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2. Don't defragment the external hard disk frequently. It is easy to damage the hard disk by defragmenting the hard disk. If you really need to organize, you can copy the data in the whole partition and then copy it back. 3. Don't plug the external hard drive into the computer for a long time If you can, disconnect your external hard drive from the first port, and try a different one. If this works, problem solved! Some devices with USB 3.0 can be adversely affected by Windows 10. So if your hard disk keeps disconnecting from Windows 10, you may be experiencing this USB 3.0 issue. To determine if this is your issue, plug the drive. Open Start Menu and write defrag, scroll up and then click on Defragment and Optimize Drives to open it. Step 2: Start to defragment your external hard drive. Once you have opened the application, search for the external hard drive you want defragmentation, click on it to select it, and click on Optimize If you want to find the coolest collection of apps and games for Windows 10, go to the Microsoft Store. Many users prefer to download their apps on an external hard drive to save up storage space. Unfortunately, the Store may sometimes fail to detect your external drive prompting you to select a different drive to download your apps

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  1. In the Disk Management window, right-click on the affected hard disk and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Now click on Change option and select a drive letter shown in the screenshot below: Finally, click on OK button and restart the computer to access the data stored on the affected hard disk. What if, manual methods don't work
  2. Double-click Computer, find the external hard drive you want to repair, right-click it and select Properties. 2. In the Properties Window, click Tools > Check now. 3. After that, it will pop up a window, check Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Click Start to complete these operations. 4
  3. Part 2. Fix MBR of the internal hard disk. A damaged MBR is one of the most reasons for a corrupted internal hard disk, so fixing or rebuilding MBR is an important part of how to repair corrupted internal hard disk. To fix MBR in Command Prompt window, type the following commands in sequence and hit Enter after each one. •bootrec /fixmb
  4. How to fix a broken stuck Hard Disk DriveHow to open up and fix your broken/stuck Hard Disk Drive-----­-----..
  5. istrator option. A new command window will open. Type the command CHKDSK [driveletter] /r. Note: - Where /r is the command for repairing the issue
  6. Here, can we revert the external hard drive back to normal? Of course, we can restore the external hard drive back to its full capacity. Here are 3 solutions to help you! Method 1: Check and Fix Errors. Connect the external drive to your computer and check if it shows up in the Windows Disk Management window. Note: If it doesn't show up in Disk.

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If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock: e2fsck -b 8193 <device>. 13.04 usb mount hard-drive. Share. Improve this question. edited Nov 4 '13 at 9:54 As the root cause of Shortcut creation is malware, thus removing them can help in resolving the issue. For this, you need to run anti-malware or antivirus into the Full Scan mode and remove the malware or virus to access the files or folders. Steps are as follows: Click and Open Anti-virus or Anti-malware Progra Step 3: When it finished, restart your computer and the hard drive should be accessible.. You will also like reading: Backup iPhone to external hard drive. Part 2: Check drive status in Security and Maintenance. Windows 10 uses the Security and Maintenance screen to tell you the issues that pertain to your hard drive's health Step 1) Plug your external drive to your Pc and open up the Device Manager by searching it in the Windows Search Manager. Step 2) Click on the Disks option, expand the menu, select the external drive. Right-click on it and select Update. Step 3) After the update, unplug the external drive, restart your system External hard drives are the storage devices that are frequently used to store and share data. These drives come in various forms such as hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB thumb drives or flash drives, network attached storages (NAS), optical drives (CD/DVD), etc. Most of the photography enthusiasts are well aware of backing..

