extended the front bar should be at least 7 ft off the deck or patio. On a commercial installation the distance from the ground to the front bar should be at least 8 ft. The pitch chart indicates that for every 1 Angle. Forty-five degrees is the best angle for awnings. It is better to retain this angle for houses in all north temperate latitudes and to adjust the length of the awning, making it the right length to block the sun in the summer and allow the sunlight to enter the house in the winter. Advertisement ALEKO 10 ft. x 8 ft. half cassette retractable patio awning is perfect for adding shade, rain protection, and curb appeal to your home or business Hand crank opens the awning quickly, smoothly, and quietly without the need for electricit Awning height measured on structure. The projection will be calculated from both the Height and Depth measurements. A four inch sleeve for the head rod is assumed and automatically added to the calculated projection. Close * * inches: C. Depth . Measured at right angles to the structure to the front lip of the awning. Close * inches The Total Eclipse retractable awning is virtually maintenance free and available in projections of 13′, 14′ 9, and 16′ 6; the latter happens to be among the largest retractable awnings that can be found anywhere. Standard widths range anywhere from 15-40 feet, but we are capable of customizing them even larger, it's all up to you

Find the projection length and width designed to give you maximum coverage. With custom sizes, the sun and light rain protection your home and family deserves is only a click away. The backyard of your dreams is finally here! Motorized awnings bring the flexibility of sun of shade, when you want it, with the push of a button Retractable Awnings: Maximum projection is up to 16' off the wall. Projection can vary by the width of the awning. For example, a 10' wide awning typically projects only 9'. Additionally, the awning projects with a pitch

Outsunny 13' x 8' Manual Retractable Sun Shade Patio Awning with Durable Design & Adjustable Length Canopy, Beige 4.2 out of 5 stars 401 $179.99 $ 179 . 99 $219.99 $219.9 12 ft. Manual Patio Retractable Awning (120 in. Projection) in Green ALEKO awning is the first choice for most ALEKO awning is the first choice for most home owners who choose a manually-operated model.This model requires no electricity. It opens and closes easily in less than a minute, using a simple hand crank that operates smoothly and quietly Measuring Length: Measure the distance you want covered along your house. The Posts will be generally set back about one (1) foot from the end of the covered area under the Beam, Post spacing will vary depending on Snow Load, Projection and Height. You will need to fill out a Free Quote to have the details figured on your particular application Projection. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. 12 inch (88) 13 inch (75) Click to add item Brown Aluma Vent RE Aluminum Door/Window Awning to the compare list

  1. Awning Length. Awning Height. Awning Projection. Job Type. New; Recover; Repair; Cleaning; Upload a photo. Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 20 MB. If this project estimate is for maintenance on an existing awning, please upload a photo of the awning(s) that require service. (.jpg or .png file types only
  2. Outsunny 13' x 8' Manual Retractable Sun Shade Patio Awning with Durable Design & Adjustable Length Canopy, Beige 4.2 out of 5 stars 400 $179.99 $ 179 . 99 $219.99 $219.9
  3. Multi-occasion application: the size of the shed is 10 ft. length and 8.2 ft. width, and it is suit for windows in balcony, courtyard and patio to provide adequate shade for outdoor space, for business, it also can be used in cafes and restaurant
  4. The awning is offered in widths from 8 feet to 24 feet and has projections from 7 feet up to 10 feet allowing for enough coverage for many spaces such as patios, store fronts, and even stationary vehicles. The awnings durability is impeccable and can withstand 35 mph winds

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SunSetter's awnings are in set projections of 7, 9, 10' 2, and for a substantial up-charge and 11' 8. While you can adjust the projection length if you needed it shorter, anything beyond an 11' 8 projection is not an option. Fabric and Color Choice The Solera XL Power Awning is the first awning that extends all the way out to 9'8, which provides 20 percent more shade than a standard awning with an 8' projection. As a result, this awning is perfectly suited for Class A motorhomes, fifth-wheel campers, and toy hauler RVs awning length (a) canopy length (b) extension (c) shade surface weight 044308 f65 s 3.2m polar white - 10'6, 8'2 projection, 58.7lbs royal blue 10'6 (3.20m) 10'1 (3.08m) 8'2 (2.50m) 83ft2 (7,7m2) 59lb (26.5kg) 044309 f65 s 3.4m polar white - 11'2, 8'2 projection, 62 lbs. royal grey 11'2 (3.40m) 10'9 (3.28m) 8'2 (2.50m) 88ft2 (8,2m2.

