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The great thing about AirDrop is that you can transfer files of all types from your Mac to your iPhone: Open a Finder window and navigate to the file (s) you want to share. Select the file (s). Click the Share button > AirDrop I want to airdrop an image after right clicking on it or opening the image in new tab, airdrop directly to my iphone photo Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers

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So here's how to AirDrop a website on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. AirDrop Website From iPhone or iPad Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the link you'd like to share via AirDrop... Go to Finder > Go. In the sidebar menu, click on AirDrop and the receiving iPhone should appear as a circle with the iPhone's name underneath it in the AirDrop list on the Mac. Open a new Finder window and locate the files you want to send to the target iPhone If You Use a Mac and an iPhone or iPad: Use AirDrop If you're a Mac and iOS user, you can bypass all of the above and just use AirDrop. With a page open in Chrome on your Mac, just head to File > Share > AirDrop Open the file that you want to send, then click Share button in the app window. Or Control-click the file in the Finder, then choose Share from the shortcut menu. Choose AirDrop from the sharing options listed. Choose a recipient from the AirDrop sheet 1. Click on the Finder icon located in the Dock of your Mac. 2. In the Finder windows, click on AirDrop option, located in the left-pane. 3. Select the File that you want to transfer to iPhone and drag the File into the iPhone's circle (See above image). 4. Transfer Photos From Mac to iPhone Using AirDrop

Transferring tabs from Chrome on Mac to your iPhone and iPad is quite straightforward. Open the page you want to send and then click the URL bar. Here, select the Transfer button. From the drop-down, choose one of your devices When it comes to file management, Apple fans have had it easy. Ever since Apple debuted AirDrop in OS X Lion, way back in July of 2011, moving files around your linked desktop and laptop systems. Tap the AirDrop button. Tap the AirDrop user that you want to share with. Or you can use AirDrop between your own Apple devices. If you see a red numbered badge on the AirDrop button, there are multiple devices nearby that you can share with Fire up Chrome and open snapdrop.net on your Chromebook. 2. Next, open Safari or Chrome or any browser of your choice on iPhone. Now, open snapdrop.net on your iPhone You enable AirDrop as a Share item on your Mac in System Preferences>Extensions; in the Share Menu item, just tick AirDrop to activate it

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  1. AirDrop lets you wirelessly transfer files, photos and other content from one Apple device to another. I'll walk you through how to set up AirDrop on your iP..
  2. You should also see an AirDrop option that lets you send the PDF file directly as a link to other iOS devices. But the real deal lies with the Save to Files option. Just tap it, and Chrome should..
  3. For instance, you can AirDrop a file from one Apple device to another Apple device sitting in another room. AirDrop takes advantage of the UWB chip on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 lineup. However, Apple recently started including U1 (Ultra Wide Band) chips in its devices, and the way it aids AirDrop is that it accurately points to the.
  4. 1. Open the app or website, like YouTube, that you want to AirPlay from and start playing the video. To AirPlay from websites, use Safari instead of Google Chrome. 2. Click the AirPlay icon — it.

The AirDrop feature is often the quickest way to transfer content between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.And beyond sharing images and documents, users can also AirDrop website links, passes. A quick guide for iPhone users looking to transfer files from their Windows PC to their phones wirelessly and quickly.Download SimpleTransfer for iOS : https.. It turns out that AirDrop files on a Mac go into the user Downloads folder by default. Thus, if someone sends you a file via AirDrop to your Mac, you will want to look in your Downloads folder. There are multiple ways to access the Downloads folder on a Mac, perhaps the quickest way for most users is to use the Dock or the Finder

Apple's AirDrop uses Bluetooth initially to establish a Wi-Fi connection between two devices. Both devices have to be Apple, but it works between an iPhone and iPhone, iPhone and Mac, Mac and iPad. For years -- years! -- iPhone owners have used AirDrop to quickly and easily share files, photos, videos and links with other nearby iPhones.By using AirDrop, you don't have to fuss with texting a.