Insert your external hard drive to MAC, open Disk utilities and load the removable disk on the utility automatically Get your external drive selected on the left panel, and then click 'First Aid' -> Repair Disk, and then it would automatically start repairing bad blocks on your external hdd, ssd on MAC Open Windows File Explorer (or My PC) by either double-clicking on its desktop shortcut icon or using the hotkey combination Windows key + E. 2. Right-click on the hard drive you are trying to fix and select Properties from the ensuing context menu. 3 Tips to Avoid Hard Disk to Become RAW. It often happens for users when their hard disk suddenly became raw and they need to fix the raw external hd to ntfs without formatting or losing data since there should be some vital files inside. The unsafe removal could be a top reason along with virus attack for a disk to become raw Download and install Disk Drill. Connect your external hard drive to your computer. Launch Disk Drill, select the external hard drive, and click Search for lost data. Wait for scanning to finish. Preview and select the files you want to recover. Click the Recover button at the bottom. Select the recovery destination and click OK Don't worry if your external hard drive takes a long time to open and read files. Here is a complete guide for you to fix this issue. First, get your external disk files out of the drive with EaseUS file recovery. Then, follow the provided fixes to make the slow external hard drive fast and safe for reading and writing files again

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Formatting Toshiba external hard drive is the last but not least solution to fix the drive not showing up. Step 1: Hold Win + R to activate Run dialog, enter diskmgmt.msc and hit OK to open the Disk Management window. Step 2: Right-click on the Toshiba external hard drive and choose Format Recover 550+ File Types from External HDD. Preview Before Recovery.Try Now 4. Update Disk Drivers. In rare cases, the connected external drives also need updated drivers to work properly. All the popular hard drive companies continue to release relevant drivers for a.

Trick 1: Use Different USB Ports to Fix Disk Not Responding Issue. If a user is facing disk not responding issue in an external hard disk, then it might be possible that there is some problem in the USB port. Thus, to confirm, try any other USB port and check if the problem still continues. Moreover, a user must check all USB ports that are. my external hard disk can't read when i try to in other PC with Win 7 OS but in my PC Win XP SP3 this can read. because this problem i try to find how to solve it in internet, but is not working. i have tried with Command prompt method, propertis method and etc.. and still not work. this problem still not solve until 3 years, but finally i find. chkdsk doesn't work to fix corrupted external hard disk first my external harddisk become weird it's pop out recycle bin and bla bla bla then i tried to format it change to exfat then move my media file to ext. hard disk then its corrupt then format it again back to nsft then my harddisk corrupted cannot be opened tried all technique in. Open Device Manager to update Seagate external hard drive driver software. If the methods above can't help you fix unrecognized Seagate external hard drive, just try these solutions below. 6 methods to fix unrecognized Seagate external hard drive. FIX1. Assign a new drive letter for the Seagate external hard drive. FIX2

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Follow the steps to make it permanent: Unplug your external hard disk. cd /etc. sudo cp fstab fstab.bak. This takes a backup of the file we're about to edit. sudo nano fstab. This opens up the fstab file in a text editor. Move the blinking cursor to the end of the file, and paste the following two lines Fix NTFS file access permissions for external HDD. Ok, this will be interesting...I have an external HD (WD My Book ES Premium) that I used for a good while with my last machine (XP Pro). When I got the drive it was formatted for FAT 32, I went ahead and reformatted with NTFS and began using the drive normally Step 6. Please click Apply to copy the operating system to the external hard disk. Step 7. Please click Yes, then click Restart Now to copy system files to the external hard drive. After that, you can use your external hard disk to boot the computer. This method is also much more convenient than using Windows built features Fix #2: Bad sectors. A sector is a piece of storage. When formatting a hard drive, part of the process is dividing the hard disk drive (HDD) into individual sections to use independently to store. Format the disk. If everything works fine in Disk Manager but your PC still doesn't recognize your USB drive, you may just have to format it. Already from the same Disk Manager just right click on the drive at the top and select the option Format . In many occasions simply by formatting the drive, the PC will already recognize it