How to measure patio cover size. Measuring Projection: Measure the distance you want covered from your house to the end of the covered area not including Rafter Tails on the Front Fascia. The Beam Posts will generally be set back about one (1) foot from the end of the covered area, Traditional patio covers posts may not be set back, some kits use the gutter as the beam so the posts set out at. of projection of the awning the mounting brackets should be located 3 higher than the front bar when the awning is extended (3/12 rule). For example: The brackets on an awning with 10' projection needs to be mounted 9'6 from the ground on a residential installation, 10' x 3 = 2'6 & 2'6 + 7' = 9'6) The front bar length of an Supreme 8' awning is 92 inches. The projection of the standard Supreme Awning is 84 inches. For every inch less than 92 inches of front bar, you lose 1 inch of projection. A 6' Supreme Awning (with a 68 inch front bar length) has a projection of 60 inches (5 feet) AWNING Length Projection Canvas cover removed for clarity. STANDARD PLAN VIEW B VALANCE HEIGHT PROJ. SLOPE VALANCE CUSTOM OPTIONS/DETAILS CANVAS AWNING STANDARD CONSTRUCTION Material: 6063 - T5 Extruded Aluminum Frame Fabrication Method: Welded & Mechanically Fastened Frame: 1 X 1 X .093 Aluminum Tube (Typ.

Universal replacement vinyl awning fabric available in 11 different colors and patterns for overall awning sizes of 14' to 21' lengths with an 8' projection. Made by Carefree of Colorado but fits most Dometic (A&E) and Solera (Lippert) awnings as well We've all seen retractable window awnings or average sized backyard awnings, but those aren't likely to be big enough for your space. In order to fully cover the deck, pool area, or patio of your home, you will need an awning that stretches up to 40 feet wide with a length of 14 feet Rail: Measure length of rail to determine the Thule awning length. Projection - The depth of the awning will need to be specified and defines how big an area you want the awning to cover. Most awnings are available in 2 or 3 projection sizes dependent on length.. Thule Awning Size and Colour Selector. Choosing an awning can be quite complex and. 1. NuImage Awnings. 1500 96-in Wide x 48-in Projection Solid Fixed Door Awning. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 5. Americana Building Products. 50-in Wide x 40-in Projection White Solid Fixed Door Awning. Model #DC4050

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1. NuImage Awnings. 1500 84-in Wide x 48-in Projection Solid Slope Door Fixed Awning. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Door Canopy in a Box. Traditional 96-in Wide x 50-in Projection Ebony Solid Slope Door Fixed Awning. Model #3020911. + 9 More Awning case and cover are made of extruded aluminum. Awning base anodized in clear. Awning cover anodized in clear. (matte black optional) Housing length is approx. 49 in / 125 cm. Fabric width 10 ft / 305 cm , projection is 6 ft / 183 cm ft out. Total weight approx. 14 lb / 7 kg 27 for 24 Projection 33 for 30 Projection * Location of arms can be adjusted as preferred. Distance between hinges should same as awning width. 4. Slide Headrod in Headrod pocket of awning. Loosen wingnuts on Headrod clamp. Clamp Headrod (inside of fabric pocket) into Headrod clamp. Tighten the wingnuts over the fabric. 5 A) We need to know the length and projection of your old awning to make a new one. Typically the projection will be 8' and the length should end up 6 from the end of your roll pipe. Typically the projection will be 8' and the length should end up 6 from the end of your roll pipe