Android's upcoming AirDrop-style sharing feature called Nearby Share is ready to make its way to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. According to a report in 9To5Google , Nearby Sharing, which is also called Fast Share is a way for Android devices to be able to share links, photos and more with other Android devices An AirDrop flaw means that doing nothing more than opening an iOS or macOS sharing pane within Wi-Fi range of a stranger can enable them to see your phone number and email address. You do not have. Part 4: Use Airdrop to sync videos between iPhone to Mac Airdrop is yet another creation of Apple that lets users beam files from one device to another. The process works by creating a secure WiFi connection between the two devices. Bluetooth will be first used to create connect the two devices Here's how: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center. Press deeply or touch and hold the network settings card in the upper-left corner, then tap AirDrop. If your using iOS 10.3.3 or earlier, tap AirDrop. Then choose one of these options: Receiving Off: You won't receive AirDrop requests

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  1. Apple's AirDrop function makes it easier to send and receive photos, videos, documents and more between Apple devices. Go to Settings > General > Airdrop to toggle it off or on for contacts or.
  2. How to Block Websites on an iPhone—Whitelist. Apple has conveniently chosen some age-appropriate websites already, so you don't have to go through and add sites such as Discovery Kids and Disney manually. You may remove any of these pre-approved choices by swiping left to delete. Open the Settings app. Tap Screen Time
  3. AirDrop is an awesome feature available on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac device. This is an ad-hoc service allowing users to transfer files easily between any iOS or Mac device. With this service, you can instantly send pictures, movies, documents, and whatever file you want to the other users or your own Mac device
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My friend and I spent 60 minutes trying to get the file to transfer from his android to my mac or my iphone. We gave up and he went home to send it via dropbox or email. AirDrop would have taken 6 seconds As an iPhone and iPad Pro user, I'm thrilled to see Nearby Share coming to Chrome OS and Android.The upcoming feature is essentially a clone of AirDrop in iOS, which is an easy way to wireless share files between two nearby devices Over the US holiday weekend, I was asked on Twitter if you can get photos from an iPhone on to a Chromebook.Some folks may think this type of cross-platform photo sharing is a challenge, but as I've pointed out before, you can be a happy iPhone owner that uses a Chromebook. Truth be told, it's actually quite easy to move photos from an iOS to a Chrome OS device and there are two simple. To access the saved website and app passwords on your Mac, open the Safari browser, then choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click the Passwords tab.. On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, saved website passwords can be managed in Settings → Passwords & Accounts → Website & App Passwords.Sending passwords via AirDrop might be especially useful to the types who prefer not to have their.

IDG. A QR Code can embed a Web page URL. The QR Code can be in a digital medium or splashed on a billboard. Ask Mac 911. We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently along. Apple's AirPlay system lets iPhone, iPad and Mac users stream video and photos - or even share their entire screen - from their device to an Apple TV and compatible smart televisions. Using Wi-Fi, AirPlay (which was upgraded to AirPlay 2 in 2018), works in a similar way to other streaming tools, like Google's Cast function and Spotify Connect

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Restart your Mac while holding down CMD+R on your keyboard. Your Mac should start in Recovery Mode. If this doesn't happen, repeat step 2. From the Utilities menu, click Terminal. At the. Chrome vs Safari Chrome vs. Safari - Speed. In the past, browser speed was often the deciding factor for choosing which app to use. For example, a few years ago Chrome was not only significantly. There is no point in Apple securing your data and your privacy, creating a walled garden around your online experience, if you then install and use Chrome on your iPhone or iPad or Mac. Simply put. Disables Handoff on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Requires macOS 10.15 or later for Mac. X: X: X : Network & Cellular : Automatically Set Date and Time: Forces iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV to keep up-to-date date and time. Requires iOS 12 or later, and tvOS 9 or later. Supervision required. X: X : X : Disable AirDrop: Disables AirDrop file sharing on. With AirBeamTV's app for Chromecast, you can watch anything from your iPhone and iPad on your television screen! Here is how it works in 3 easy steps: Make sure that your iPhone or iPad runs on iOS 12 or higher and is connected to the same local network as your Chromecast device. Don't use multiple VLANs, a VPN or subnets

Sure, you can always use AirDrop or iCloud to sync and deliver items between Mac and iOS devices, but the Universal Clipboard can copy and paste content those other features may not be able to handle Here we'll be walking you through the steps to add Chrome bookmarks and other websites to the home screen on your iPhone and iPad. To achieve this, we'll be making use of the Shortcuts app that comes pre-installed on modern iOS and iPadOS versions from 13 and up. To AirDrop from iPhone to Mac computers (this refers to any iOS device), tap the Sharing icon on the iPhone (note that the Sharing icon looks like a little box with an arrow flying out of it). From the Mac device, open a Finder window and select AirDrop from the sidebar. Alternatively, click on the Go menu and select AirDrop This wikiHow teaches you how to create and share an Apple Music playlist with friends via iMessage, Mail, AirDrop, Facebook, and more. As of February of 2017, a bug prevents some users from seeing the Share Playlist button. Apple is working on a solution Select the pictures you want to transfer. If you're sharing pictures from Photos for Mac, click on the Share button in your upper right. If you're in a folder on your Mac, right-click on selected photos and select Share from the menu. Click on your iPhone name. On your iPhone, an AirDrop notification pops up. Click Accept