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Now, all of your data is retrieved from the problematic hard drive, and you can now format the hard drive without being worried about losing your data. Here are steps to format the hard drive. Step 1: Go to Disk Management on your computer. Step 2: Now, left-click on the hard drive that needs to be formatted and select Format option Moreover, there is not guarantee the RAW external hard drive can be repaired if the disk gets physically damaged. In that case, the RAW external hard disk should be sent to a professional repair center. Connect the RAW external hard drive to computer and make sure it can be recognized properly, after which you can start with following solutions Remove the hard drive without ejecting. Forcing to remove an external hard drive can harm or even destroy the partition's boot record, resulting in incorrect parameter errors. Remember to eject the external hard drive every time you use the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media option. USB port issues When the external hard drive is not displayed as an unallocated space or without appearing disk capacity, you can initialize it as follows: Step 1: First of all right click on the hard drive that required to be initialized. Step 2: Now, choose Initialize Disk and set the disk partition style as MBR and GPT

This free disk cleanup application comes with two useful features that happen to solve the problem of a slow hard drive perfectly. If your hard drive is a system disk, you can try System Cleanup. If the slow hard drive is a data disk, try Large File Cleanup. Follow the steps below to fix the hard drive slow to read. Step 1 Actually, files disappeared from external hard drive windows 10 like the above-mentioned query is very common. Not only by deleting, but external hard disk files may also be lost from Desktop, Libraries, Camera Roll, Pictures, and Videos because of removing partition or formatting disk By running the disk check command, you can find and fix the errors. Let's discuss how to use this Microsoft's disk scanning and repairing utility command in Windows 10 operating system. How To Test External Hard Drive? Before explaining the process of how to run check disk on external hard drive, let's know the command for checking.

Unreadable external hard drives are not often but it is a complex scenario. Unfortunately, it is impossible or highly complicated to manually recover data from unreadable or corrupted external hard drives. Nevertheless, one could recover data from unreadable external hard drives with a little help from experts

There are eight methods to fix The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer issue on your Mac: Method 1: Do a basic troubleshooting; Method 2: Re-insert the external hard drive; Method 3: Update the drivers on your Mac; Method 4: Run first aid to fix the unreadable disk; Method 5: Repair the unreadable disk by data recover Step 1: Download, install and run Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on your computer. Step 2: Connect the parameter is incorrect external hard drive to it. Step 3: Choose Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option on the main screen of tool. Step 4: Select the attached external hard disk. Step 5: Hit Skip button and proceed However, many of our customers recently complained while copying, deleting or moving files from Seagate hard drive to external hard drive, or from one location to another, it suddenly prompts a message: can't read from the source file or disk, please don't panic, we will show you the best ways to fix this issue If this is unallocated space THERE IS NO DATA ON IT as far as you are concerned. THERE ARE 2 WAYS TO GET A SPACE THAT DESIGNATION: 1- IT IS WIPED ON PURPOSE TO BE REPURPOSED 2- IT WAS A PARTITION OF DRIVE SPACE ACCIDENTLY DELETED In case it was. Check Your Hard Drive for Errors. 1) Press Win + R keys to call out the Run box. 2) Type cmd into the blank and hit Enter key. 3) Type chkdsk o:/f (if your external hard drive is Drive o:) into the Command Prompt window, you can replace the letter O if your external hard drive is not O

However, if your storage disk is already corrupted and Windows is telling you to format the drive before you can use it, when the external hard drive keeps disconnecting, don't do it, because you'll lose all your important files. Simply use data recovery software and retrieve all data on the drive; afterward, you can go ahead and format the disk Considering external hard drives could be damaged or lost easily, you can use this freeware to backup files to cloud drives, network or NAS devices as well. In addition, if you want to copy a partition or a disk for hard drive replacement, the Clone feature also comes in handy There are many possible causes why your external hard drive partition suddenly got lost. Your partition might be at risk due to bad sector, disk formatting, accidental deletion, and many other unwanted incidents. External hard drives are popular devices nowadays for saving different files and folders