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  2. Awnings For Motorhomes and Caravans For Sale at Southdowns Motorhome Centre Online Shop Toggle Nav. Search. Advanced Search . Search. Search. Advanced Search . Search. For more info call: T. 02392 674820. My Cart.
  3. Awnings with greater projection than width for unusual shaped areas or to try and cover a large area. This is a common request for both commercial and domestic application. There are several awnings that can accommodate such a request, from Markilux and Weinor. Call us today on 01933 448 844 to discuss your requirements

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  1. SKU number 9103102618. Model on label PR 2000. Scope of delivery Awning with manual in cardboard box. Product Description Roof mounted awning. Dimensions. Projection 2500 mm. Dimensions product depth 164 mm. Dimensions product height 88 mm. Dimensions product width 3750 mm
  2. Awnings can range upward of 15 feet wide, and two or more awnings can be paired together for even more width. The awning's projection is how far it extends from the wall. The farther the.
  3. But if your backyard lacks shade, you might want to consider putting up an awning. Costco carries a large selection of awnings in various sizes, colors, and styles, that will provide ample shade to any outdoor space. Choose from freestanding, manual retractable, motorized retractable awnings, and more
  4. Custom Patio Awnings. If you are looking for an awning that is tailored to your exact space, a custom patio awning is the way to go. These awnings are available in custom sizes to perfectly fit your space, and offers more choice in frame color. With a custom awning you also have hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics to choose from
  5. Manual Awning Facts: Available widths: 8 ft. and 10 ft. to 18 ft., in one-foot increments. Projection: Up to 10 feet 2 inches from your house (the 10 and 11 foot awnings extend out 9 feet, and the 8 foot wide awning extends out 7 feet). This model can be partially opened in any position

The User Manual states that Wall Bracket Area should equal 9.5 in times the length of the awning, so the equation would read: 9.5 x Length of Awning = Wall Bracket Area. Submitted by: Mike T. on August 8, 2019 I'm looking for a 14' awning with a projection of at least 12' or 12' 2. I'd like roof mounts but I can make Soffit brackets work. ALEKO 10 ft. x 8 ft. half cassette retractable patio awning is perfect for adding shade, rain protection, and curb appeal to your home or business. Hand crank opens the awning quickly, smoothly, and quietly without the need for electricity. Semi cassette frame has extra coverage in front which offers partial fabric protection when awning fabric. The Slim-Fit awning can be as narrow as 4'11 and up to 14'7 wide and can reach a full 13'1 projection with just 8'4 of mounting width! Specially engineered stacked arm system crosses over so you can have a long projection in a narrow space. An extra length valance is included to conceal both arms when retracte 5' - 8' x 30. $1300. $300. 8' - 10' x 30. $1700. $300. With over 180 powder coat case colors to choose from and over 70 marine grade Sunbrella fabric colors, the Sol-Lux Eos awning is completely customizable to your style. Our lifetime warranty on hardware and 10 years on fabric is unmatched in the industry. YouTube Our classic, the Athena is our high quality take on the traditional retractable awning. The Brasilia Athena is custom-built just for you in North America from high quality materials. If you compare it with other awnings of similar quality, our prices cannot be matched. We believe in our products so we offer a 90 days risk-free return policy