I recently began using AirDrop, but discovered that iMac files that I did not wish to share were automatically shared with my iPhone. When I deleted these files from my iPhone, they also deleted on the iMac. I tried turning off AirDrop on both devices, but files still deleted on both devices AirDrop Alternatives. AirDrop is described as 'is the simplest way to send files wirelessly to anyone around you. To share a file, simply drag it onto a person's contact photo. Your Mac verifies that you want to send the file, then sends a request to the recipient' and is an app in the File Sharing category Download Instashare (Free) 8. Snapdrop. Okay, the best one yet. Snapdrop is the closest you can get to Airdrop functionality on any non-Apple device. It works like this, open snapdrop.net on a web browser on both devices. The devices will be discovered automatically and then you can simply initiate the transfer

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Prefer Chrome to Safari, Spark to Apple Mail or Spotify to Apple Music? iOS 14 allows you to change the default apps for email and web browsing, and will soon let you pick your preferred music servic Apple AirDrop enables users of Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, and MacOS) to wirelessly share and receive documents, images, websites, videos, notes, map locations, and more with other nearby Apple. After introducing Apple's AirDrop rival Nearby Share in Android phones, Google is reportedly bringing it to Windows through Chrome. Nearby Share is similar to Apple's AirDrop that is available. AirDrop is a quick and easy way to send photos and video, and copy files, PDF, or other file types from your iPhone to your Mac, your Mac to your iPhone, from your iPhone to a friend's iPhone, or. Apple lists the range of AirDrop as roughly 30 feet. To make a drop, first select the content you want to share and tap the share button, which looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it

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  1. Android's AirDrop, Nearby Sharing, shows signs of debuting on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. For some time now, we've been tracking Nearby Sharing as Android's answer to AirDrop on iOS.
  2. AirDroid helps you remotely control and manage individual devices, files, and SMS notifications effortlessly right from your PC. Cast your Android and iOS device screens to a larger display right away, and even control them using a PC. Meet your remote working, remote teaching, and entertaining needs
  3. AirDrop lets you wirelessly transfer pictures between nearby Apple devices. That includes iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers - belonging to yourself or other people. The AirDrop feature comes as standard in the Photos app on your iPhone. So you don't have to download a dedicated iPhone photo transfer app
  4. If you haven't used AirDrop to transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it's fairly straightforward. On your phone or tablet, open the large file you wish to copy. Tap the Share icon and.
  5. Where AirDrop files go on your iPhone. AirDrop files are stored in the app that matches them. For example, pictures will be saved in your Photos app. A presentation will be saved in Keynote

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  1. AirDrop uses Wi-Fi to transfer files from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa, which means first you need to be sure both your iPhone or iPad and computer are connected to Wi-Fi. Remember that AirDrop also requires a 2012 or later Mac model running OS X Yosemite or later to transfer files between your Mac and iPhone or iPad
  2. For Mac, any Airdrop files are saved by default in the Downloads folder. For iPhone, pictures and videos sent by Airdrop are saved in the Photos app. Otherwise, where Airdrop files are saved on iPhone is based on the type and app the user wishes to open the file with. Once you understand where different file types are saved throughout the.
  3. Many users are searching for how to AirDrop iPhone to Android on the internet. The truth is, Apple won't let you rely on AirDrop function to transfer various iOS files to an Android phone. You are allowed to use Move to iOS app to move Android data to iPhone when you switch from Android to iPhone, not from iPhone to Android

Millions of photos and files are shared by AirDroid users in over 150 countries everyday. AirDroid is the best productivity app for you to share photos, videos, audios or any files with your friends and across screens. You can share files with other users/devices nearby without costing any data allowance. Transfer files at up to 20MB/s Nearby Share, Android's answer to Apple's AirDrop sharing feature, has now reportedly been rolled out to Windows users via Google Chrome. It allows users to share files between compatible devices. Now, a new report suggests that the search giant plans on bringing the feature to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. The AirDrop-like feature was found in Chrome OS in the latest build of Chrome. If you are still emailing files to people nearby, or, God forbid, are using a USB thumb drive to transfer a few photos, stop. Because if you're on an iPhone, iPad or Mac you can use AirDrop instead