Solution 3. Check the external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card on Disk Utility. Open Disk Utility on your Mac, if the external storage device is showing up on the left sidebar of Disk Utility, just select it, then click on Mount to let the external storage device mount on your Mac. Run First Aid by clicking on First Aid button. The external hard disk certainly brings much convenience in our daily life. However, a survey from a data recovery company shows that due to hot plugging, plug, and play, accidental deletion, virus attack, etc. data loss in the external hard drive takes the largest portion In this window, click the small plus button next to the Hard disk entry on the list to expand it. Do the same for the Turn off hard disk after Change the Setting option to Never by clicking on it. Disable hard disk turning off. Do the same for all active battery plans since your computer will sometimes switch between them automatically 1. Open This PC, find the external hard drive and right click on it. Select Properties from the expanded menu. 2. Click on the Tools tab and under Error-checking, click on the Check button. 3. If the system detects that there are errors, you will be asked to check the disk Crashed External Hard Disk Recovery. This page gets you the detailed information about recovering data from crashed external hard disk on Windows operating system. Get Data from Damaged External Hard Disk. Recovering lost or inaccessible data from damaged external hard drive is no more a difficult task with aid of recovery tool

How to Fix a Corrupted Hard Drive on a Mac. 1. Repair the Corrupted Hard Drive Using Disk Utility. 2. Initiate the FSCK Command. 3. Try Free Software to Recover Mac Hard Drive Data. 4. Recover from a Time Machine backup drive My WD 2tb external hard drive accidentally fell last week so I bought a new external hard drive and transfer the files from the old to the new. But now when I connect this hard drive (old one) in my Mac, the icon doesn't show up on the it usually does and I cannot open the hard drive at all Bad Sector in a Hard Drive is a physical problem. If bad sectors start appearing, it's time to change the hard drive. Every OS has its own tools to scan and fix bad sectors. For example Windows has chkdsk application. Here we will discuss how to fix bad sectors in Linux. Download Ubuntu ISO and burn it on CD, DVD or a USB drive Fact Check: As per Statista, the External Hard Disk market is on a wide roll and it is in huge demand.Today, the market has a net worth of 63.4 billion, which might even increase because of the latest developments in technology. Coming over to the market leaders, multiple brands are sharing the market in a comfort zone 12 Apps to Protect External Hard Disk Drives With Password. There are two ways to protect external hard disks with a password. The first one allows you to lock your hard disk without using any third-party app, just running some commands from within your system. The other one is to install a third-party application and use it to password protect external hard drives

Connect the Seagate external hard drive to PC. Open Disk Management by pressing the Windows key + R, typing msc and then pressing Enter. Right-click the partition and select Format. In the format wizard, choose a file system, leave allocation unit size as the default, and then click OK A scratch disk is any hard drive that a computer program saves data on. Most computers only have a single hard drive, so that's the designated scratch disk for computer programs. If you're doing digital editing, it might be beneficial for you to select an external hard drive as the scratch disk for your editing software Step 2: Click Next to scan the drive you want to change from RAW file system to NTFS. Step 3: Explore the files in RAW drive. Step 4: Click Fix Drive and apply the changes to the drive which prompts you Disk/Drive not formatted. If Disk/Drive not formatted error cannot be fixed, please switch to Data Recovery mode and recover lost data.

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If the hard drive is showing on Disk Management, then follow the steps below: Connect the external hard drive and open Disk Management by pressing Windows Key + R, and type diskmgmt.msc. Right-click on the external hard drive and select Change Drive Letter. Click on Add and assign a new name or click Change to rename the drive 2. Repair external hard drive via First Aid If the above method doesn't work, we should check and verify the external hard drive by First Aid. Step 1: Launch Disk Utility. Step 2: Highlight the grayed out external hard drive. Step 3: Select First Aid in the top center. Step 4: Select Run to perform hard disk diagnostics and fix any issues Remedies to Fix Disk Not Formatted Error There are two quick fixes to overcome this issue, which are described below: Manual Method. It is often the case that the system detects the drive but blocks the access. The way around this is to rename the drive. Just follow the steps outlined below: Hold + R keys, type diskmgmt.msc, and hit Enter

If you use external USB or FireWire hard drives on your Mac, one problem you may encounter is where the drive will not mount in OS X when attached to your computer. Topher Kessler April 21, 2010 3. Salvage working parts from the damaged enclosure. Most important of these are the IDE to USB adapter connected to the hard disk inside and the external power supply (the 3.5 hard disk enclosure variety has this) My aluminum 3.5 hard disk enclosure fell and had a serious dent that damaged not only the case but the hard disk itself. The disk shown here is an old seagate 20GB hard drive from my.