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  1. Thule Projection Kit is designed to be used on Thule QuickFit Awning Tents. Most awnings have a standard projection of 2.50m although certain awnings with larger projections (listed below) will require this kit. Designed to be used on awnings with larger projections such as; Thule Omnistor 5800. Thule Omnistor 6900
  2. The Solera XL Awnings features a 10-foot projection making it perfect for taller RVs and RVs with a slide-out under the awning. Class A motorhome, fifth-wheel and toy hauler RVs keep getting taller and taller, so it can be hard to get the shade you need from an 8 foot awning
  3. Open folding arm awnings are traditionally used in protected areas on balconies and terraces. Type Open folding arm awnings. Open folding arm awning ERHARDT S. FEATURES: - Maximum dimensions: 600 x 300 cm (width x projection length) - a rain cover for weather protection is an option. - The fabric and mechanism are open
  4. RV Awnings. Carefree of Colorado has been manufacturing RV Awnings now for 45 years. We offer a complete line of awnings to fit any type of Motor Home, Travel Trailer, Folding Camping Trailer, or Truck Camper you might have. Carefree's exclusive focus is the design and manufacture of RV Awnings and RV Accessories, and this focus allows us to.
  5. Dometic awnings also have a variety of other awnings as well from RV A&E window awnings to the Dometic A&E slide out RV awnings. If you currently have an RV awning on your camper or motor home, we also have replacement fabrics from both Carefree of Colorado and also Dometic A&E. Replacement fabrics range from 8 ft to 25 ft in length with a.

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Rolltec 16 ft. Motorized Retractable Patio Awning (11 ft. 8-inch Projection) in Solid Beige. $3,615. And. 00. Cents. / each. Add To Cart. Free Shipping. Not Sold in Stores It is slightly curved on all its length and adapts to all 8' projection roll-up awning. This rafter facilitates the water flow on the fabric and brings solidity to your awning. For awnings without add-a-room installations, we recommend installing curved rafters every 30 to 36 inches The height and the angle of the awning can also be adjusted. It is easy to assemble. This awning is a perfect choice for your outdoor living space and can easily be operated manually. Color: Orange and brown. Material: Fabric (100% polyester) with PU coating, steel. Width: 98.4. Maximum projection: 47.2 The dimensions of the awning must be suited to the surface you want to cover. In order to achieve this, there are two factors to consider: - The awning must be as wide as possible to cover the length of a terrace, balcony or window. - The projection must also be correctly calculated as this determines the depth of the shadow cast on the ground. Based on your STANDARD awning option selection the fabric projection length in mm is: (Should you not be in agreement with this , please amend the value) As you have selected the CUSTOM option, please input the A LENGTH measurement in mm(See above reference diagram) (mandatory)

The Thule 9200 awning is perfect for larger caravans and motorhomes. Mounting to the roof of your vehicle, the Thule 9200 is the ultimate in awnings due to its combination of extra length and projection. Featuring a massive 3m projection, the 9200 offers the largest undercover area of any awning This awning is a perfect choice for your outdoor living space and can easily be operated manually. Colour: Anthracite. Material: Fabric with PU coating, steel. Width: 100 cm. Maximum projection: 120 cm. Flexible installation height: 200-300 cm. Support bar diameter: 16 mm. Length of handle crank: 125 cm. Manually-operated 12' Key West Right Motor Retractable Awning, 120 Projection, Light Yellow by Awntech Corporation (1) $1,602. The Key West (A Beauty-Mark brand heavy duty luxury full-cassette retractable awning by Awntech). The luxurious, energy saving Key West is a full-cassette retractable awning that comes in manual or Motorized with remote option versions Awnings are attached to the side of the caravan and provide protection from the sun and rain. They comprise two legs to support the awning when it's extended, the barrel which the vinyl wraps around when it's retracted, and support arms which hold the awning out. Vinyl projection (length) - Measure from the van sail track to where the.

delivery available. make / manufacturer: AWNING. size / dimensions: 9' long 3' projection 4' high. QR Code Link to This Post. Used Commercial. One is abubble awning wrapped with yellow vinyl-like fabric...9-10' length this is $600.00. Second is a WEDGE type 25' long 4 hight at apex wrapped in blue canvas (sunbrella) this unit is $800.00 The Samson P35 commercial canopy can be manufacturred to any length enabling you to cover large areas easily with miniumum posts. Fully Aluminium System, Stainless Steel Fixings, Integral Aluminium Guttering, 35mm Structured Polycarbonate Panels With Block Edge finish, Fire Performance, Robust Roof System, High UV Protection, Wide Range of Colour Options, Large Projection and Unlimited Length SunSetter Series Awning Models. Motorized & Motorized XL Awnings. Our top-of-the-line lateral arm style awnings, these elegant electric powered awnings open and close effortlessly at one touch of a remote control. The lateral support arms extend out directly under the awning canopy for unobstructed views, wonderful cooling shade and UV.