AirDrop, introduced in iOS 7 and Mac OS X Lion, is an awesome feature that lets you quickly and easily share files between Apple devices (including Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad). You can use it to transfer different types of files such as documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, etc Share files via AirDrop. AirDrop is Apple's proprietary ad-hoc service available on iOS devices since iOS 7 (iPhone 5 onwards). It internally uses WiFi (WiFi Direct) together with Bluetooth, to connect and share files between supported iOS devices and Macs. You can follow the official AirDrop support page for details on sharing content using. The computers need to be nearby and connected to some WiFi network (not necessarily the same), or else AirDrop won't work. Conclusion: If you can use AirDrop, that is the other Mac is in your vicinity, then you should be using AirDrop as it provides the most hassle-free experience of sharing files between two Macs Begin by downloading the Google Drive app from the Apple App Store. If you are new to the iPhone, the App Store is the native blue app icon with an A in a circle Discover great apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome

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Here's a funny bug: a security researcher has found that a carefully crafted network name causes a bug in the networking stack of iOS and can completely disable your iPhone's ability to. 9. Zapya. Zapya is a very popular file sharing app, which is available on all platforms and even the web, which makes it a perfect AirDrop alternative. The free app (includes ads) lets you share all types of files from your phone to PC or PC to phone over the same network, without the usage of bandwidth

Using a web browser set to emulate a mobile device no longer seems to work (february 2020) as I only get the option to download the Instagram app (and no button for uploading pictures). Tried both Chrome & Firefix and different devices (iphone, ipad, android) but get the same result Step 1. As an example, I will print a web page to a PDF file from within Safari. When viewing the web page in Safari, tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. Step 2. On the Share Sheet, tap the Print icon. Step 3. A preview of the document displays with some options at the top. If you have an iPhone 6/6S or above, you can use the 3D.

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First, tap Settings->Passwords & Accounts on your iPhone.; Then, tap Websites & App Passwords.; Next, you need to authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID to view the list of passwords stored on your iCloud Keychain.; From the list, select the website/app for which you would like to share the password. (Eg. Amazon) Make a long press on the password field, till you see the option AirDrop Your Mac will be displayed on the Airdrop list on the iPhone. Step 4. Now, you can select the files and tap Share option to continue the process. Choose your Mac in the pop-up and wait for the start of the transfer. Then, your Mac will be prompted to save or decline the content being sent. Click on Save option on your computer to begin AirDrop makes sharing files between Mac and iOS or iPadOS devices simple. With just a few clicks on your Mac, you can take a file from any folder and use AirDrop to send it to a nearby Mac, iPhone, or iPad. And since AirDrop is peer to peer, it works without a Wi-Fi network

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AirDrop is Apple's technology for sharing files across devices. You can use it to transfer files from one Mac to another, and also use it to transfer files from a Mac to an iOS device, or from. Gone are the days when iOS users had to use a third-party service like Dropbox to transfer a file from one device to another successfully. With AirDrop, users are guaranteed a quicker, easier way to share their files on any iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac If you have an old Mac that doesn't support AirDrop, or you use a PC with your iPhone or iPad, then getting files from one to the other is a real pain

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To use AirDrop feature, your Mac should be 2012 or newer model with OS X Yosemite or later and your iPhone should have iOS 7 or later operating system. Latest Byte : The latest Microsoft release, which can be deemed as an answer to Apple's AirDrop is the Photo Companion App Step1: Open the Safari browser window and navigate to the desired website. Once the website loads, tap and hold on the Refresh button next to the address bar. Step 2: A pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen, choose Request Desktop Site from the two options. Following the steps above will help in viewing the desktop version of any. When you tap on a URL link in a text, email, or wherever, your iPhone's default reaction will be to open it up in Safari, and there's no way to change this in the settings. However, there is a way you can work around this to open up links in Chrome instead. Even if you accidentally open a link in Safari, there's a quick way to jump the tab right into Chrome