You can run the command-line chkdsk.exe on your external hard drive. The F parameter will fix errors. If the external hard drive letter is E, type the following in the Run menu or the DOS command. Fix 'This drive is currently in use'. Connect the drive, or any drive or USB, to your system. Open Disk Management by searching for it in Windows Search. With the app open, right-click the title of the drive on the left and select Properties from the context menu. Go to the Policies tab. Assuming you're running Windows 10 1809 (the latest. Virtual Disk Service error: The volume requires contiguous disk extents. On dynamic disk, diskpart is supposed to be able to extend simple volume and spanned volume as long as there is unallocated space, no matter whether it is contiguous or not

If you have a PC and an external hard drive enclosure or a hard drive base reader the you could slap the hard drive on it and fix it with the PC. Or at least read the Hard Drive to copy the files of the Hard Drive. That is if the drive is not fully shot Type disk part in the Start menu search bar and select the Best Match. When the Disk Management window appears, check whether there's unallocated space on the C: drive or not. If you have some unallocated space, right-click the C: drive and select Extend Volume to add the unallocated space. 3. Create More Space By Using External Storage Devices. On some occasions, users have reported seizures in Samsung and Western Digital hard disk drives as well.. For these hard drives, it is important to do a platter swap to a good matching donordrive. On modern disks, this is quite difficult and is always the last option in the process of recovery Connect the hard drive in a desktop as a common hard drive. Open, copy or cut and paste the disired files in another available and stable hard disk you have. Note that the external hard drives use to have same hard disks as the internal ones!!! the differences has to do with the interfaces (IDE or SATA). Good luck

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I recently purchased a Western Digital My Passport Ultra (1TB, USB 3.0) external hard disk as I was running out of space to save my files. Although I dual-boot a GNU/Linux distribution (which is the awesome Fedora 21 nowadays) with Windows 8.1, and almost all of my friends rely on the Windows operating system, I took the decision to format it into 'Ext4' anyway, despite having the obvious. The tool is very easy to use and it can partition any hard disk drive. So, insert the external hard drive and follow some of the simple steps given below. Step 1. First of all, download & install AOMEI Partition assistant on your Windows 10 computer. Connect the external hard drive and open the tool

Fix External Hard Drive free download - Hard Drive Inspector Professional, Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery, Erase Your Hard Drive, and many more program I then opened up terminal typed in sudo fdisk -l and the external hard-drive was listed there. I then typed in terminal gnome-disks and the removable hard-drive was listed in the disk window that opened up. I am at the point where I do not care about hard-drive itself, I just want to recover the files from the drive External hard drive appears offline for short periods of time - Whenever this happens, Windows is unable to resume reading even after the disk becomes available again. Possible causes for the apparition of this issue are unstable HDD controllers, faulty power supply over USB or unstable USB contact or cable

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Here is a list of some simple solutions that you can try in order to fix slow hard drive in Windows 10. Solution 1: Check For Physical Damage One of the first things you should try if you see external hard disk slow is to check for any physical damage which may be causing a connectivity issue between the hardware and the operating system If you don't want to worry about losing all your data on the chance your external hard drive becomes corrupted, you should keep multiple backups of the data in different places. For example, keep a backup on your local devices, and store backup copies with a cloud storage provider as well. The more backups, the less you need to worry The disk management tool is responsible for running hard drives, file systems, and drive volumes. It helps initialize new drives, change drive letters, shrink partitions, and extend basic volumes If all the solutions above cannot fix the issue, then you will need to use Disk Management tool on your Windows to force eject the external hard drive from your computer. Step 1: Press Wins + R and type in diskmgmt.msc to open the tool. Step 2: Look for the external hard drive from the list of partitions. Right-click it and choose Eject