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Create shade, protection and confort anytime you want with a Brasilia retractable awning. Whether manual or motorized, this awning will embellish your patio with an elegant design. It will also reduce the temperature under your awning while protecting your guests and family from harmful UV rays of the sun. This awning will also help lower your air.. The Brasilia Europa, our semi-cassette awning. The Brasilia Europa bridges the gap between the Athena and the Slim. Its housing protects the fabric top and back when the awning is closed and replaces the aluminium hood installed over some traditional awnings, with a more elegant look Patio Awning Canopy Retractable Deck Door Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter Gray 13 Feet. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Patio Awning Canopy Retractable Deck Door Outdoor Sun Shade Shelter Gray 13 Feet. $399.25

Awning Make: Colour: Custom - A Length : Custom - B Length : Delivery Method: Discounted 20%: $ 0. Your order summary for a STANDARD awning is detailed below. Please review your selection. If correct please proceed to checkout and payment, alternatively select the clear form buttom below to make changes to you inputs A 6ft projection is easier to crank than a 13 ft projection. TWO MOTORS ARE AVAILABLE: The Somfy OREA RTS and SUNEA RTS CMO motors features an integrated receiver that allows you to operate the awning by remote. The motor comes with an 18 pig tail with a special plug. Somfy plug in extension cords are then added to reach the desired length awning the less projection it will have (see pitch chart). When the awning is extended the front bar should be at least 7 ft. off the deck or patio. On a commercial installation the distance from the ground to the front bar should be at least 8 ft. depending on local codes Window Awnings 42″ Projection. $ 429.00 - $ 1196.00. SKU: N/A Category: Traditional Window Awnings. Description. Additional information. Reviews (0 NuImage Awnings. 1500 54-in Wide x 30-in Projection Solid Slope Door Fixed Awning. + 3 More. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. Americana Building Products. Aluma Vue 48-in Wide x 21-in Projection Solid Open Slope Low Eave Window Fixed Awning. + 9 More

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for pricing and availability. Americana Building Products. Aluma Vue 72-in Wide x 28.75-in Projection Solid Open Slope Low Eave Window Fixed Awning. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. Door Canopy in a Box. Classic 48-in Wide x 50-in Projection Ebony Solid Fixed Door Awning. Model #3020939 The awning selection out there really varies in quality, from strong durable awnings like the Eclipse Semi-Cassette Awning I got, to other questionable models offered by other manufacturers. The Largest Projection Lateral Arm You Can Buy In The States. Up To 40' Wide X 16'6 Projection. N/A (2) 14'9, 16'6 Wall, Soffit, Roof extra strong, waterproof vinyl material. extends to 7'5 (6' for 6' awnings) Includes ropes stakes, safety strap and leg wall mounts. Fiamma has the perfect light weight awning for your van, minivan or SUV. Easy to setup or store, the F35 Pro will mount to any vehicle using one of our bracket kits The Motorized XL Awning is identical to the standard Motorized model, except that it offers greater projection (it extends out from your house up to 11 ft. 8 in - see details on the right.) So the XL provides the maximum in coverage, shade, and protection. Our motorized awnings are a lateral arm style Awning, Retractable. A manually retractable decorative roof-like projection over a doorway, window or patio, for protection against rain and sun. Included in Cost: Retractable awning, frame, device to retract and extend awning, fasteners, and installation labor. Enter the square footage, between 0 and 10000, of retractable awnings