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Reset Google Chrome browser. The final option is to reset Google Chrome. Type chrome://settings in the URL bar, press Enter and then scroll down until you see Advanced option. Click it and scroll to the bottom of the settings. Click Restore settings to their original defaults. Click Restore settings to confirm I noticed that the Google Chrome App on my Mac was 1.2 GB. That seemed a bit portly for a web browser. Upon looking into the app's bundle, by right-clicking and choosing Show Package Contents, I found multiple old versions of the app, all which appeared to be nearly identical Share content with AirDrop, you can wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, and more with AirDrop for a nearby Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can easily share content with AirDrop. Open the file that you want to send, then click Share button in the app window For example, you can AirDrop a website from your iPad to your friend's phone, which is great if they want to bookmark it to read later. You can also AirDrop text from Notes to someone else's iPad or iPhone. The feature can even handle information like playlists, contact information, and locations you've pinned in Apple Maps With AirDrop, you can wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. You can use it to transfer almost anything that you can share. You could not only AirDrop data and files from Mac to iOS device or another Mac, but also AirDrop things between Mac, iOS devices

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These tips can also be applied to transfer files from Mac to iPhone/iPad if you need to. If the computer you are using is a Mac, there is one more way for you to transfer files to the iPhone or iPad, which is to use AirDrop. For more details, refer to the guide on how to transfer videos from Mac to iPhone. Part 3 Apple / @UKZak. Just as with Gmail, Chrome collects your user ID and device ID in too many categories. Unlike Safari, Edge and Firefox, Chrome says it links all harvested data to devices and.

AirDrop Files Location On Mac, iPhone or iPad To be able to trace the location of the AirDrop files on Mac or on an iPhone or iPad, you will need to first receive an AirDrop file. So, if you want to know the location of these files, quickly send an AirDrop file to yourself from any other device 2. Setup AirDrop on Mac. On your MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac, select the Bluetooth Icon in top menu-bar (top-right corner) and move the toggle next to Bluetooth to ON position. After enabling Bluetooth, click on the Finder icon > select the Go tab in top-menu bar and click on AirDrop in the drop-down menu. On AirDrop screen, make sure your iPhone. Transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac via Airdrop. If you have a somewhat current Mac (2012 or newer) and are running OS X Yosemite or later you can use AirDrop to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac. The caveat is that you'll need to have your computer and your phone within Bluetooth and/or wifi range

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From the app, send a link to yourself or use AirDrop to download the Mac or Windows client (or just head here). The Windows app is in beta, so you'll need to enter your email address to get an invite Step 1: On your iOS device, go to Settings and make sure AirDrop is switched on. Step 2: On your Mac, click on 'AirDrop' in Finder. It will display the AirDrop users nearby, so just choose your iPad/iPhone from the list. Step 3: Drag the PDF to the needed icon in the menu. It will show up in your iBooks app 5. Tap Most Compatible. Now this setting will cause your iPhone to take images in the JPEG format instead of the HEIC (HEVC) format. To test it, just take a photo and then AirDrop it to your Mac. Your Mac should get the photo in the JPG file format. See also: Edit Button Grayed Out in Photos on iPhone or iPad, Fix Safari web browser is the default for the iPhone, iPad, and macOS, first released by Apple in 2003 and briefly offered on Windows from 2007 to 2012.The popularity of the Safari browser exploded with the iPhone and the iPad, and currently has about a 54% market share of mobile browser usage in the United States Overview. AirDrop, a free ad-hoc service provided in OS X and iOS operating systems, enables users to transfer files from iOS to iOS, Mac to Mac, iOS to Mac and Mac to iOS without using email or mass storage device.. AirDrop makes file share and transfer so easy. However, there are several requirements for using AirDrop: AirDrop is built-in service in iOS and OS X system but there is no set up.

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Apple introduced AirDrop on the iPhone and Mac in 2011, fully nine years ago. Since then, Android has gone through a few different iterations and ideas for file sharing, but none have come. Place the target iPhone near your old iPhone and then you will see the Quick Start screen pops up on your source iPhone showing the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new iPhone. Step 3. Make sure that's the Apple ID you want to use and click Continue. Step 4. Afterward, you can see an animation on the new iPhone 1. The Website means the www.airdroid.com website and domain name and any other linked pages, features, contents, or application services (including but not limited to any mobile application services) offered from time to time by the Company in connection therewith. 2 Using AirDrop may be quite confusing the first time. I actually had the same dilemma when I first tried it! However, I got you covered. I'll share a step-by-step guide on how to locate your AirDrop files on your Mac and iPhone! Where Do Airdrop Files Go on My Mac? When using Mac, your AirDrop files are automatically put in your Downloads folder