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I recently found out my old HP Pavillion G6 Laptop 750gb hard drive which I have tried to access on my Dual-booted iMac (windows version 1903). However, in Disk Management is says 'Disk 2 - Dynamic - Invalid'. The option to Convert to Basic disc is greyed out but I do not want to lose any data from it as there is valuable work and photos on there Step 2: When the utility opens, find your disk and right-click on it and select Initialize Disk. The utility will manually initialize the disk for you so you can use it with your computer. There are options for external hard drive uninitialized Mac issue as well and you may use a dedicated software to get the task done The fix is easy, just plug that drive back in to a Windows PC, and unmount it properly before plugging it into your Mac. hard-drive partition repair exfat. Share. Mounting an external hard disk clone that shares the same partition GUIDs as the source/host hard disk. 0 My 2TB external HDD will no longer be read by any windows computer. Whenever I plug the USB in. It doesn't show up in my computer, but it does in Disk Manager and Disk Manager gives the message-you must initialize a disk before logical disk manager can access it, Which I do not want to do because I have my entire life on this drive, my music videos I made

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If Mac still doesn't recognize the external hard drive you plugged into it, the next thing you should do is to force it to recognize the said storage item. Here are the steps you should follow: Go towards System Preferences. Visit Disk Utility. Examine if the external hard disk drive is shown on the sidebar towards the left In most cases, hard drive clicking noise are caused by the disk component aging or bad sectors. If there is bad sector in the disk, the head will try to locate the sector repeatedly and lead to the mechanical part fail to work normally. As a result, the hard disk will create noise

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By Nicholas H Battjes. 2/16/11 4:54 PM. WonderHowTo. If you have owned a lot of hard drives, you probably have experienced the clicking of death that indicates that your hard drive is having serious problems. This video will explain why the click of death happens and show you some processes you can try to fix the problem yourself. Video Loading Flobo hard disk regenerator is lousy sector removal software that allows users to recover their hard drive. Flobo hard disk bad sector repair software makes the operating system of your computer working again. This utility creates a scan of the hard drive, shows the bad sectors, and predicts the hard drive failure 1) Backup External Hard Drive Data. You can try copy and paste all files from the corrupt external or internal hard drive to another destination. But doing this may also result in copying errors to another location. Moreover, the corruption may not allow you to copy & paste all the files from the disk. 2) Fix Mac hard drive using FSC (Replace G with the drive letter of your external storage device.) Step 4. Then Windows will start checking and repairing disk errors and damaged files. Wait for the process to finish. When it has finished, you can try again to read your USB, SD card, or external hard drive after restart your computer

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However, an external hard drive is not the perfect storage device when compared to internal hard drives and no-removable devices (e.g. SSD). An external hard drive is more likely to get corrupted, for example, external hard drive shows as Raw, cannot open and prompts to format it Connect the external drive and launch the program. Choose the external drive from the disk list. Click the Search for lost data button to scan the drive. Preview the recoverable data and select the files you want to restore. Click the Recover button and choose a new location for the restored data. Disk Drill for Windows & macOS Free Download Fix #1: Clean Up the Hard Drives on Your Computer. The first step should always be to clean up your hard drives on your computer. Mac and Windows users can run their native disk cleanup utilities, like the space-clearing Disk Cleanup tool for Windows.Trusted third-party apps like CC Cleaner can also be used There's a chance your antivirus software is preventing Steam from writing the game files to your hard drive. Close Steam, disable your antivirus software, and then restart Steam to try again. Make sure to re-enable your antivirus software afterwards, as you don't to remain unprotected for long If optimized for quick removal, data transfer can potentially be reduced to a crawl. To optimize your USB drive for performance: 1.Right click on the USB drive and select properties. 2.Select the Hardware tab. 3.Under All Disk Drives, highlight your USB drive and select Properties. 4.Select the Policies tab and select Optimize for performance