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Compare Sunflexx Awning Frames and see why Sunflexx Retractable Awnings are the best value and can provide many years of shade, without any costly repairs or service. Sunflexx Awnings are built to last. Sunflexx Retractable Awnings come standard with a hand crank. Sunflexx®'s 3:1 or 7.8:1 ratio bevel gear is the most efficient available The awnings held up well over the winter with heavy rains and snow. The gutter feature works very well on the far edge of the awning. Choose projection If mounting over an out-swinging door, please make sure to select at least a 42 projection. Otherwise, the entire canopy will have to be mounted above the top of your door Awnings are Cool When Things Get Hot . 1. Buying an awning isn't an expense - it's a savings. Window awnings are rated as energy savers by the U.S. Department of Energy. According to the DOE, awnings can reduce a home's solar heat gain in summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. To save on summer AC, put up. The ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ has been specially designed for areas that require a full projection but cannot accommodate the minimum width requirements of a standard awning. As a result of the cross-arm setup, the ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ awnings can be manufactured with the projection equal or greater than the width of the awning The brackets for fixing awnings this size become very important and there are more of them so the wall they are fixing to is also more important for the right position and anchorage. For a luxury awning between 5m and 7m wide and 3m and 4m projection you would expect to pay between £3500 and £7500. Price from £3,500 (based on 5m x 3m

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  1. g through the stiching where the metal shield is attached and you can not sit out on the deck durning a light rain because you will get wet from the.
  2. Thule Awnings - Wall. Thule 2.3 metre 5200 - Length: 2.32 mtr Projection: 1.80 mtr Thule 2.6 metre 5200 - Length: 2.62 mtr Projection: 2.00 mtr Thule 3.0 metre 4900 - Length: 3.00 mtr Projection: 2.50 mtr Thule 3.5 metre 4900 - Length: 3.55 mtr Projection: 2.50 mt
  3. um roller tube. Product Details. Inquiry. Building a high-quality shading solution, SCD retractable sun shade awnings (including different awning components, awning arm parts.

1.2m Projection Clear Polycarbonate Awnings. $219.00. Price from $219.00. Easy to assemble and install DO IT YOURSELF polycarbonate awning, to protect your doors and windows from weathering. 1.2m Projection Clear Polycarbonate Awnings. $219.00 Please note that the actual awning length will be up to 0.5 greater than the length selected. Larger lengths are available. Please contact us to order a larger length. 2) Select your desired projection from the wall from the drop-down menu. Projection can be customized to the inch, and projections up to 96 are available - 2.25m (for all awnings with projection 2.50m)* *For awnings with a larger projection, use the Thule Projection Kit: 307052 Model A - Mounting Height Minimum awning length Product Ref. 2.60m Medium 2.25m - 2.44m 3.00m 307056 3.10m Medium 2.25m - 2.44m 3.50m 30992

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Cord Length (if Motorized): 3', 6', 12', 18', 24' with plug or 12', 24' with wires Motor or Gearbox side (as you face awning): Right or Left Installation Instruction We can supply any spares, extras and accessories you require for your garden awning such as awning storage bags , brackets , spare awning covers , electric patio heaters , awning cleaner and more. Standard from £289.99. more info. Half Cassette from £339.99 20% OFF Motorized Brasilia Slim XL Collection. Valid for orders placed 06/28/21 to 07/11/21. Brasilia Slim, our cassette awning. In 2014, we introduced the Slim with its sleek pure lines and a fully enclosed cassette in a market dominated by traditional awnings and it has since become a rising star in the market

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Luxury Series Black 14' Wide Semi-Cassette Electric Retractable Patio Awning with a 10' Projection Includes Awning Unit (Fully-Assembled), Hand Crank (63 Inches Length), Remote Control, Wall/Ceiling Dual Bracket Set, Lag Screw Set With Washer, Expansion Bolt Se The awning can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection. The specially designed elliptical arms are adjustable to enable you to alter the slope of the awning from almost horizontal to a relatively steep tilt of approximately 35 degrees from the horizontal

The Azul from the Brasilia family is a unique freestanding retractable awning for lawns, decks, poolside, or any location where you want shade and protection. Protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays up to 99%. Black powder-coated aluminum structure. Acrylic fabric available in 24 colors. Integrated cover, all inclusive design

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